Thahaan- We are in love (by garima) episode -9

T.p.k. is going to end please tell me that I continue or not guys can I update my ff also after t.p.k. end or not tell me guys.

So my episode started with.


It was night time I was thinking about today’s day.I am still shocked , and then I feel that I am get very tired. I should go and sleep.when i sit on my bed Bihaan is in deep sleep he feels so sweet while sleeping (I thought).
What I say? Again I say that thapki u r tired go and just sleep.

I was going to sleep that only when I heard a voice that chasing the voice, I reached the roof, when I reached there, I saw that there was a helicopter that was for me.


I was in a deep sleep that when I heard a voice, I looked around and looked somewhere but I did not look anywhere. I was a little scared. I followed the voice then I reached the roof.I was surprised to see what was happening there.thapi was there. I went to her.I asked her what is going on here, she told me that she has been called on a mission and a helicopter has been sent there to take hem. I was surprised to hear that and my heart was beating heavily.I asked if she was going. she shook her head in yes . I was not able to understand what is happening here and what should I do and what should I tell her.I said goodbye to her and she started going as soon as she was leaving my heart beats hevily.I still did not understand what I should do, then I called her name and she smiled at me and looked. I told her that she should take care of herself and come back safely.she passed a smile and I also .she went inside the helicopter. The helicopter was started. I and she were still lost in the eyes of others.Like the helicopter went. I came back to my room and lay down on my bed. I was still thinking about thapki that she would come back safely just so.After some time I got to sleep


As soon as we reached the destination, the helicopter stopped. We got off on that. Now there is only one thought in my heart that I have to complete my mission well. You have to do some tax for your country. But I do not know why there is still a strange bustle in my heart.For many days there is a strange movement in my heart. I do not understand what is happening with me but now there is no time for all these things. I just have to focus on my own mission. After some time I have a mission on my gadget found it.
Now I have to reach my destination as soon as we reach our destination, we have seen that it is a very old building, the best place to hide for an enemy.We gradually moved without moving forward and without any noise, we did not want that our smallest mistake would make the enemies know about us and our whole mission would be spoiled.We were filling ahead that only when we heard a voice that voice was like someone shot us.We also took out our guns to attack back. For a long time the firing was going on, too many of our agent were also dead, but we also did not give up.

Then an enemy came in front of us. The bullet of our gun was over. Now we could not do anything else. Then one of our agents ran towards him and tried to kill him but he was killed. Now I and the enemy were left now I knew that I am about to die but I was not afraid yet, I knew that this is my last day but I do not scared Because we are taught that we should take the name of our country at our last moment.I sat down on the ground and first I took the name of my country and greeted him. When I closed my eyes then the first person who came into my mind was Bihaan.I was very surprised to leave my parents and all my friends and the first person and the first name that came to my mind is of Bihaan. After all, I asked myself how can this happen, but I could not find any answer.All the moments we started hanging in front of my eyes, which we had spent like – water puri,Keeping his Nickname,Lose me and her in the eyes of each other. And the memory that is closest to my heart.Remember this when I was lost in the forest and he told me that we must never lose our courage.. This thing was still going on in my heart and I want to thank him for the last time but that’s not possible.



I do not know, suddenly, my heart seems to be feeling so weird as something bad is going to be, Please God protect thapki; I do not want anything bad.Grace to God she is my best friend. She is very close to my heart.I do not want anything bad with her. suddenly employee came behind me and an employee came and he said.Doctor, a wounded patient has come. She has been shot. She was wounded in battle. Come quickly and save her.I was shocked to hear that I was thinking that the patient is Tha… It can not happen, it is not at all, nor should it be, I know that God will protect her.But I was scared.

Preacap- …… Pov
I love you.

Can you don’t want to Know that whose pov is this.
So please comment.I’m sorry to update after a long time but what I do I am some busy please forgive me.

We are writers, we can do anything. We can also talk with water. We talk to the stars, we can do anything,I is a idea I take and want to do it it is only for entertainment please don’t bother sorry if you don’t like it.
(Note it is only for entertainment not really like my ff)

Me- where I am?

And then at the back someone put my shoulder on the back.I was surprised to see who she was, she asked me who are you and what are you doing here

Do not you know me?

Hey, I am the one who has written your story. You are what I still do not understand who you are. Oh, I have written your story. Thaahan ff we are in love.
I’m garima.

Oh sorry I forget you.

You forget me.


It’s not right I make so much efforts to make
Your story and you forget me.

I have forgotten you because of you.

What because of me?

You have given me so much work in today’s mission so you have only framed me,

I have done it because you are very powerful. And I know you can do it.


Welcome.and I hope that next time you don’t forget me.

Yes I will not because you have written our story(said with teasing tone)

I became shy?.

Thapki- Bihaan (yelled)

Bihaan- what?

Thapki- I want you to meet a special person.

Bihaan- who?

Thapki- the author of our story.

Bihaan saw me .

Bihaan- ok hy and bye.

He started turning back.

Me -Why are you behaving like this with me after all what I did?

Bihaan move back.

Bihaan-I have a complaint from you that the real t.p.k., I am very strong and in that you made me a doctor and then I can not go into any mission, only work, work, work, work and nothing else.This is a very bad thing.

Me- You’ve got a misunderstanding that I have made you a doctor but this does not mean that you are not strong.It is my reason to make you a doctor, that is your good heart you have all the qualities which a doctor have.And did you forget that in the last episode I showed you Strong. You had beaten all the thieves all alone. Have you forgotten .you’re so strong and one thing to say. You are very cute.

He became Shy?.

Me- ohhhhhhhh Look at yourself become red like tomato..

Bihaan- stop it.

Me- thapki don’t you think that behaan are really very cute.

Thapki- yes my cutepie .

I and thapki started laughing .

Bihaan because annoyed.

Bihaan- bye.

Me -Oh!our cutepie is going.

He gave me death glare.

And turn back and start walking.

Me- Bihaan !

Thapki and I saw each other and again start laughing.


Hope you like it.

And please share your views.


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  1. nice update ❤❤❤ please do continue this story…I’m excited to see what will happen next ?? ur last conversation with thahaan ?? update soon

    1. Garima

      I am very happy to know that you like it.
      Thanks so much dear.
      Keep Commenting.

  2. Juveria.ghalib

    Sooo cute episode dear..u added ur self was intresting.. want u to continue as many writer left their stories incomplete n that’s not a writer kind of thing so do that for ur ff fans n do read my ff if ur free

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much yaar really when i am free i read you ff. You are great writer .


    1. Garima

      Thanks so much my best friend you are the best thanks and I really miss you sometimes i am busy.

      Love yo ?.

  4. Nice part. Please continue your story . I like your self talk with thahaan. Amazing.

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much dear for your always support love you ?.

  5. Ff is interesting bt below conversation btwn u , thapki n bihaan was more interesting…?? n yes dear we all want u to continue ur ff even after tpk over…

    1. Garima

      It is my pleasure that you like it thank’s dear. Love you ?.

  6. yes u should contine dear….all thahsan fans loved to read thahaan ff….but most of the writters had stop writting inbtwn which is not good yar…u dont do this….keep continue it….l.u..t.c

    1. Garima

      Thank’s for your support dear love you? thanks again.

  7. Simrank

    Amazing srsly i loved it its very interesting and below ur thapki and bihaan ‘s convo that was so cute and eyecatchy do update soon. Nd yes continue ur ff… u ?

  8. Simrank

    Amazing srsly i loved it its very interesting and below ur thapki and bihaan ‘s convo that was so cute and eyecatchy do update soon. Nd yes continue ur ff… u ? its mindblowing

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much dear for your support love you ? and waiting for your ff also.

  9. Malaika sarwar

    Nice story yr super please continue ff waiting for next episode

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much dear for your allways support love you ?.

  10. KUDRAT

    Garima di miss you so much
    Thax for coming..
    Love you dii..
    Nd please do not stop..
    We want you dii
    Eagrly wating for next..
    Di exam h.. Eslea chotaa message..

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much dear love you ?
      And best of luck to you for your exam.

      1. KUDRAT

        Thank you dii..
        Nd please take care
        nd update soon..

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