Thahaan- the love at infinity (Part 1)


Hey guys, i am new here. My name is Sakshi. I decided to write a fan fiction based on thahaan and my ff name is “THAHAAN- THE LOVE AT INFINITY”. Hope you all like it. I want to say something that i am not so good in English so please bear me. I have tried my level best to make this FF .my friend Avneet also help me in this. So please do tell me your views and valuable suggestions by your comments.
{It had been a week I have written this ff but I am not able to register but thank god today finally I am able to register with name mansak which means Manisha and Sakshi (me). Manisha is my best friend and she encouraged me too.}
Here we go,

Thapki chaturvedi (same as in tpk)
Aditi chaturvedi (same as in tpk)
Shraddha singh (best friend of Thapki and used to stay with her at Thapki’s home after death of her parents)
Bihaan pandey (same as in tpk but real son of Vasu and balwinder)
Dhruv Pandey (same as in tpk)
Kabir pandey (he is positive here and is of so flirty nature, he acts so childish and son of balwinder’s brother but used to stay with Balwinder after death of his father and mother){he is in dubai from past 5 years but used to talk to his parents and family}
{I will focus mainly on thahaan}
Other characters
Vasundhara pandey – (she is so caring mother and loves his all sons very much. she has no problem with the people who stammers)
Balwinder pandey (he is so caring father and has much attachment with Bihaan but he also loves his other sons)
Dadima- (same as in tpk)
Poonam and krishkant (mother and father of Thapki)
Here i would like to mention the pairs
Thapki chaturvedi and Bihaan pandey (thahaan)
Dhruv pandey and shraddha singh (shruv)
Aditi chaturvedi and kabir pandey (adir which sounds adhir)
So ending this introduction
Let’s start our FF
Here we go,

The episode starts with a girl sleeping. the alarm beeps and she wakes up. she hurridly gets into washroom and after few minutes she comes out wearing a blue frock with red sari work on it. she is looking so beautiful. she sees that her sisters are still sleeping
she says –aditi … shraddha … wake up its 7:30 already
Aditi- what Thapki dii,let me sleep, you go on your interview(she again sleeps )
Shradhha – yes Thapki Aditi is saying right (saying this she also falls asleep)
Thapki – what to do with these silly girls omg!
poonam- Thapki come fast dear today is your interview na
Thapki- yes mom. i am c…oming (she comes downstairs and takes blessings of her mother)
poonam blesses her and says – always be happy and may god gives you everything which you need. so first complete your breakfast ok
Thapki: ok mom
poonam serves her breskfast after finishing it Thapki is about to go when poonam says
poonam- one minute first eat this curd
Thapki- bas maa my stomach is full, there is no more space in it (she makes faces)
poonam- no Thapki you have to eat this, its only for goodluck
Thapki- no mom
poonam – ok just eat one spoon
Thapki -ok mom (poonam makes her eat curd and wishes her goodluck )
she moves out and start searching for an auto.
she waits………
it has been 20 minutes since she was waiting for an auto she is tensed that if she would not be able to find an auto then she would be late for her interview
just then a boy came riding his bike
Thapki first thinks would i ask him for a lift but when she finds that this is the only way to reach office the she raises her hand for lift,
Then bike stops and the man remove his helmet he is none other than Bihaan
he is wearing a blue t shirt with brown jacket. his look is so dashing.
Thapki is continuously looking at him
Then Bihaan says- hello mam, what happen ?
Thapki- soooory acc…tually i want a lift to office of n….ews channel 365 . i am not… able to find an auto i am having an interview there …. so pls will you drop me there
Bihaan(continuously laughing)
Thapki (in mind- i am telling my problem to him and he is is laughing)(she makes a weird look)
Bihaan- ok chuk chuk gadi jii baitheye
Thapki (surprized) – what ?
bihann- maine kaha chuk …ch…uk gadi ji baitheye lagta hai awaz ki tharan apke kan bhi kharab hai { i said sit down chuk chuk gadi ji, I think that along with your voice your ears have problem too}
Thapki- how dare you tell me like this? people like you dont know feelings of others they don’t know that we should not pin point anyone about their weakness no one is perfect on this earth everyone has some problems or weaknesses in them but …… by the way why i am explaining this to you people like you can never understand these things (she is having tears in her eyes while saying all this)
Bihaan(mind-omg, i think she took it seriously i should say sorry to her )

Thapki starts moving on road Bihaan comes in fronts of her stops his bike says
Bihaan -sorry miss.. actually i only said this in fun not to hurt you pls forgive me
Thapki- its ok i forgive you because you are the only one who said me sorry after making fun of me
Bihaan- thank you and come i will drop you
Thapki- no thanks i will manage myself
Bihaan- pls come otherwise i will think that you had not forgiven me
She sits on bike and he stars driving very fast .Thapki gets scared and hold him from shoulders. Bihaan looks at her in mirror.
Bihaan (in mind- What kind of feeling is this? Why I am feeling special with her. I also used to come with Sheena but this time it’s different…. God know why?)
Again Bihaan speeds up his bike. This makes thapki more scared
Thapki – hey you? Why are you driving so fast?
Bihaan – oh madam! I used to drive fast. You girls are too much scary. Even scared of speed oh gosh!
Thapki- I am not s…cared. Who said you? I am just concerned about safety. I am not scared (makes faces)
Bihaan- ok ok
Thapki and bihaan reaches office. He stops bike and thapki gets down.
She starts going.
Thapki stops and again comes to bihaan
Bihaan- what happen now?
Thapki- I just want to say you something
Bihaan- what?
Thapki – thank you
Thapki- yes I want to say thank you as only because of you I am able to reach here by time.
Bihaan- (in a filmy tone) it’s my duty to help mankind b phor bihaan pandey sabki madad karta hai ( b for bihaan pandey, always used to help others)
Thapki smiles and goes away.
Bihaan also go on his bike.

Thapki enters office and ask receptionist about where she would go for interview. She shows her Dhruv’s cabin. She goes there and secretary of Dhruv tell her to wait till her name is announced.
She waits outside. 10 minutes after.
Bihaan comes to office and asks about Dhruv. Thapki sees him and thinks what is he doing here?
Bihaan sees her and smiles
He gives her thumbs up and wishes her good luck. Thapki smiles back. Her name is announced
Secretary- Vaani chaturvedi
She stands up and goes in.
Bihaan – (so her name is Vaani he thinks and smiles)

Precap- thapki’s interview


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  1. Vinolin.d

    hai…sakshi its very nice.superb creativity.please continue this ff dear.

  2. hey….a warm welcome to u….keep writting ….make twist nd turns but thahaan must together always….happy to see one more ff on thahaan….bcoz now a days only ff is the relief for thahanians….

  3. Awesome concept …. Plz continue … Loving the track since beginning … ❤❤?? Plz continue … Even I am a student … I understand and if possible plz upload whenever possible ??

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  5. Vinni7

    Nice one dear!! Loved it! Do continue ? update asap ❤ all the best again ❤

  6. Nice episode keep writing

  7. Very interesting way of writing pls maintain it.I can understand your situation so take your own time for updating second part .pls concentrate your studies …good luck friend for your studies and ff.


    nice beginning episode…

  9. DivyasriSivaKumar

    Very nice dear ..the first part itself has managed to attract the readers..I’m sure your ff is going to be awesome..pls update next part soon

  10. Hii Sakshi wlcm……I can’t believe that u r in class 10…..omg owe some writing skill keep it up….Btw nice epi keep writing…..actually v were missing thahaan ff so badly…tq fa writing thahaan ff….waiting fa next epi

  11. Sulbi

    Hello sakshi… its good one.. keep going dear…

  12. Hello Sakshi,how r u ? & ur study
    Sakshi nice part and superb story
    Take ur time
    Mene y esle keha kyoki eucation is must important compare than anything
    As student keh rhi hu
    Soory ,if I heart u
    As a Thahaan Fan Ivwant to say
    Plz plz plz plz try to updTe soon
    We r eagrly waiting for ur ff
    Lu sakshi
    Keep rocking
    God bless u
    So all thahaan fans
    Keep reading
    THAHAAN- the love at infinity
    only on tellyupdates

  13. Sakshi darlo its awsm n luv uu ????n proud to be ur friend

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