After 10 years
Poonam:Aditi where is Thapki u both r getting late for school
Aditi:Maa di went out to see the Taj mahal.
Poonam:Daily she does this and it has become her routine .Naughty girl.
Aditi: Ha! maa it’s the only place where di finds happiness.

Thapki intro
Thapki in a chocolate color uniform, in two plaits, with a smile in the corner of her lips runs in d back ground of taj.she reached home
Poonam : Thapki u r late !(said angrily)
Thapki: sry maa! (with a cute expression holding her ears)
Poonam:It’s ok beti
Thapki : bye maa (her hiccups starts)
Poonam : Thapki drink tis milk and go.
Kk:Come betis its getting late we’ll move.
T&A:bye maa
Bihaan comes running with his friends he jumps the wall (because he was late to school and the gates are closed) landing down he gave his friends hifi and said Ghazab!! The teacher is taking attendance distracting the teacher they went and sat on their places . Teacher was lil confused
Teacher:Bihaan when did you come?
Bihaan: Teacher I was sitting here from when you came, you didn’t see me ?Oh no! teacher your eye sight is getting bad ( he turned to his friends and winked his eyes)
Teacher: oh really!! I think you are right. I need to undergo a eye check up.Ok u sit
(Bihaan with a sight of releif sat)

Teacher: Is everyone present
Thapki : yes teacher
Teacher:nw I’m going to take social for you .Let me ask a question. who is the vice president of India
Thapki : teacher it’s ha…ha..hamid
Other students: soon thapki before you say the school is going to end (every one laughs)
Thapki cries.

thapki is lying in her bed and crying(she thought to herself I am fit for nothing tis stammering makes me unfit for everything. I hate myself)
Kk : Thapki kya hua beti.why are you crying
Thapki : (tears rolled down her eyes) papa I am always getting insulted because of this stammering no one likes me . I don’t want to go to this skl.
Kk:Thapki beti you are so beautiful. Your smile could conquer the whole world. One day your prince will come . The one who loves you more than anyone does . He wouldn’t have any problem with your stammering . He would like to spend his whole life with you. (He wipes her tears and she smiles) be brave my child. and now you don’t want to go to this school anymore.
Thapki: Really!! Bt why?
Kk: because ….because
Thapki: tell me papa because wat?
Kk: I’ve been promoted and we are moving to NOIDA
Thapki : I’m very happy papa. And I’ll hope that I may find my PRINCE (bihaan’s cute face is shown)

PRECAP : Bihaan see thapki he was spellbound by her beauty bt manages to be fine.

Credit to: juggu

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    1. I think oly fr some days I’ll update daily tq fr ur support

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    1. k maira I thought of a different story line of thahaan let’s c and thanks fr ur support

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