Thahaan [Made for Each Other] epi 7


Thahaan [made for each other] epi-7

The episode start with vasu maa, she says lunch pack kar liya suman bahu.Suman says ji badi sassu maa.vasu says everyone is ready we are leaving.
Every member come in the hall[ they take all the material like food and other things].They all sit in two open jeep.They all sing the song.

In the park;
They were all reach in the park.Aswin says let’s play cricket.Family divide into two teams one boy and two girls teams.
Dadi is umpire.Boy team include bao ji, Ashwin,Sanjay,Bihaan.Girls team include Vasu maa,Preeti, Suman, and Thapki.
Game start and girls team win the game.After playing the game they eat the lunch.They spend some family movement.Thapki fells someone follow them.Vasu says kya hoa.she says i felt someone follow us and even in the theater also.Vasu says don’t worry if someone spy on you and Bihaan. we
does’nt leave him.Everyone says yes.
Thapki relax.They leave for home.They reach home.

In maa and bao ji room;
Vasu says who follow Thapki and Bihaan
what does he want.Bao ji says don’t worry i will find him and punish him.

In thahaan room;
Thapki says i’m worried about you Bihaan.someone follow us but why .He says don’t worry.we will see him.Bihaan says tommarrow family will celebrate my Birthday and what gift you give me.
she says its surprise but what do you want.He says i want kiss in the morning and you kiss me infont of every family member.Thapki says its not a gift if i kiss you in front of everyone than we embrasse.He says i don’t will be decide what will you do.He goes.Suman come in the thahaan room and says what are you doing.Thapki tell about Bihaan condition. Suman laught. Suman says why don’t you fullfil.Thapki says bhabi aap bhi. she says bihaan devar ji is your husband and
and do whatever you want.she again laugh.she leave the room.Thapki talks herself what will i do.

precap;Bihaan birthday.

sorry for any mistake and thanks for motivation.

Credit to: parm

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  1. its amazing
    hope thapki fulfil bihaan wish
    ha ha ha
    plz continue

  2. Nice . Thapki fulfill your husband’s wish.


    very lovely episode….

    1. Kums akka ingayu vantingla…

      Anyhow parm it was lovely…I hope the same as anu

      Please continue.

  4. Good luck thapki

  5. thanks everyone

  6. pls continue..

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