Thahaan [Made for Each Other] epi 13 (last)

Thahaan made for each other epi.13 ‘LAST’
Recap;Shivam and Mahek engaged.
The episode start in pandey niwas

The day of Mahek and Shivam Marriage.
Its evening time;
panit ji call for var vadhu
Mahek and Shivam come in the mandap.
Vasu get emotinal,she says her daughter now grown up and now become bahu and biwi of someone.
Thapki mother; it is very painful rititual when a girl left her house and go to new other house.she says don’t woory vasundra ji i care of your daughter o’sorry now my daughter.
Vasu relex now.
Thahaan remember their marriage.
pandit asking for pheres
Thahaan remember their phere.
Marriage of Mahek and shivam is complete.
scene of mahek badai.
Everyone get emotional.Bihaan ask shivam to take care of my sister.
shivam;don’t worry now she is my responsibility.
Mahek badai is complete.

In thahaan room;
Bihaan sit in sad mood
Thapki come there and says why your mood are so off.
He says my sister got married so i remember the memory with my sister.
Thaki; she is now my bhabi and my family take care of her.
she come close to bihaan and kiss her.
Bihaan says ‘gajab’.
Thapki get shy and run.
mohhabat barsa dena to savan aaye hi song play.
Bihaan run after.
He caught Thapki.
Bihaan pick up thapki in his arm.
they had a eyelock.
Thahaan were get intimate.
In the morning;
Thapki in the kitchen she remember last night.
suman come.
suman; thapki where are you lost.
thapki; what bhabi.
suman; look in your hand you pick salt for tea why.
thapki sorry bhabhi.
suman; its ok

On the dinning table.
everyone sit on the dinning table.
Thapki can’t come
vasu call thapki
Thapki ; ji maa
vasu ;sit there and have breakfast.
thapki sit
bihaan tease thapki for last night.
vasu; what happen bihaan.
Bihaan ; nothing maa.
vasu; so have food.
thapki eat some food and says my breakfast is complete and leave from there.
Bihaan eat food and left.
Vasu says what happen with both of them.
Dadi says which every married couple happen.
everyone laugh.

in thahaan room.
Bihaan;thaki thapki where are you and why are you ignore me i left for office but where are you if i didi any mistake then i’an sorry.
Thapki come and get emotional and says you do nothing wrong.from last night i feel i can’t face you but i was wrong.your love for me is pure and true idont know why i get so shy.
they had a eyelock rajhanna playa……..
they hug each other thapki kiss bihaan as good by kiss
Bihaan happy and leave.

After one month.
Thapki get preagnent.
everyone is happy.
they ask different name of child
dadi it is the right for father or mother of child to choose name.
bihaan says i like punjabi name so my child had punjabi name.
everyone laugh
bihaan are you happy thapki.
thapki says yes.
after nine month thapki deviver a baby boy.
bihaan pick baby in his arm and says jasu pandey is come in the world welcome jasu.

five year later.
jasu is now 5 year old and go to school.
vasu says time is running so fast.
Thapki says ha maa.jasu is now 5 year old.
bihaan come there and says jasu need one more patnere to play.
thapki get shy and run.
bihaan and thapki hug each.

episode end.

thanks for comment and love for thahaan made for each other fan fiction
sorry for any mistake.
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