Thahaan- We are in love (by garima) episode -4

Bihaan open his eyes and saw thapki in front of him he put is hand and his head and start sitting thapki help him.

Thapki- bihaan u are fine.

Bihaan – yes with smile ☺.

Thapki- bihaan why u save me.

Bihaan – because ummm(he start thinking).

Thapki- tell me why.

Bihaan- because I think that u r my friend.

Thapki smile?.

Thapki- thanks.

Bihaan- welcome.

Bihaan- so we are friends(moving his hand).

Thapki- ya off course .

She hold his hand and they hand shake.

Thapki- so best friends.

Bihaan- yes best friends.

Bihaan- how I came here.

Thapki- we will take you.

They slightly laugh.

On the other side.

Officer- so the work of all docter complete v have to send them back.

Man- ok

On the other side .
Bihaan’s pov .

I was working on my cabin and get bored so I came out and than I saw thapki coming to me she came and without any hy she hold my hand and she star walking holding my hand and pulling me.

I said to him thapki what are you doing but she didn’t spoke any word I get some scared by her action.

And when we come out to the building I saw her jeep were standing in front of me. I saw him with confusion look .

And then she said that bihaan I get bored with my continually work you don’t get bored docter bihaan.

I said yes I get so .

She said so I think to find any companion whose join me for fresh my mind and u also get bored so .

Bihaan- so.

Thapki- so join me .

Bihaan- off course.

Thapki- let’s go.

I get sit and she start driving.

And after covering long distance we stop.

I said thapki why you stop the jeep.

Thapki- because I want to eat pani puri.

I smile and said what really you want to eat pani puri .

Thapki- I know that we(agent) don’t allowed to eat it .
Ok as you want I said with smile .
she get happy and we came out from jeep .

she said please give us two plate of pani puri .

He gave her two plate she start eating .

Thapki- bihaan eat it.

I said that I don’t eat more spicy food.

Thapki- ok but one time try it.

I agree.

When I ate it I start coughing realy it is so spicy and then she pat on my shoulder and give me water I get happy because of her concern toward me .

And then we again sit in jeep and went back .

Really it refresh my mind and hope her also.

When we came back it is night.

I lay down to my bed and instant sleep.

In next morning I get ready and then I wenT to my cabin and then officer invite me.

I went to their room and they informed me that our work get completed so they send us back I get happy .

Officer – inform other also docter bihaan.

I said ok officer .

And I came to hall and inform all about it .

They all get happy .

And then thapki come in front of me .

Thapki- so u leave.

I said yes .

Thapki- ok and pass a smile .

I also smile.

Thapki- bye.

Bihaan- bye.

She move back and start to leave.

I think something and stop him.

I said thapki u are my best friend and I don’t like to leve you can you come to my home when you r free.

She smile and said yes off course.

On next day I sit with her in her jeep and recall thath first I came here I sit come I this jeep and recall pani puri incident and then I smile when we went to helicopter I saw her and wave her bye and pass a smile she also pass and said by to me .

I said to her see you soon .

And sit to my place and helicopter start.


Thapki’s pov.

I am on train and wait for next station where my best friend​ waiting for me (she smiled).

After some time ? stop I came out and saw him.

Bihaan- hi thapki (thapki and bihaan became best friend).

Thapki- hi bihu.

Bihaan- what bihu?

Thapki- I am your best friend can I don’t give you nick name.
Bihaan start laughing ?

Bihaan- ok I also gave you nick name.

Thapki- ok when.

Bihaan- first I think.

Thapki- ok but remember give me a nice nickname (with angry face).

Bihaan again start laughing and after control himself he said ok.

Bihaan saw his watched .

Bihaan- thapki fast let’s go.

And after came out of railway station bihaan take his motorbike.

Thapki- cool.

Bihaan- really.

Thapki- yes.

Bihaan sit and then thapki sit back on bike and put her✋hand on his shoulder.

Bihaan star his bike.

They reached on the panday mansion.

Everyone became happy and vasundhara done aarti and then greet thapki .

Thapki bend to touch her and bauji foot but they stop her and hug her .

Vasundhara- always. be happy .
Bauji- God bless you.

Bihaan watching them and smiled.

Episode end.

Precap- bihaan fill sindoor on thapki mang and manglam bhagvan Vishnu play in BG.

Guys please tell me that I continue or not and so sory for late update I am busy but I am free now so I can stary update fairly.

Silent reader please give your opinion also.

Love you all bye bye.


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  1. Juveria.ghalib

    Hey Garima ur doing great dear..precap is very intresting waiting to watch what have happened..update soon n I will also update my ff do read it n share ur views with me

    1. Garima

      THANKS dear and your ff are awesome so sorry that I don’t regular comment bit remember that I always read your ff when I am free I love it dear.

  2. Soham

    Hello do ur ff was really stunning I love it. Read my ff also thahaan shinest lovebird if u have time

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much dear for your continues support.

  3. Hello garima di,
    how r u..??
    di love you..
    love u so much fr updating WONDERFUL episode..
    thanku di..
    di now u free na so update regularly ok..!!!
    bcoz I’m very eager to read..
    di aap ko pta h M such moch aap ko bhot miss kar rhi thi..
    take care di.. Nd update soon…
    love you.. BBBbyaaae….E
    or ha..
    we r always with you..
    do well..

    1. Garima

      Hi kudrat really I also miss you so much dear thanks yar and yes I start update fast dear.

  4. My dear friend…I am super happy yaar…actually I want to say you must be continue this…miss you badly are you???what about your studies???pls comment on TPK group…I wish all the success keep smiling my support is always with you my dear BEST friend…

    1. Garima

      My dear friend thanks so much yaar and I also waiting for your ff

  5. yes ….dear why not do continue it…..lvd it..

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much dear keep commenting.

  6. Apeksha

    Loved thahaan conversation and the paanipuri scene. Plz update regularly dii.

    1. Garima

      I am became happy to know that you like it thanks yaar.

  7. Amazing part dear. please continue your fan fiction. interesting story and also interesting precap . waiting for next part.

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much dear it is my pleasure that you like it.

  8. Simrank

    Vooh precap gave me goosebumps loved thahaan frndshp nd thapki’s concern for bihu nd then nickname lrt it was just more than amazing loved it ….❤❤ update soon lu tc ??

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much yaar and waiting for ur ff also.

  9. Alm.Abi

    superb update but dear u hve taken a looonnngggg break.. u might be busy but can u try to update on regular basis i mean once n a week so tht consistency can be managed… overall a great update nd percap made me super excited.. eagerly waitng for nxt

    1. Garima

      So sorry for that I try so much but I am very busy but I am free now so I start updating soon.

    2. Garima

      Thanks so much for your support.

  10. Hi garima nice epi ????waitting for the next

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much dear keep commenting yaar.

  11. Wow super

    1. Garima

      Thanks yaar it is my pleasure you like it.

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