Thahaan [Made for Each Other] epi 3


Thahaan [made for each other]epi-3
The episode start with Thapki first day in pandey niwas.

Morning scene;
sun rises,Thapki come out of the bathroom.she stand in front of the mirror.she looks at Bihaan through the mirror.He was sleeping.she come to the bed and she throw her hair water in Bihaan face.Bihaan awake.He push Thapki that she come near Bihaan.Both smile.They had a eyelock.Tum sath ho song plays.Bihaan says good morning Thapki Bihaan pandey and leave Thapki.she smile and answer good morning.Thapki shy and left the room.
Bihaan says gazab.

In the hall,
Thapki come out of the room with happiness.she run fast that no one caught him in this manner and tease.she come in kitchen for her first resoi[first day in the kitchen]

In the kitchen;
Thapki comes in the kitchen and see all pandey ladies are in kitchen[dadi, vasu, preeti ,suman and Bihaan sister]They all look at Thapki.Bihaan sister tease Thapki and says come bhabhi come.we all are waiting was the night bhabi. Thapki embrassed.ha ha ha sound plays. Everyone laught.Preeti says tell tell apni ossam wali wedding night.
Dadi tease the Thapki and says ; koi kuch nahi kaheyga bacchi se.ha ha ha plays and everyone laugh.Vasu says bahut ho gya now make some brekfast. Thapki make first breakfast after marriage.

At the dinning table;
Every member of panday family sit on the chair for breakfast. Preeti ,suman and Thapki serve the food.After serving all of them.vasu says you also eat sit down you all and have it.They nodded and sit. Thapki sit next to Bihaan .

Balwinder pandey says breakfast is very tasty.vasu says breakfast is prepared by new bahu of panday.Balwinder its a time of naik for new bahu.He says what do you want thapki beta tell me.She says nothing,i want your blessing bao ji.Bihaan says i too bao ji. Everyone laught.Everyone compete their breakfast and leave.
Thapki come into the kitchen again and Bihaan also come.Thapki says why are you come here.He come close to Thapki and says I love you Thapki and Thapki says me too.Bihaan come close to thapki to kiss her, thapki says someone coming.They both look at the door and see its vasu maa. Maa laughto see them in embrassed postion.Bihaan says i come here maa only to drink water nothing else.Maa laugh and says its okey. Bihaan leave the kithen and goes.

precap; panday family plans surprise for newly couple.

sorry for any mistake.

Credit to: parm

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