Thahaan [Made for Each Other] epi 1


Thahaan [made for each other] epi-1
I am start a story with wedding day of thahann. Its a day of wedding.Everyone is happy.Thapki shows some nevourness.Vasu Maa Teases Thapki,that its not your first time.she smiles.she thought about Bihaan.she fells happy and think that it is a beganning of new life .

Pandit ji calls var, vadhu for phere. Bihann come and sit.pandit calls for vadhu,Thapki comes, rajhana plays………They both sit. They look each other they have an eyelock rajnaa plays.pandit ji calls them for varmala and phere also start after that.
Now its time for sindoordan and wearing manglasutar.After all that wedding was complete.Both takes blessings of elders. Bihaan secretly touch Thapki hand. Suman sees and teases Bihann that now thapki is yours and have pacions.Welcome scene;[ghraparvash]

After wedding is completed.The pandey family welcome thahaans. Vasu ask for preeti or suman for Aarati thalli. preeti give this thalli to vasu and she welcome new wedding couple.Everyone glad. preeti gives the idea of playing some wedding games.First they play kangana [a wedding rititual In a big thall which put some milky water and rose ].suman through a ring into this water and ask thahaan to find it.They put their hand into the water to find the ring. In the water thahaan hand are suddenly touch and they look each other.they had a eyelock. family teases thahaan to find ring not doing any romance .they both embrassed. everyone laught.

precap; wedding night

sorry for any mistake.

Credit to: parm

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  1. nice but make long

  2. i loved it waiting for wedding night i also write thahaan ff i.e thahaan meant to be together

  3. shocking!!!!!
    hey guys in real tpk bihaan is going to die
    vasu dreams thapki ‘s bad condition
    thapki ka poora cherhra make up se bikhra huya
    and she before dreamt of some family member death
    wht had happended to cvs

  4. dhruv is very bad
    main kasam khati hoon ki agar cvs ne bihaan ko maar diya toh i will leave this show

  5. Nice.Ff continue it…n what the hell yr…sakshi dear is it true news ???

  6. Make it longer

  7. thanks everyone

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