Thahaan [Made for Each Other] epi 6


Thahaan [made for each other] epi-6

The episode start with thahaans.They both were go on the bike to watch the movie.They were on the road Thapki see
the icecrem wala. she ask Bihaan to stop the bike and ask him for ice cream.He stop the bike and they eat ice cream.

After that they reach in theater.They both go and see movie.Bihaan touch Thapki hand. she look on. They both look at each other.They had eyelock.
ranjhaha plays……… Thapki fells that someone looks them.she turn back and see nothing was there.she says to Bihaan that we left from there.He says why atleast watch the movie. she says no.I had not comfortable there.please let’s go.He says its okey we are leaving and they left.They were on the road once again.Bihaan says Thapki are you okey now.she nodded.Bihaan says Thapki lagta hai barish ayegi.suddenly rain start. Thapki says Bihaan to stop the bike.He stop the bike.Thapki start dance in the rain.barso rey magha magha barso songs play.They both were dance with joy.After that they were reach at home.Preeti saw them and says
why are your cloth wet,movie ka end honey main time tha so why you come so early.Bihaan says bhabhi
Thapki is not felling well in the theater so we left.she says don’t worry.Fresh ho jao badi sassu maa pakodey bha rahi hai come and join us.

In the hall;
All family member are there and have pakoda and tea.Bihaan says tea and pakodey key sath movie to banti hai everyone agree.Suman swich on the T.V.
They play the movie Hum apkey hai kaun.All watch the movie.Suman says Bihaan birthday is coming.Bao ji says abhi waqt hai at the time of his birthday they were going on their honymoon.Vasu says why we don,t celebrate his birthday in advance. Dadi says its good idea.Tommarow we go for outing and before a day of they left for Mumbai we celebrate Bihaan Birthday.
Everyone agree.

precap;pandey go for outing and someone follow them.

sorry for any mistake.

Credit to: parm

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