” THAHAAN ” THIS IS LOVE STORY a Three Shots by JOYLIN (Part 1)

Guys plse note that its the part from the groom swapping which had happened in the starting of TPK as Bihaan got married to Thapki on Vasundara’s saying and both used to hate each other to the core .No proof read
This seen is after 1 month of Thahaan marriage

Thapki’s POV
I stood there motionless as dadi said me that there’s a function on 1 month anniversary of ours I was totally pissed of on hearing this and I started to give a death glare at Bihaan who was standing side of me completely out of sense as how to react to my glare so he quickly ran to dadi took her blessing and said that he has to go to work which will be mainly talking with his friend paan about the real estate areas owned by bauji whom he considers as his God including maa .But always his maa comes first in place of all the people around him .

OK now I’m feeling a little tired from all the house hold chores as there’s function tmrw the so called 1 month anniversary of ours it sounds really awful but I can’t think of something else just getting pissed of more ‘n’ more . So I just throw myself on the bed and drifted to sleep but a creepy sound woke me up giving goosebumps all over my body and alas as I thought it was B 4 Bihaan Pandey who was searching something in the drawer with a lil of creepy sound but he didn’t notice me staring at him .
POV ends

Bihaan’s POV
I had just entered my room and saw thapki sleeping peacefully on the bed and I din want to disturb her so I slowly crept near the drawer searching for my diary or whatever entry book which bauji had asked me to bring to check down the lists of the houses to be vacated but to my surprise I din find the book and I felt myself being stared by someone glaring at me steadily as if I’m a criminal it sent a shiver down my spine to turn ‘n’ look as thapki was sleeping ‘n’ none other was there than me .I slowly turned not to get scared by the figure staring at me and face slowly came to appear and yeah it was thapki my so called wife giving death glares to me and there was awkward silence in the room so to break that I just simply started the speech .
Bihaan : why the hell ur looking at me like that ? That just scared me to the core and BTW where’s my entry book .
She just snapped at me and got up from the bed without caring and went near the cupboard and opened it and took out the book which I was searching for .
Thapki: here’s ur book take it .and I was just curious to know what u were probably doing .
Bihaan: k ‘n’ be ready for the function by 5 pm today .
Thapki : k …
She said that seriously without fighting or losing her temper on me .
POV ends

Thapki’s Pov
She stared at me after saying to be ready so without paying any heed attention I was just moving from the place than I tripped down a mat and was about to fall but to my surprise I was prevented to fall by brawn of some hands and when I opened my eyes to look as I had closed it due to fear I was nearly drawn by his eyes yes bihaan’s eyes and I too looked into his eyes which were so pure reflecting his innocence in it but the eye contact was disturbed by the giggles of our babhi’s and we felt the rays of embarrassment and parted away slowly making me to stand properly and I slowly left the place and and took my towel to bath as the babhi’s were busy passing comments to each other and I slowly moved to the bathroom drifting away the thought and seeing Bihaan leaving
POV ends

Writers pov
For the first time in her life she felt something different the feeling when she was grabbed by the brawn of bihaan’s hands and now behold she had to get ready for the function. So she went through her cupboard no no no Bihaan’s cupboard and took out a beautiful red coloured lehenga with white and gold borders plated with some simple jewels perfect shade to wear on her skin tone . She waited for Bihaan to come out from the wash room till then she kept her things matching for her dress like earrings and bangles and all the stuff . Bihaan had already come out from the washroom and was wearing his watch so that it might give a perfect look to him and when thapki turned she saw Bihaan standing there innocently wearing his watch and was mesmerized to see him ( guys why only boys get mesmerized even girls can get mesmerized lol…)
Thapki : (in mind) wow he’s looking so cute no no handsome like a teenage boy who is innocent and looking his mother’s chamcha .
She was continuously staring at him than Bihaan called she came back to her sense and brushed away the thoughts of admiring Bihaan . She quickly ran picking her dress for the function into the bathroom enable to face Bihaan for her behaviour. Bihaan was confused but without paying any heed he went down to help others in their preparation .

Thapki came out of the washroom wearing that dress and was looking hot and gorgeous showing up her milky skin waist and her hair tightly tied up in a messy bun soon she sat near the dressing table to put her jeweleries she started to put all these and at last she finished putting she started combing her hair and then made made curls at the end of the hair to look perfect with straight and curly hair which suits her dressing sense . These were noticed by a pair of eyes yes it was our Bihaan he even noticed that thapki didn’t wear her mangalsutra nor the vermilion in her forehead as the sign of marriage but didn’t care about it and was continuously indulged in praising her beauty within his heart he never felt this feeling till now was it his attraction or the first stage of love that he’s going through ……

Plse guys give ur valuable comments and plse say me if its good ur comments matter a lot for me fingers crossed and don’t worry guys next time it will be lengthier and more Thahaan romantic scenes will be added . so for know this is it plse comment if u like silent readers especially

Precap : is it love or my lust towards her . (unknown POV ) Thahaan cute non jokhs and a romantic dance . Also a bad news which shook the whole family . Thapki faints on hearing it .

So there are few questions regarding this ull have to guess people
1) whose is the unknown POV of ?
2) what is the bad news which shocked the whole Pandey family ?
3) Is the bad news about the death of someone or something else ?
4) If it about someone’s death who is the person ?

Plse give ur answers

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  1. Vinolin.d

    hai my dear friend joylin…where you went dear??I miss you so much…I am so happy to read your ff. I am waiting for your ff.keep writing

    1. Joylin

      dry dear as I’m not regular in posting as I’m having pre board exams these days and sure I’ll keep writing my ff and don’t worry I’ll post the other ff ASAP just the thing is its lengthy and I didn’t finish fully still working on it .and don’t forget that im still reading ur ff its awesome but due to lack of time I can’t comment

  2. Hi Joylin ?? … Welcome back ….
    And ur idea and the concept ❤❤❤ …
    Why don’t u upload the next chapter of Love Birds on Wattpad … Eagerly waiting …
    And the answers to ur question –
    1. Bihaan’s POV
    2. It might be someone’s accident
    3. Most probably fake death
    4. And it would be surely Bihaan
    Plz update soon …
    Love ya❤
    Take care ?

    1. Joylin

      thanks dear for ur motivation and yeah I’ll post my ff ASAP I’m busy with my boards these days and tmrw I have science exam so I’ll try to write whenever I’m free and ull get all ur answers in the next epi that will be on next monday as im thinking to make it a lill long adding maximum thahaan scenes so keep waiting till then

    2. How can it be bihaan’s death as thapki at this stage wont faint hearing his death news????

      1. Joylin

        don’t worry dear the ff is still continuing ull get all ur doubts cleared on next part

  3. Vinni7

    Was lovely reading it ?
    Beautifully portrayed everyone’s POV ???
    Waiting for next ❤

    1. Joylin

      thanks dear Vinni for ur humble comment and I think ur there in wattpad ur cute and dp is really really good

      1. Vinni7

        Yeah dear that’s me ? thank u so much❤

    1. Joylin

      thanks sear adhi

  4. Joylin

    ppl plse read this ff which is on wattpad written by vinie

  5. All the best for Science exam … ?? …

    1. Joylin

      thanks NaiTan

  6. Nice starting.

  7. Nice epi, I can see how they started to fall in love in to each other.
    My answers are :
    1. Bihaan pov
    2. 3.4. I can’t guess actually, but I agree with Naira’s answer. (You can note that I can’t answer those 3 questions).
    Waiting for the next. Thank you n tc

  8. Amazing epi udate soon

  9. nice…keep it up…

  10. Juveria.ghalib

    Hi deary..ir was amazing.loved ur idea.n s
    Hope soon our thahaan gonna be one..many twists n turns I cannot guess any of ur questions but hope u get it better of u..All the best

  11. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    i can not to answer but i read you ff…. please continous…..

  12. Sulbi

    Awsme dear… loved it… waiting fr nxt one… post soon… 🙂

  13. Shibil

    So nice ….loved the part …..i think it is bihaan pov ….all are shocked to hear bihaan marriage truth ….bihaan accident might have made thapki faint …. waiting for ur imagination ….

  14. Garima

    oh friend how are you I miss you so much welcome back you miss me or not and wow what a awesome ff thapki memories wow you know one think yes why allways boys memories so this part is amazing and I think it is bihaan pov because you write her.
    and if bihaan accident happened so it is seem very interesting so it is my answers and my request .

  15. Ur ff is superb egarly waiting for the next part . I am also giving my board exams…………..best luck for ur paper

  16. hello dear
    how r u?
    thanks 4 coming with this…
    i like the 1short
    eagrly wating 4 next 2…
    try 2 post soon..
    or ha!
    best of luck 4 ur exam..
    take care
    1stly focous ur studies…
    but when u feel bor then plz plz please post or upload next short

  17. finally I got time to read your story.. it had been hectic days for me since my mother was in the hospital… I think it is Dhruv’s pov, his marriage broke with thapki .. next one I think anybody from thapki’s family died or something or may be dhruv died, or he attempted suicide due to marriage broke but he is alive… eagerly waiting for the next… and do read my ff too Thahaan Sacrifice And Realisation

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