Thahaan love story & Tpk – Please support our show

Hi guys , like all of you i am also a thahaan fan. I wanted to share something really important about our favourite show! Earlier many of us were really frustrated with tpk story , saas bahu drama , manish given less attention than jigan, jigan giving more popularity to their jodi rather than show! We had only complaints about the show! Yes but now, Everything is perfect and fine! Manish got the attention and fame he deserves, we are getting plenty of thahaan and manish interviews , no more jigan torture since they have decided to keep their life personal! And most important is the present track of the show ! The show is giving us minimum saas bahu drama with many cute thahaan scenes ! Thahaan love has started ! Bihaan cute confession, thapkis confusion, and now thapki jealousy track! Thahaan dream sequence OMGGGG and now Jealous thapki is damn cute !!! And thapki is gonna wear a mini frock to gain bihaans attention! How sweet !!! Now a days we cant watch tpk without smiling ! such awsome and cute scenes they are giving! The director has started thahaan love track earlier due to fan demand and complaints about saas bahu track! The whole cast is working hard to entertain us! Manyasa surprised us by their awsome chemistry in bihaans dream sequence! For the first time they did an intense scene which became great success and a heavenly one to all fans ! Which means they can pull off all scenes with their amazing chemistry and skills! They also said there are many more cute cute scenes and cute love story ahead , awaiting us! We should appreciate the director and the whole cast who listen to our demands ! We should appreciate writer who is giving us cute cute scenes! Most important we should love and respect Manyasa who are working hard and doing stuffs which are new to them inorder to entertain us! I have seen many people commenting negative about present jealousy track.. blah blah..saying that thapki is out of character. Cmon friend , thapki is also human being ! We all were tired of and complained about mahan atma thapki ! Now when they are giving us human avatar of thapki who have emotions like jealousy , You people are still negative ??? Pls Stop being negative and support tpk ! Trps have decreased to 1.3 ! I hope as cricket season is ending trps will now increase for the awsome and cute thahaan track ! All of you guys please watch tpk on colors itself and please watch all repeat telecasts also so that trps increase ! Let us stand united , support and save our show from going off air !
THANK YOU for reading!

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  1. yes Yar i m fully agree with u
    many times i request to Watch tpk on.Tv so that Trp increase

    love thahaan
    love manyasa

  2. absolutely.. right now the current track is going awwwwwesome…. 😉 hope to see many many many cute scenes of thaahaan.. waiting for todays epi 😀 <3 <3 <3

  3. its true yaar……..we are responsible for to support our,Guys….if you can pls watch the 7pm telecast on TPK.

  4. Agree with u….love manyasa. ..manyasa forever. ..

  5. I totally heartily n desperately agree with u n please guys tell me one that is this dream sequence has happened or still pending to telecast ???….i want to c their sizzling chemistry in this sequence so please friends tell me about it??..did i miss it or not ???

    1. u have missed it dear
      its 23 may epi
      go online u can watch there

      so lovely epi
      intense scene

      romantic scene

  6. yes you are absolutely right.They are having more thahaan scenes and the show is getting better and better everyday.

  7. Yes,i totally agree with u..TPK is getting more interesting everyday.?

  8. I m agree with u …..

  9. Yes I think only this week trp will be affected as today is IPL final but I love watching TPK so much these days 😛

  10. i love the thahaan so much.i love this love track too.
    mostlr love bihaan thapki cute scenes. so much loved love u thahaan

  11. I watch tpk 7pm,11pm,1pm,5.30 pm also .iwatch all repeat telecast & Mon-Sun 7pm tpk thahaan most .

  12. Ohh shit yr i have missed that episode….n not able to watch it on u tube coz they don’t show full episode on u tube…just on voot n it’s getting tough to c there….feeling to kill myself…..BTW tanq dear anu…

    1. Prtibha,
      Sometimes I can’t wait until 8pm to watch TPK on Rishtey here in London. I watch the episodes here (hope you can get this in India, or wherever you are)

      I hope it works for you. There are several options for watching; the only ‘problem’ (if you want to call it that) is that you have to watch it in 2 parts. Any way, good luck with it. That episode is DEFINITELY worth watching!

  13. Awwww Tanq soooo much dear Gina….may god bless u…such a nice person u r…once again tanq…

  14. Yeah you are absolutely right…I’m from another country and I can’t watch it on Colors TV but I watching Tpk from Internet sites…I love Tpk and Thahaan…so Thahaanians my support is always with you)))

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