Thahaan [Made for Each Other] epi 2


Thahaan[made for each other] epi-2
In pandey niwas,
The episode start with preeti, suman, and Bihaan sister.They stand outside of thahaan room.Thapki come with vasu maa.Vasu maa asked them why they are stand outside of thahaan room.preeti ask badi sassu maa we are stand there for taking our ‘naik’ from Bihaan devar ji.
Vasu says naik,suman says ; we allow Bihaan devarji to enter the room only when he gave us ‘naik’.Vasu says ok they laugh [including thapki].Thapki goes in the room with Vasu maa.They three are standing in same position.

In the room, Vasu ask Thapki to sit. she sit on the bed. Vasu asked Thapki it is a new start of your finaly enter in Bihaan life.There are many responsibilities in a woman life when she get married to someone life .Responsibilty of husband and their family.You should keep balance in between them.vasu says do you understand what i mean to say.
Thapki says ji maa i know what you want to say.vasu smile and blessed Thapki. she come out of the room.

Outside the room;
They three wait for Bihaan.Vasu come and join them.Bihaan come.All of them looks at Bihaan.Bihaan says what why are you standing in front of my room.
Suman says we are standing there for taking our naik.Bihaan says what naik
i’m married legialy with Thapki and you are not stop me like that [funny tune plays ha ha ha]Bihaan sister teases Bihaan that she says bhai you will enter only than you give us money.Everyone laugh.Vasu says Bihaan give them money it is a right of sister and bhabi.Bihaan says ji maa. Bihaan open his violet and give naik. Vasu says preeti suman ho gya lets go. sister tease Bihaan and says best of luck bhai [ha ha ha plays and everyone go] Bihaan come into his room.

In thahaan room;
Room decorated with flowers, candles.
Thapki sits on the bed.Bihaan looks on Thapki[thapki looks very beautiful]mera ranjha mera ranjha plays.Bihaan also sit on bed. Thapki feels nevous.Bihaan says you are looking so beautiful like faries.Thapki get more nervous.Bihaan says don’t worry i just praise.Dont get nervous ok. we had a long life together.
Take your time and we need to know more and more about one another.Thapki fells comfortable and smile.They hug each other ranjhna plays……………….

precap; Thapki first day in panday niwas.

Thanks for motivation and sorry for any mistake.

Credit to: parm

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