Thahaan [Made for Each Other] epi 11


Thahaan[made for each other]epi.11
In Mumbai;
Thapki sit in her room[hotel room] and think today Bihaan birthday how i made his birthday so special.she call suman and ask her for idea.suman say something.Thapki says thanks bhabhi and end the call.

In the evening;
Bihaan come to hotel room and get surprice to see room decoration.He says Thapki where are you.Thapki is not here.He think where is thapki.He says i know Thapki you are in the room.I count 3 if you not come out then i go.He says one two and after half mint he says three.He says thapki i’m leaving now.

He try to leave thapki rushes from the bathroom and says no no bihaan pandey you can’t leave.Bihaan looks at thapki she wears bihaan favourite saree and she looks very beautiful.Bihaan says ‘Gajab’Bihaan says you are looking very beautiful.He try to kiss her but Thapki says not now first we cut the cake and celebrate your birthday.Bihaan says okey and then they cut the cake.Bihaan play ‘sanam rey’ song on his phone they dance.Bihaan kiss on thapki cheek.Thapki get shy.she run form dance place and stand in front of mirror. Bihaan come there and touch thapki sholder.Thapki close her eyes.Bihaan kiss on her sholder.Thapki fold her hand and get shy.Bihaan take his earm around thapki waist.Suddely fire alram ring.Peaple shout fire fire.Waiter knot the door bihaan open the door waiter says sir plese leave the room in some of the hotel room got fired.Thahaan left.Bihaan hear a baby voice.He ask to manager is anyone in the hotel. Manager says no.A lady cry my two month baby is left inside.Manger says how inresponsible you are you comeout without your baby.Women cry.

Bihaan says don’t worry i’ll get back your baby.

Manger says no sir you can’t is not control by us.We don’t know if anyone is inside is live or not.Bihaan says it’s a question of one live.Manger says if you come inside and you have any problem that we are not responsibe.

Manager ask peoples fire is not control by us but this man want to Heman .He want to go inside if anything happen to this man we are not responsible. look at bihaan and says god is with you it’s my faith you save the baby and himself too. bihaan goes.

precap ; Thahaan come back home.Family welcome them.

sorry for delay.

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  1. thahaan romance incomplete no yar bt nice epi loved it. Plz complete the thahaan moments soon

  2. Amazing! Pls add some more Thahaan moments….waiting for nxt update..?

  3. If someone know the the TRP of yesterday Maha episode pls share with us….?

  4. superb episode…

  5. Truelove

    Romantic and cute episode hehe. 🙂 🙂

  6. Karvi fans (karthik & survi)

    Hey guys where’s todays update

  7. Karvi fans (karthik & survi)

    Hey guyz good news thapki doesn’t marry druv as bihaan comes in the middle and stops the marriage but druv kidnaps thapki i wish he doesn’t succeed in doin this right thahaan fans

  8. thanks everyone

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