Thahaan- the love at infinity (Part 3)


Hello guys be lated Merry Christmas to all thahaan fans. May this christmas bring great happiness to you all. I am back and I know you all must be waiting for my next part but I was quite busy these days so I rarely got time for update. So so so so sorry that I updated late and please do tell me your views and valuable suggestions by your comments.
So here episode 3
Let’s go,

Party gets over
Thapki is waiting for an auto she is not able to find any because it’s too late.
Thapki (in mind) – mom dad and my sis must be waiting for me. Its 10 already and if I keep waiting for auto then I will not be able to go home earlier its better I go home by walking.
She stars walking fast as she wants to reach home as soon as possible.
Suddenly some goons surround her. They were on their bikes. They encircle thapki and start taking rounds around her.
Thapki is scared and is trying to go from there but goons blocks her way.
Goon 1- where are you going my darling?
Thapki- what rub…ish? Just go from here.
Goon 2- if we don’t then what you will do? Slap us haa.. oh we got scared
They all laugh
Goon 1: let her slap us na. only by this chance she will touch us.(marne de na, isse bahane haath toh lagaigi)
Thapki feels awkward. She pushes the goon and ran away. She is running towards road which is opposite to her home. She got slipped and she falls down. Goons who were following her catch her.
Goon1 : how dare you to ran away? Where you will go now?
Thapki(crying): pls leav…e me I beg you pl…zz.
Goon2: we won’t leave you so easily.
Thapki is still crying.

Goon 1 holds her and smiles he takes off her duppata. Thapki shouts no.
They laugh and try to get intimate her. She pushes them back and runs from there crying.
She sees someone coming on bike. She runs to him and asks for help.
Thapki- pls help me. Some goons are behind me plz.
The man removes his helmet and gets down his bike. He is bihaan.
Bihaan- thapki..? (shockingly)
Thapki sees him and says bihaan. Suddenly she hugs him.(na .. na .. na .. plays)
Bihaan is super shocked at her action.
Bihaan consoles her and says – thapki don’t worry. Tell me first what happened.
Thapki separates and says
Thapki- vo actually…
Goons came there and sees them
Goon 1: she is there. Come.
Thapki stand behind bihaan.
Goon2: hey who are you? Leave her she is our’s.
Bihaan shouts: hey.. Don’t even think.
Goon3: we will. What can you do?
Bihaan- I think you don’t know me. Now I will show you that what can I do.
Bihaan beats them one by one. Suddenly two of the goons hold his arms and goon 3 hit him on his face twice.
Thapki-(shouts) pls leave bihaan. Plzz don’t do this.
Goon 1 hits bihaan in his chest. Thapki shouts bihaan!
Bihaan frees from them and beats them very badly.
They ran away from there.

Bihaan sees thapki. She is crying and is wrapping her hands around her.
Bihaan goes to her, removes his jacket and covers her. Thapki sees him. She is having tears in her eyes. Bihaan cupped her face and wipes her tears.
Bihaan- no thapki. Don’t cry. Nothing had happened.
Thapki hugs him and he hugs her back too. (na na na plays in bg)
Thapki separates and says bihaan if today you have not come then don’t know..
Bihaan puts his finger on her lips.
Bihaan- shhh. No thapki nothing can happen to you till I am alive. Now come I will drop you.
Thapki – no bihaan you go. I will manage.
Bihaan (just to change her mood)- oh madam, I have fighted too much, and now I have no energy left to fight again. And if you again go like this then someone will again.. you know. So it’s better you come with me.
Thapki nods.
Bihaan (I think I should not say anything now as she is in pain.)
He starts his bike and they go home.
Thapki gets down from bike and starts going.
She stops and thinks how bihaan saved her and thinks to say thank you to him she turns back and sees bihaan going on bike so she heads towards the door of house. She ringed the doorbell of house.
Poonam opens the door and is shocked to see thapki.
Poonam- thapki!!!!!………… thapki beta beta what happened? You like this..
Thapki hugs poonam and cries.
Poonam- thapki beta stop crying tell me what happen I am worried.
By the time aditi and Shradhha also came there and were shocked to see thapki
Aditi – diiiii…….
They came to her.
Aditi- dii what happen why are you crying and your situation.
Shraddha- first sit thapki come. She makes her sit on sofa and gives her a glass of water.
Shraddha now tell thapki what happen
Thapki tells them everything and starts crying again.
Thapki- if today bihaan had not saved me then god knows what can happen with me.
Poonam- no beta nothing can happen with you.(nahi thapki kuch nahi hota tumhe.)
Thapki again hugs poonam.

Aditi- thanks to bihaan ji that he saved my thapki di.
Poonam- haa aditi. May god bless him and fulfil all his wishes. He saved my thapki.
Shradhha come thapki lets go to room. Aditi and Shradhha takes her to room. They make her sit on bed.
Aditi- di don’t cry. Nothing had happened.
Shradhha- btw (by the way) who is bihaan who helped you without knowing you.
Thapki- Shradhha he is younger brother of Dhruv sir and he is so nice. He saved me and fight with those goons without thinking about himself and I not even say thank you to him.
Aditi- don’t worry di. Tell him later na,you take rest.
Shradhha sees jacket on thapki’s shoulder.
Shradhha- whose jacket is this thapki(pointing her finger towards it)
Thapki reminds of bihaan. Shradhha shakes her
Shradhha- thapki…?
Thapki- haa. Oh this jacket is of bihaan I forget to return him.
Shardhha- ok. now take rest and don’t think much about this incident this has passed away. Concentrate on your future. Ok
thapki nods.
After changing her dress thapki sits on bed and thinks how she met bihaan, then there dance and bihaan saving her.
Thapki(in mind)- he is so nice person. At every moment he helped me. I will meet him tomorrow and will say thank you to him for saving me and also I have to return his jacket.
Thapki thinking all this lays down on bed and sleeps.

Precap: thapki comes to pandey nivas. Bihaan saves thapki from falling and they have an eyelock.

Guys I will try my best to update soon but If I got late then pls forgive me as my papers are near and you all know study of 10 class; So many projects, assignments, pre- boards, monthly test, weekly test and so on. Keep commenting. I hope soon we all will be able to see scenes of thahaan as we expect in real tpk.
Credit to: Sakshi

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