Thahaan- We are in love (by garima) episode -5 thahaan love track starting.

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Thapki’s pov .

Every time I came to panday house I get that love which i never get I look vasundhara and bauji as my mom dad but in real it is not true my mom and dad are dead and they never came back.

When I am in my thoughts ?vasundhara mom call me .

Vasundhara – thapki beta you are look so tired go and take some rest.

Thapki- ok auntie.

Vasundhara- so many times I told you that said me mom not auntie ok.

I am become so happy that I become so happy that I hug her .

Thapki- ok mom (their bonding are just
awesome like in real tpk )

Vasundhara hug her back .

Thapki separate and smile ?.

Vasundhara call maid and said him to take her to thapki’s bag on room.

I leave .

Vasundhara’s pov.

I like thapki she is very sincere innocent and strong girl.

Suddenly I reammember that priest have to come to our house and I start working fast .
After some time priest came.
I greet them .
After siting priest shown me kundali (coil, spiral)
of bihaan I reammemberd that some days before I gave bihaan kundali,coil to priest .

They said to me that there are flawn in the coil (kundali mai dosh hai).

I screamed .

I said oh no priest ji what should I do .

Only on think solve it there are death blame in the coil,kundali if you want that your son alive you will prepare for a marrige.

I said with stunt tune what? Marrige from whom.

Priest said that can any girl came here from few days before .

First name came to my mind is thapki I said that not few days before but if today any girl came .

Priest it is good .

I am panic that what I do after some time priest request to leave I join my hand and greet him.

They leave.

I thought that I will go to the temple for request to save my child to god.
I leave.

Bihaan’s pov .
Today I have my duty on hospital I get late somehow for hospital i don’t eat anything and leave .

I thought to eat in hospital .

But an important surgery came so I also don’t eat anythng till night I fell so tired an hungry also when I reached to my home I fell pain in my head and felling tired somehow I manage to reached to the sofa but then I get unconscious.

Bihaan’s pov end .
No pov.

On this time vasundhara came and saw bihaan getting unconscious.

Vasundhara shout- bihaan.

Her plate of puja fall down..

Everyone came there and saw bihaan unconscious and get shocked.

Vasundhara put bihaan face on her lap and requesting him to wake up driving take water and start sprinkle it on bihaan face but bihaan didn’t wake up.

Vasundhara reammemberd priest saying she start weeping.

Suddenly Thapki reammemberd that bihaan didn’t eat anything in morning.
Thapki(in mind)- maybe he didn’t eat anything in hospital also she take juice glass and make bihaan to drink eat bihaan get consciousness.

Vasundhara get shocked that thapki make bihaan wake up she get certain that priest are right only thapki save bihaan.

When bihaan sit.
Then vasundhara hug bihaan and said bihaan can you do anything for me .

Bihaan with smile- anything for you mom .
Vasundhara- get married to thapki .

Bihaan and thapki get shocked ?�??.

Bihaan- mom you know that what are you saying.

Vasundhara- bihaan you always said that I am your god so can you don’t do that for me .

Bihaan eyes became wide .

Vasundhara – can you do that for me.

Saying this she start breathing fast and star falling bihaan fastly hold her.

Vasundhara(breathing heavily)- bihaan please do that for me please thapki please you are as my daughter thapki plzzzz marrige with bihhan.

Bihaan didn’t saw his mom like this he said yes.

Vasundhara- thapki please for me.

Thapki take a deep breath and said yes because she didn’t want to lost her mom again.

Vasundhara smile she call maid and said her to take the vermilion fast.

Bihaan and thapki look at each other face.

When maid came she gave it to bihaan and said to fill it on thapki’s mang.

Bihaan saw vasu health he didn’t have any other voice.

Bihaan come to thapki face and face and fill her mang with vermilion doing so thapki eyes close . Mangalam bhagvan vishnu play in bg.

Thapki open her eyes and her eyes are wet .

Bihaan eyes are also wet .

Thahaan looking at each other eyes.

And then suddenly vasundhara get unconscious bihaan run to her and hold her and he take vasundhara in h8s arm and manage to sit her on his car with they reached in the hospital when vasundhara is moving to room bihaan hold her hand tightly and crying also he change his clothes and goes in to A&E room(for heart attack person).

After some time bihaan came out to the room.

Everyone looking at him.

Bauji- what is vasundhara health now.

Bihaan- mom is fine.

Everyone fell relief .

Bauji- what happened to her.

Bihaan- mom get heart attack and .

Bauji- and.

Bihaan- and it is serious we have to not let mom panic because it is bad for her health.

Everyone goes in the room.

Vasundhara open her eyes .

Bihaan- mom you are fine now.

Vasundhara- yes.

Druv- really mom.

Vasundhara- yes beta.

Bihaan- good news is that you can discharged.

Vasu smile.

Everyone leaving.

Vasundhara- thapki stop.

Thapki stopped.

Vasundhara- thapki came here sit.

Thapki sit.

Vasundhara- thapki you are now wife of my son i I know it is of sudden but want you to take care of my son .

Thapki fell hesitation.

Vasundhara- plzzz thapki.

Thapki- no mom plzz don’t say plzz ok ma I take care of him.

Vasundhara smile and put her hand to thapki’s head and said you two always remains happy.

Episode end .

Preacap- thahaan scenes bihaan fall on thapki.

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  1. Finally marriage is happening…another good episode…Keep rocking my dear bestieeeee….have a jovial Sunday to youuuuu:)

    1. Garima

      Thanks my world best friend for your support how are you.

  2. No di we r not Awesome..
    u authors r awesome who write SUPERB ffs..
    di epi was totally Gaja…B
    eagrly wating for next gajab epi..
    so please try to update tomorrow..
    or THANK YOU so much fr this Gaja…B episode..
    take care
    keep writing..
    Good Night..

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much kudrat really you are awesome allwYs comment.

  3. Juveria.ghalib

    Yay our thahaan r Married …I was really shocked I though Vasu is acting but she really got a heat god hope to see some romance the precap is awesome.waiting for

    1. Garima

      Thanks yaar for your continues support and I am also waiting for you ff.

  4. Apeksha

    Beautiful episode garima. I thought the marriage will be ritual wise atleast the pheras and all but its ok. Waiting for more thahaan scenes….

    1. Garima

      Thanks yaar and wait for my next thahaan ritual marrige taken place? ??.

  5. Soham

    amazing part di sorry for late comment actually i went to party last night but really fantastic n first rate work

    1. Garima

      Don’t worry about it I am happy that in busy schedule you comment and I’m waiting for your next episode.

  6. Simrank

    It was amazing just loved it so well written update soon cnt wait nd precap is aussi…?

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much dear for your support.

  7. Amazing part. Please update soon. Waiting for thahaan scens

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much yaar for your support ??.

  8. so good….thahaan got married too soon….i like this….waiting for their romance…

  9. Garima

    Thanks so much and I am become so happy to know that you like it.

  10. Alm.Abi

    awesome chap garima.. thahaan arrange or forced marriage nd the precap made me really excited.. nd thank u for updating fast… eagerly waiting for nxt… update soon honey..

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much dear for your support .

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