Thahaan [Made for Each Other] epi 9


Thahaan [made for each other] epi-9

In the Mumbai;
Thahaan are at the mumbai airport and they take a cab for hotel.After some time they reach the hotel.They goes to reception and take keys of their room.They come in their hotel room.Bihaan says we get tired and now we take rest and after tahat we goes to see mumbai.Thapki says okey. They take rest.After two hours thapki phone rings she woke up and take the call from home.Thapki is on the phone;
Thapki; Hello
house;Thapki i’m vasu maa are you reach to the hotel and you both are fine.
Thapki ; ji maa. we reach the hotel and take rest in few mintues we are go to see mumbai.
Vasundra;okey and take care.
Thapki ; okey maa and if the peson caught by police who follow us in noida than please inform me.
Vasundra;don’t worry i inform you and take care bihaan and yourself.
Vasundra calls end.

Thapki come close to bihaan and says get up bihaan pandey we are going to see beaches.Bihaan woke up.He give a dress to thapki and says wear it.Thapki says it’s short’s.Bihaan says we are in mumbai no is there aspect us so enjoy these days and these days are never come again so enjoy.
Thapki hold the dress and says i’m wear it but you also wear those which i give you.
She open the bag and give bihaan a t-shirt and cabery.Bihaan says i wear it but which time you brought this cloths for me.Thapki says like you brought dress for me.Bihaan says gazab.They both get ready.They both look at each other.Thapki says in her mind
Today bihaan look like hero my hero.Bihaan also sys in his mind thapki looks stanning.They had a eyelock rajhna plays…….A peson come in the room and says room service.They look in same position service man says room service mam.Thapki see him and says we are going for outing you clean this room.Bihaan give tip to him and they leave.After some time
They Reach juhu beach.A girl see bihaan and she come to bihaan says hi handsome are you single.I’m also single and ready to mingle.Bihaan look at her and turn back thapki sees bihaan.Bihaan want to tell some thing.Girl hold his hand and go to her gang of friends.Thapki also with them.Girl says hi,friends meet my boyfriend ‘Kartick’.Thapki and bihaan get shock.

Precap; Thapki ask the girl,he is not kartick,he is my husband Bihaan panday and stay away from him.

Next update will be late and sorry for delay.
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Sorry for any mistake.

Credit to: parm

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  1. Karvi fans (karthik &survi) aka joylin

    Hey parm plse improve ur spelling mistakes k by the nice storyline i liked it

  2. I am confused .and like it so much.

  3. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  4. thanks everyone and inform for spelling mistake

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