Thahaan [Made for Each Other] epi 8


Thahaan [made for each other] epi-8
The episode start with morning.

In panday niwas;
In thahaan room;
Bihaan is sleeping.Thapki come close to Bihaan and says ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ Bihaan panday.He open his eyes and see Bao ji stand in front of him and says ‘janam din mubark’.Bihaan sees here and there.Thapki is not in the room.He understood it was a dream.Bao ji says all family go to mandir for prayer and i am there for you to woke up and we also go to the mandir now go and fresh up than we leave. After some time Bihaan go with bao ji for mandir.Everyone come out of their rooms and Vasu ask for preparation because thahaan left for Mumbai in the evening.Everyone decorate the house.

After a hour Bihaan and Bao ji come together in the house.The lights go off.

Bihaan says bao ji there is no one in the mandir what are you doing and now no one in the house.where are all.A sound
hear in the darkness.Bihaan devar ji you want we all or thapki. Everyone laugh.someone turn on the light. Bihaan sees all are there and hall is fully decorated.cake is on the table.Everyone sings ‘happy birthday to you’.He fells happy.He cuts the cake and everyone have it.Everyone give him birthday gift.He collect all the gifts and now come to thapki where is my gift; bihaan says to thapki.she give him family colarge and says there is nothing important for you than your family everyone get emotional.Vasu says when you go to mumbai than you take care of yourself and police will find those who follow you.Everyone goes.

In thahaan room;
Bihaan says why don’t you give me what i want from you on my Birthday.Thapki says what, what you want from me i don’t know.Bihaan says ooooooooo you don’t know.He run towars her.They both laugh.They fall on the bed and bed broke.Everyone hear it and come to the thahaan room .All see them.They both were embrassed.Suman says aap dono ney to palang hi tod diya everyone laugh
ha ha ha plays.Everyone leave the room.
They look on the timepiece bihaan says there are two hours for our flight.Thapki start packing.After few mintue they both were in the hall to say bye everyone. suman come close to thapki and says are you fulfill bihaan daver ji wish. she says no.suman
says why.Thapki says i fulfill his every wish on his real birthday in mumbai and i fell so embrassed if i kiss him in front of all family member.Suman says okey and best of luck and have a nice journey.They both say good bye to eveyone and leave for airport.

precap; thahaan were in the mumbai.

sorry for two days delay and for any mistake and thanks for motivation and comments.

Credit to: parm

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  1. u r awesome i love ur ff

    Too good than real tpk

    Thahaan forever
    waiting for thapki gift

  2. I love your ff please post next part soon but palm in submitting article in chapcha what I am write I don’t know about it more .Please tell me what are you do?

  3. garima what’s you question . what you want to know.

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