Thahaan- We are in love (by garima) episode -6

Bihaan holdingVasundhara came to panday niwas.

Vasundhara sit in sofa.
Suman- awesome mom I am so happy that u came back.

Preeti- yes mom suman are right.

Bauji- see everyone is happy that u came back.

Vasundhara- yes u r right.

Bihaan- mom plz take care of u .

Thapki put his hand on bihaan head- ok beta.

Thapki- mom I take juice for u drink it.

Vasundhara- ok beta.

Vasundhara – samman take red and blue box which is in my door.

Summan- ok mom.

Summan come back and gave it to her.

Vasundhara- thapki and bihaan beta come here.

Thapki and bihaan become confused.

They go near vasundhara.

She open the box and a mangalsutra are there in it.

Vasundhara- Bihaan wear it to Thapki.

Bihaan- mom.

Vasundhara- Bihaan can you don’t accept your married.

Bihaan reammember his mom health he didn’t have any other choice.

Bihaan- ok.

Bihaan go to Thapki and Thapki look at Bihaan worriedly.

Bihaan in low voice- Thapki. Cut by

Thapki in low voice- Bihaan do that.

Bihaan look at and hesitate.

Thapki in low voice- Bihaan for mom we have to do this.

Bihaan- yes.

Bihaan move his hand to her neck and lock it.

They two give fake smile.

Everyone start clapping.

Vasundhara- Bihaan and Thapki it is sad that your marriage r not done with proper rittuals so what you think we do your marriage with proper rittuals .

Everyone become happy.

Thapki and Bihaan look at each other face wooridly.

Vasundhara- you two aspect each other na.

Bihaan and Thapki – yes mom .

Vasundhara smile.

Summan- we have to done so many things so whom whom we invite.

Vasundhara- no summan .

Preety- mom what do u mean.

Vasundhara- we can’t invite many persons.

Druv- why mom.

Vasundhara- because i don’t think that to invite many persons is right they start putting us so many questions.

Bauji- yes you are right.

Everyone leave except thapki and bihaan.

Bihaan- thanks Thapki for your help.

Thapki- she is also my mom why you thanking me I only do daughter’s​ duty ok understood.

Bihaan- ok.

Thapki about to leave but then Bihaan stop her.

Thapki- what.

Bihaan- because of all that cause I forgot that you tell me that you don’t saw many beautiful places of there so to refresh our mind can we go.

Thapki- ? ok ?.

Bihaan- let’s go?.

Thapki- ya.

They came out and sit in bike thapki put his hand to bihaan shoulder.

In way they stop.

Bihaan- thapki what you want to eat.

Thapki- pani puri and you also eat.

Bihaan?- thapki you know that when I eat pani puri my health r become so bad.

Thapki?- that’s why I’ want to eat it.

Bihaan- thapki you are.

Thapki- intelligent I know ?.

Bihaan?- thapki I don’t ever think that you r so funny.

Thapki- and you are cute(she start pulling his checks).

Bihaan look at her with shocked and smiling also.

Bihaan- I am cute.

Thapki- yes you r.

Bihaan start laughing hardly ?.

Bihaan- really u r so funny.

Thapki- so can we eat pani puri?.

Bihaan- thapki.

Thapki- ok I am joking.

Thapki look at here and there.

Thapki- bihaan can we eat icecream.

Bihaan- ya of cource.

They reached near stall .

Bihaan- please give us two…

Thapki- cornato.

Icecreamseller- sorry but there are only one cornato.

Bihaan- it’s ok give us.

After taking it they sit near on bench.

Thapki- bihaan first bite is your.

Bihaan- oh good.

Bihaan move to take bite but then suddenly thapki take a bite.

Bihaan make a sad face.

Thapki- bihaan eat it in this time I really don’t do it again.

Bihaan with angry voice – I don’t want to eat.

Thapki hold his ears with her hand and say sorry bihu .

Bihaan smile and take a bite .

They start eating icecream with sharing.

In panday niwas.

Vasundhara- preety all arrangements are done.

Preety- yes mom but mom why you doing their marrige so soon without give any invitations and wit invite anyone.

Vasundhara- priest told us that there are death curse on bihaan I don’t want to late ok understand.

Preety- yes mom.

Vasundhara- do fast.

In this time bihaan and thapki came there.

Vasundhara- bihaan and thapki came here fast and choose your clothes.

Bihaan- mom.

Vasundhara- what.

Bihaan- nothing.

Vasundhara- you two chose i do other arrangements.

Thapki- bihaan can you help me.

Bihaan- ok but what.

Thapki- come with me .

They two reached in thapki’s room .

Thapki- bihaan please take my bag on the above of the slap.

Bihaan- ok .

He take a chair and stand on it.

Bihaan- thapki hold it tightly .

Thapki- ok.

Bihaan start taking her bag but lost in her marrige thoughts and her hand move then chair start shaking.

Bihaan- thapki .

Thapki look at him.

Bihaan is about to fall down

Thapki trying to caught him but in these she also loose balance and fall down.

Thapki was on the top of him.

Then she and he started slowly open their eyes.

Then they share an eye lock.
(na na music play)

Episode end.

Preacap- thahaan ritual marrige.

Hope you will like it .

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Thanks for reading.

Love you all??.

Bye bye.

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  1. Thahaan oh how cute they are

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much dear for your lovely comment.

    2. Garima

      Thank you so much dear for your lovely comment.

  2. Hi garima. I liked it. Amazing and very nice part. Thahaan scenes are cute. Waiting for nxt.

    1. Garima

      Thanks dear for your support .

  3. Juveria.ghalib

    Nice part Garima yes thahaan r going to marry with all the rituals..n the Ice-cream scene was very cute.keep going tc

    1. Garima

      Thanks dear for your always support thanks yaar.

  4. Helloooo Garima di,
    how r u..??
    di episode was SUPERB..
    Wating for next..
    now tell me when you update next part..
    di please promise me that u update fast..
    becoz I’m very eager to read next..
    ok di please take care f urself…
    love you..
    or ha..!! Didi..iii thank you..

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much love you ??.

  5. Apeksha

    Hii garima di, nice episode especially the icecream sharing scene. Waiting for thahaan ritual wise marriage…

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much dear for your support.

  6. Nice part garima. waiting for thahaan marriage

    1. Garima

      Thanks yaar for your lovely comment.

  7. Simrank

    Loved it aussi wtng for next one darl❤

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much for you always support.

  8. Sorry for the late comments dear..,it was a nice one yaar

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much yaar for your support and please pooja you also make an ff I know you write superb??.

  9. lovely epi….keep wriiting dear..

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much yaar for your lovely comment.

  10. Superb episode garima..waiting for thahaan ritual marriage?

    1. Thanks yaar for your support.

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