i cant beleive that we r in 10th episode congrats thahaanians…
Well move to episode . Sry guys for making you wait???

They laughed seeing each other. The girl got down diverting bihaan’s attention.she lifted him . And was laughing aloud her voice echoed. Jass and bar shouted thapki!!! Leave him both are going to fall.bihaan shouted with fear (yes guys you are right its our tha..tha…thapki?). Suddenly she lost control they fell down?.
She fell above bihaan.jass shouted and closed their eyes in fear?.while bihaan and thapki again laughed
Jaggu: enough of playing get up guys
ariya: leave them let them be alone for smetym
Bihaan:hey stop teasing guys
Jass: kk
Teacher: what are you guys doing??
Aishu: this is the last year of we want to enjoy mam.
Teacher: its k guys. We are here to enjoy only.kk everyone to your room fast…..(k mam everyone hugged her)
(jasst on same room and bar on opposite room)
(Let me explain the situation first…
Here jasst $ bar on their final year of high school.thapki has changed a lot (resembles my dreams) she has become modern,she became too close to bihaan and jass. Someone who sees bihaan and thapki will think them as lovers.jass,ariya and rahul knows there is something between them but waiting for them to realise. Now they are here fr an tour in south india – kodaikanal.)

Back to d story
In jasst room
Everyone throwed their baggages n lied on d bed
Thapki: i am soooo tired guys
Aishu: even me too
They both hugged n laughed
Sinu: i dont even have energy to laugh
Jaggu: k everyone sleep here i am going to take bath
she came and saw everyone sleeping
Jaggu: hw cute they r in sleep
Sil: yup but oly in sleep
jagu: get up guys we r getting late
Thapki:let me sleep.i am not coming
Jaggu:k guys come lets go . Let her sleep. Even bar are ready
Thapki: (she got up in a hurry)
Really!!!!(she saw aishu n sinu sleeping.she got angry n pour water on them to wake them)
They waked afraid she throwed the bottle on them n ran climbing the beds.they chased n are ready to beat her.she sat down and closed her eyes
Thapki: r u gona beat ur cutyy thapu…..(she asked with a puppy face) they stopped thinking.within a second ran to the wash room and laughed.
After everyones ready they came out . Jasst wore similar dress.ariya n rahul came out of their room
Jaggu: arey!! Bubblys wer is tat b phor bihaan pandey
ariya: he is sleeping ..
Rahul: and we dont hv d courage to wake him
Aishu: thappu go wake your romeo and get him down
She left angrily(fr teasing her)
Sinu:come lets go and hv breakfast
Aishu: yeah juggu im vry hungry too
Jaggu:come lets go theyll come
At bihaans room
Bihaan was sleeping fully covered with a blanket.he blabberred katrina …i love u
Thapu: oh u r dreaming of katrina ill show d real katrina
(She opened the water bottle slowly and slowly lifted the bed sheet she saw his toes instead of head . She was confused turned to think and opened the other side of blanket. But its empty
Before she senses everything.she was fully wet when she looked up .. she saw a hand pouring bucket full of water on her. … to her shock she turned n shouted bihaaaan…..u ..
I will kill you…she ran behind him shouting…he stoped
b:nope i cant run anymore i am sry
She beat him nicely and hugged him…..they laughed cing each other(these hugs fr those who felt sheena frequently hugs bihaan)
B: go and change. Will go to breakfast
at the hotel
Jass&ar are waiting fr thahaan to come
Ariya: i am so hungry when will they come
jaggu: here they are
Bihaan and thapki comes holding hands
Everyone had their breakfast sharing each others

Precap:thahaan horse ride n tour njoyments

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