Thahaan- the love at infinity (Part 2)


Hey guys, i am new here. My name is Sakshi. I decided to write a fan fiction based on thahaan and my ff name is “THAHAAN- THE LOVE AT INFINITY”. Hope you all like it. I want to say something that i am not so good in English so please bear me. I have tried my level best to make this FF .my friend Avneet and Manisha also help me in this. So please do tell me your views and valuable suggestions by your comments.
So here episode 2
Let’s go,
The episode starts when thapki’s name is announced for interview.
Secretary- vaani chaturvedi
Thapki stand up and goes in
Bihaan (in mind- so her name is vaani and smiles)
Dhruv’s office
Thapki- may I come in sir?
Dhruv- yes yes come in. please have a seat?
Thapki says thank you sir.
Dhruv- so miss vaani first of all I will like to know about about you.
Thapki- sir my name is vaani but people used to call me thapki.
Dhruv- thapki its seems a different name

Thapki- yes sir actually as I have stammering problem and I need a pat of love to say something when I stuck so people by that time used to call me thapki.
Dhruv- ok miss thapki why you want to do job?
Thapki- sir my family is suffering a l…ot of problems and I also have dreamt to do jo….b in news channel. I want to become a jou….rnalist but with my stamme….ring problem I can’t able to do it so I will be happy if I got job as intern in ne…ws channel.
Dhruv- thapki I like your determination. Even with your problem. So for your determination and dedication I have decided that
Thapki is so tensed
Dhruv – that I should give you a chance to fulfil your dreams so you are selected.
Thapki gets happy.
Dhruv- you can join by tomorrow.

Thapki- thank you, sir.
Thapki was about to go when Dhruv stops her.
Dhruv- one minute thapki as now you are part of this company so you may also take part in celebrations that would held here. Tomorrow there is office’s 5 year completion party so you have to come.
Thapki- ok sir I will come.
Dhruv- ok thapki rest of the details will be sent to you through message.
Thapki- ok sir
She goes from there and was so happy.
She comes out
Dhruv’s office
Bihaan comes.
Bihaan- bhai you are still here.
Dhruv- bihaan you know na I am busy in taking interviews.
Bihaan- have you done with it.
Dhruv- yes I have selected vaani. She is a nice girl.
Bihaan thinks of vaani and says yes she is a very nice girl.
Dhruv- have you said something?
Bihaan- no no nothing. Now Dhruv come fast home mom is waiting.
Dhruv- ok you go. I am coming
Bihaan goes.
She sees thapki standing near road. He goes to her and pats her from behind. Thapki sees backward and sees bihaan
Thapki- you?
Bihaan- yes me. By the way congrats you got selected.
Thapki- thank you. She think for a while and says how do you know?
Bihaan- Dhruv told me.
Thapki- how do you know him. You…. also works here?
Bihaan- oh madam, he is my brother.
Thapki- what? He is your brot…her.
Bihaan- yes he is b phor brother of b phor bihaan pandey. Any doubt?
Thapki- no no. just asking.
Bihaan- are you again waiting for an auto?
Thapki- yes but don’t know what ha….ppen today I am not able to find a single auto.
Bihaan- aur miliga bhi nahi aj toh bilkul nahi ( you will never find it atleast not today)
Thapki- why ? what happened..d?
Bihaan- actually all auto and bus drivers are on strike so.
Thapki- oh no w…hat will I do now?
Bihaan- don’t worry I will drop you.
Thapki- no no I will manage myself.

Bihaan- its ok then. Keep standing here all the day. I am going.
Thapki thinks for a while and stops him. He smiles and turns back and asks her shall we go?
Thapki nods her head to yes.
She sits on bike and they reach home by thapki’s guidance (she tells the way to her house.)
They reach thapki’s home and thapki gets down from the bike and says thank you to bihaan. Bihaan welcomes her and goes.
Thapki’s house

Thapki comes inside and shouts
Thapki- maa.. papa, aditi, shhhraddha jaldi aao
Everyone came.
Aditi- what happened dii are you got selected.
Shraddha- you reach there by time na ?
Kc- haa thapki beta everything went fine na?
Poonam- tell me na thapki what happended?
Thapki- bas bas bas . please let me speak .
Thapki- I have got selected and everything went fine. Dhruv sir is so nice he selected me with my problem. They want to give me a chance.
Poonam- I have listened many good things about him and today it has been proved.
Thapki- yes mom. He doesn’t even make fun of me as most of the people used to do.(she is having tears in her eyes.)
Shradhha sees all this and says – now no emotional talks.
Its good news so let’s celebrate, isse baat pe kuch meetha ho jaye (let’s eat some sweet to celebrate this occasion.)
She goes to kitchen
She opens refrigerator and takes out dairy milk chocolate.
They all eat chocolate and smiles.
At night (thapki’s room)
Thapki gets a message from office that tomorrow is news 365 5 years completion party and it will be held at evening at 5 p.m.
She reads and says
Thapki- oh no (loudly)
Aditi- what happened dii?
Thapki-actually tomorrow is party at office for its 5 year completion but
Aditi- but what?
Thapki- actually my all party wearing dresses are in laundary.
Aditi- don’t worry dii, you can wear my dress.
Thapki- but I gave your dress too.
Shradhha listens all this and says- don’t fear when Shradhha is here.
Thapki- arey Shradhha when you came.
Shradhha says just now when you were talking about dresses. Thapki you can wear my dress na.
Thapki- but you know na I can’t wear western dresses and you have all western dresses.

Shradhha- who said this?
Thapki- matlab (means)
Shradhha- do you forget that I have bought one traditional dress for college function. I have only worn it once it is still new. Wait I will give give you.
She opens her bag and takes out a frock suit from that. It was a pink anarkali suit.
Thapki- wow Shradhha. It is nice. I totally forget about this.
Aditi- dii its beautiful. I will look vey nice on you.
Morning ( pandey nivaas)
Everyone is doing aarti. Vasu gives Prasad to all (bihaan is not there as he is still sleeping.)
Dhruv- bye maa. I am going.
Vasu- ok beta but reach home by time.

Dhruv- yes mom.
vasu- are bihaan get up(loudly)
vasu- hey bhagwan this boy always used to wake up late what to do with him. She hits her head with her hand.
After some time vasu came in bihaan’s room. He is sleeping like a child and murmuring something.
Vasu goes near to him and listens.
Bihaan (while sleeping says Katrina Katrina pls don’t leave me. I love you pls marry me pls Katrina pls)
Vasu smiles at him and pulls her ears.
Bihaan- Katrina pls don’t beat me pls leave me.
Vasu- Katrina nahi tumahri maa( not Katrina I am your mom)
Bihaan-(with weird expression) maa and opens his eyes and shocked to see vasu.
Bihaan- maa aap?(mom you?)
Vasu- yes me now get up it’s already 9.
Bihaan- no mom. Let me sleep. He was about to sleep when vasu says
Vasu- bihaan I said get up.
Bihaan unwillingly gets up.
Vasu- go and fresh up. I have made your favourite food.
Bihaan goes in bathroom.
Thapki house
Here thapki is helping her mother as today there is no work in office all interns have to go in the evening for party.
Thapki- maa is there any another work?
Poonam- no thapki everything is done. You go and get ready.
Thapki- maa today is party and we are to go in evening itself.
Poonam- ok
Aditi- bye maa I am going.
Thapki- where are you going?
Aditi- dii you forget. Today I am going to society function of college for exhibition of my designed clothes (she is doing fashion designer course it’s her last year)
Thapki- oh ok. Best of luck
Aditi- thank you dii

Poonam- wait aditi have some curd.
She makes her eat curd and says best of luck my dear.
Aditi- thank you maa.
She waves bye to them.
At evening
Thapki’s house
Thapki is ready to go foe party. She is looking beautiful.
Poonam applies black mark behing her ear and says- god save you from evil eyes.
Aditi- wow dii. You are looking awesome.
Shradhha- someone will be kiiled today.
Aditi- haa thapki dii. Do you have any intensions to kill someone.

Thapki- what are you saying girls?
Shraddha- we are saying right you are looking that much gorgeous that someone will definitely die seeing you.
They all laugh and go.
Thapki reaches office by auto.(the strike is over)
Thapki enters office. It was beautifully decorated with balloons and other materials.
Dhruv comes and says- hii thapki, how are you?
Thapki- I amm fine sir.
Dhruv- come I will introduce you to staff.
Thapki goes with him.
Dhruv- hey guys attention please. Meet thapki I mean vaani. She is our new intern.
Thapki hello I am thapki
Suman- hi thapki. Nice to meet you.
Aditya to suman- are yeh toh rukawat ke laye khed hai nikli
Suman- no adi we should not say like this.
Aditya – you don’t say I will say like this only. This suits well on vaani oh sorry thhhhhapki

Someone is listening them behind. He pats adi’s shoulder. aditya turns back and sees bihaan.
Bihaan- what you said about vaani?
Aditya- nothing I am only
Bihaan – don’t you dare to call her like this otherwise…
Aditya- why do you care? Who is she to you?
Bihaan-thinks and says she is nothing to me but for humanity sake I am telling you.
Aditya goes from there and bihaan thinks why I got angry when he said wrong about vaani.
Bihaan goes to Dhruv.
Dhruv- arey bihaan you came. I thought you will not come.
Bihaan- how I will not come. It’s the party of my brother’s channel.

Dhruv smiles.
After some time a man named Deepak says
Deepak- hey guys attention please.
Everybody sees him.
Deepak- so guys let’s play a game. are you ready?
Everyone cheers.
Deepak- so game name is paper dance. Sabse pehle ek ladki ayegi, vo chit uthaegi us chit pe jis film ka naam hoga use vo actions ke through samjana hoga aur job hi ladka vo film ka naam doondh lega vo uska partner hoga. under
stand (So first of all a girl will came pick up the chit and which film will be mentioned on it she have to make the boys understand by actions and whosoever boy will find that name will be her partner understand)
Everyone cheers.
Every girl got his partner. (there are more boys interns than girls)
Now it’s thapki’s turn.
Dhruv- come on thapki pick up chit.{ I want to add here that Dhruv doesn’t take part in the games.}
Bihaan- (in mind but her name is vaani so he asks boy standing beside him that why Dhruv is calling her by that name so he said that thapki is her nick name bihaan says nice)
Thapki goes and picks up chit.
The film mentioned on it is pyaar toh hona hi tha.
Thapki does her actions. No one able to understand.
Then bihaan reminds of her father saying.
[Ballu- bihaan sometimes we are not able to say something but our eyes shows everything. Eye are the mirror of heart.(aankhein dil ka aaina hoti hai)] Bihaan sees in thapki eyes and understands what was she trying to say
Bihaan –(politely)- pyaar toh hona hi tha
Thapki nods her head and everyone cheers.

Everyone takes their positions
Thapki (slowly)- bihaan I know that I haven’t actioned properly but how do you understand.
Bihaan- I read that in your eyes. My father says that eyes are the mirror of heart.
Deepak- so guys take your postions. All the couples have to dance on a paper and with time the paper will become shorter and shorter.
Lets start
The song ankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adayein hai (from om shanti om )plays.
Thapki and bihaan started to dance. They were lost in each other. One by one everyone is getting failed in this game then Deepak says stop.
Thahaan get back to normal postion and Deepak says to fold the paper. Bihaan folds it then again after some time he folds it ,it is the last fold as it has become so small. Now only thahaan and adisum (aditya and suman) were left. Thahaan again started to dance. Finally at last the winner is our thahaan as suman got slipped.

Everyone cheers for them and claps.
Deepak says so the winner of our game is thapki and bihaan.
Party gets over.

Precap: some goons try to get intimate with thapki.
Thank a lot guys for your valuable comments. I am not able to answer you all as you know my problem. So plz guys your comments are very valuable for me. Thanks to all who commented and also silent readers.

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