Thahaan [Made for Each Other] epi 12


Thahaan made for each other epi.12
In Mumbai;
In 11 episode Bihaan goes to save the child.
epi start.
Bihaan goes in the hotel.He wear a kambal on his body and goes inside.
He come in the room where a kid crying.
He pick the baby safely and come outside.women see his baby and get happy.she pick her baby from bihaan and she says; i don’t know who are you but you save my life my baby.Thapki come there.women says she is your wife.Bihaan says ;yes she is my wife thapki.
women says;you save my life god bless you and give you a baby very soon.
Thahaan smile.
Bihaan goes to the manager and says i did this for humanity not to become a heman.Manager says ;sorry sir.
Thapki come there and says let’s go bihaan.
They leave from mumbai.

In noida.
panday niwas;
Family come to the main door and welcome thahaan.
preeti ;how was your honeymoon.
Thapki tell the whole story to the family.
vasu; are u okey bihaan.
Bihaan;i’m fine maa.
Bao ji; they come form long you both take rest.

Next morning;
vasu shout happily preeti bahu, suman bahu, thapki.
They all come.
Thapki; maa what happen.
Vasu; there is a good news.
Preeti; what news sassu maa.
Vasu; Mahek is coming.
everyone glad to know Mahek is coming.
Mahek[bihaan sister] Vasu says now my family is complete.

In the evening;
Vasu get worried.Thapki says why are you worried.
Vasu says mahek says she come 5 p.m but she is not coming, now time is 6 p.m
A voice hear in the house eveyone turn .
Mahek stand in the door.she run fast and hug vasu.she says maa.

Dinner time;
bao ji says mahek your study is compete and you get a job so we want to marry you.
Mahek; bao ji i don’t want to leave you andmy family.
Bao ji laugh.
Suman;mahek deserve a life patner like her smart and educated.
Vasu; koi var to miley.
suman;thapki ka bhasi shivam kisa rehaga
vasu says yeh to best hai humney to socha hi nahi.
Mahek get shy and leave.

After one week
pandey family meet with thapki family and they agree for marrige.
after one month;
mahek and shivam get engaged.

precap; ending of thahaan ff.

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