thahaan love (intro)


Hello guys I am totally new in this field so plz bear ne and my bak bak and Iam very big fan of thahan and wanted to write a ff on them from very long but didn’t get time or should I say ideas and my bff encouraged me to write this so plz comment and give your love and support as you do with other writers and I am so much bubbly so bear me

Here goes the intro

Thapki a sweet bubbly intelligent and nautorios girl who loves her family and friends very very much and can do anything for them kindhearted and stammers a bit not much

Bihaan a cut handsome boy who is a reserved person for world but a sweet and happy go lucky person for his family he loves his family and some friends very very much hate girls and intelligent

Vasu pandey mother of bihaan housewife

Sharda Singh mother of thapki housewife

Balraj pandey father of bihaan and a successful business man

Anand Singh father of thapki and a successful business man

Aditi singh elder sis of thapki

Dhruv pandey elder bro of bihaan

So this the intro my story will be based on college life and how college life and home life get entwined with each other and creates a mess and thahan destiny play a crucial role
As well as their family

So this is it tell me through your comments that u liked it or not and tell me your view should a change my story line or something else plz don’t throw rotten tomato’s eggs mat marna baachi samajh ke comment kar dena or mujhe support karna warna mera ye chotu aa pyara sa fail tut jyaega s

So no more emotional drama and do comment and stay blessed but before commenting tell me every commenter should tell me that they are above 15 or below 15 ok bye bye

Credit to: bulbul

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  1. rafay don kon

    So sweet u are?it’s good start your ff .

    1. rafay don kon

      Above 15

  2. hai …
    nyc begining keep going…

    ^^’n l’m 14
    can I ask 1thing y u wanna know this???!!!!!!

  3. I wrote thahaan meant to be together fanficition u should read and also comment and nice start many more to go commentz

  4. Hey bulbul u so sweet n ur ff too n m above 15 but y…n it’s good…i hope u will get more love n appreciation like others r getting tc

  5. Vinlora

    Good one…keep writing. .all the best?

  6. haha don’t worry dear….koi ni marega tmhe tomato n eggs….I liked it!!!! 😉 :-*
    n I m above 15…

  7. bihaan ki deewani

    really a very lovely effort with a awsome wala ff n im above 15

  8. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow interesting start n i m above 15

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