Thahaan- the love at infinity (Part 4)

Hello friends so so so sorry that i updated late. Forgive me actually i was quite busy these days. Happy new year to all my friends and thanks to all who commented and sorry that i can’t reply you all. Today i am also busy but only writing for you all pls tell me my storyline better or not and suggest me some ways that how can i make marriage between thahaan.
Here we go, episode 4
Thapki’s house
Thapki is getting ready for office. Her phone beeps. She pickedup phone. It is Dhruv.
Dhruv- hello thapki
Thapki- hello… sir.
Dhruv- thapki actually I have a work with you.
Thapki- yes sir tellme.
Dhruv- can you come to my home actually I am not well today and I have some important files that I want give to can you take them
Thapki- of cource sir. I will come
Dhruv-thanks thapki
He cuts call.
Thapki(mind)- it’s good that sir called me at home now I can give bihaan his jacket and also say him thank you.
Thapki reaches pandey nivaas.
She enters inside.

She see the house. It is beautiful just as she imagines in her dreams.
Vasu sees thapki.
Vasu- beta who are you?
Thapki- Namaste aunty. I am thapki. Dhruv sir called me for someoffice work.
Vasu- oh so you work in dhruv’s office.
Thapki- yes aunty… aunty where is Dhruv sir?
Vasu- he is in his room there(pointing her finger towards dhruv’s room)
Thapki- thanks aunty.
Vasu smiles and goes from there.
Thapki was about to go upstairs when someone (rampyaari) hit her from back.she loses her balnce and was about to fall but… suddenly someone holds her. Thapki’s eyes were closed with fear then she slowly opens her eyes and sees bihaan. Both have an eyelock. They were lost in each other’s eyes (bg music plays- ankhon mein teri ajab si ajb si adayein hain from om shanti om)
Suddenly rampyaari hits with table and glass fall down. They come back to reality and manages themselves.
Bihaan- thapki you here.
Thapki- yes vo Dhruv sir called me for office work.
Bihaan- oh ok.(he reminds of rampyaari and runs from there saying rampyaari)
Thapki smiles and goes to Dhruv’s room.
Thapki- may I come in sir?
Dhruv- oh you came take these files and make a report of these files.ok thapki.
Thapki-yes sir.
She goes from there.

Thapki goes out.she is in garden. She sees bihaan busy making gulaabo eat straw but she is not eating it.
She goes to himand pats him from behind.
Bihann turns back and sees thapki.
Bihaan- oh its you.
Thapki- what are you doing?
Bihaan- dekho na thapki. Main gulaboo ko ghaas khilane ki koshish kar rahan hoon aur madam hai ki nakhre kar rahi hai( see na thapki I am trying to feed gulabo but this madam is showing attitude)
Thapki- may I try.
Bihann-you (make faces)…….. never
Thapki- why? Let me try.
Bihaan- as you wish.
Thapki take out aampapad from her bag and make gulabbo eat it with straw(food for cattles).
She eats it quickly.
Bihaan- are waah thapki. Tumne toh kamal kardi . par yeh kya gulaabo tumne party change karli. Yeh galat baat hai(makes faces ){ amazing thapki but gulaboo… you changed party not fair } (makes faces)
Thapki laughs at his reactions. Bihaan too laughs.
Then thapki says- bihaan I want to say something to you
Bihaan- yes say what you want to say?
Thapki- thanks
Bihaan- thanks
Thapki- yes bihaan thank you, you saved me yesterday and I even not say a thank you to you. If yesterday you were not there then god knows what will happen with…. Bihaan keeps his hand on her lips.
Bihaan-no thapki, nothing can happen to you till I am alive.
Thapki smiles.
Thapki then takes his jacket from bag and gives him.
Thapki- take this yesterday you forget to take it.
Bihaan takes it. Thapki was about to go whe bihaan stops her.
Bihaan- thapki
Thapki- yes
Bihaan- may I ask you something.
Thapki- yes sure.
Bihaan-actually will you be my friend?
Thapki- friends. Of course. She gives her hand and says friends
Bihaan holds her hand and says friends. They handshake and smiles.
Thapki- now ia m getting late to office bye bihaan. Take care she waves bye to bihaan
Bihaan- bye he waves her back too and smiles .
Thapki goes from there.

Bihaan(in mind)- what happened to me why I get concerned when she was about to say that something wrong would happen with her and I said nothing can happen to her till I am alive and also I felt happy when she smiles.god what feeling is this.) he rubs his finger in his hairs and smiles.
At thapki home
Thapki enters home.
Poonam- its good you came .I want to tell you something
Thapki- yes maa.
Poonam-first sit.
Poonam – beta there Is one good news.
Thapki- what maa?
Poonam- I have asked shivam’s family for aditi and shivam marriage and they agreed. Tomorrow they are coming to see aditi.
Thapki- wo maa its great where is aditi. Di she knows about it?
Poonam- yes she knows but she is sitting in her room by the time I told her about this. May be she is feeling shy.
Thapki- I will meet her.
She goes to romm and shocked to see aditi crying.
Thapki closes door
Thapki- aditi
Aditi sees her and runs towards her and hugs her tightly and start cying.
Thapki- aditi what happened?
Aditi- diii… I don’t want to do this marriage.
Thapki was shocked.
Thapki-but why?
Aditi- because I love someone else.
Thapki (shockingly)-what?
Aditi- yes di I love someone else I love kabir.
Thapki-now who is kabir.
Adti- sorry di I did’nt told you. Kabir and I met in college 3 years backand we fall in love with each other. Di I cant marry someone else. I love him so much.
Thapki- did you told him about maariage? Where is he now?
Aditi- yes di I informed him. He is in abroad and now he is returning back and he is brother of Dhruv pandey.
Thapki- what Dhruv sir’s brother but his brother is bihaan.
Aditi- yes dii I know kabir is youngest son pandeys.
Thapki- ok now don’t cry I will talk to maa.
Aditi hugs her and says thamk you dii.
Thapki consoles her.

Precap: kabir’s entry. Thapki telling poonam about adhir(aditi and kabir.

So sorry for short episode. Guys I am busy and also will get late to publish next part.pls forgive me. My fa’s and pre boards are near so pls wait for me. I have stopped watching real tpk as I am very unsatisfied with that. I used to watch tpkon rishtey at 9:30 p.m there I am able to see cute no jhok of thahaan and feel happy.
credit to: sakshi

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  6. lovely one I want to suggest some thing at the time of tharuV marriage thapki realise her love and do marriage with biHan adiruV already saw thahan love and its their plan to unite thahaAn on the mandap If u like it u can add it or ur wish I m also watching old tpk its too cute

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