Thahaan- We are in love (by garima) episode -3


Bihaan’s pov.

When we reach to the earthquake spot there’s scene was horrible. The people where so much injured I is so pity .

I started helping them and start giving them first aid really this scene were the most horrible scene of my life .

Thapki’s pov.

I work faster to save many people life there is no time to waste only for one second.

This scene is not so bad for me because I saw it many times but it doesn’t mean that it is common really it is horrible I try my best for help.

And then we get information that in building they are two worker still there I send there two soldiers for help and after few minutes talk again earth start shaking and connection of our destroy the two soldiers went in are alive or not all started thinking about it it is very painful for me because they are soldiers of mine team they are my companies when I start loosing hope and then one pat on mine shoulder when I saw back it is bihaan he say thapki don’t gave hope I know they are alright ok. After listening it I gave him a smile and say thanks and suddenly their (soldier) voice came I became happy they informed that the worker have some serious injury we need first aid after saying mine a single word bihaan said that he went and help them they are some hesitation on my heart to send him but he went I don’t why I feel scared for lost her.

Bihaan’s pov.

I go in the building it is totally destroy but some place are still there when I go inner and inner darkness are starting increasing and then I hear a voice I went there and found them.

I gave first aid to workers and then they thanks me I say wellcome to them. When we are coming that place in which I came are destroy maybe it is already weak soldier informed it to thapki.

Thapki’s pov.

When I hear that their way blocked I decided that in this time I went they trying to stop me but it is my duty so I went in the building I went there and find any way for reach toward them .

In my way my foot hit by rod it starts bleeding but I know that I have to be strong so I didn’t stop and start walking.

When I find them I am so happy that all are in good condition. We started leaving my foot is badly bleeding but I haven’t been stop and when I walking one pat on my shoulder and when I saw back bihaan I see that bihaan watching me with smile and then he said that you are fine I say yes I am fine he say I don’t think that and the he make me to sit and he sit forward me and start searching on his bag.

I watching him with confused look and then he take his first aid kit which is in his bag and remove my boot I am wearing black shirt and black jeans with black school because it is my costume of mission and my blood seeing in my jeans It seems that he saw it. he star washing my wound with detol I looking him with lovingly he is so carefull.(in background na na na music play)

And after completing my first aid he saw me (thahan share an eye lock it is long) and then we break eye look he stand and said you feel relief. I said with smile yes and I stand up and again start walking .

On other side .
Thapki’s team members

Man – captain please come here.

Captain- yes what happened.

Man- sir we found again earthquake point.

Captain – what? Oh no leader (thapki) gone there. Call her and inform her about it.

Man- ok.

Man- hello hello hello can anyone there’s.

Thapki lisson voice and take her vocetoke .

Man- hello can anyone there’s.

Thapki – yes who is it?

Man- it is 109543.

Thapki – ok it is 12357 your leader what is information.

Man – Leader there is again chance of earthquake.

Thapki – what.

And then sudden everything began to move .

Thapki – earthquake again start move fast.

They start moving fast .

And then pillars starts falling and one is about to fall on thapki but bihaan run and push her and all pillars fall on it.

Thapki – bihannnnn.

Preacap – remember and friendship.

Guys sorry for grammar mistake and in previous episode there is few comments please give me review that I continue it or t.

And so sorry that it is short but because I writing it on the way of pov so it is little difficult to me to write it long so sorry for that.

And anyone don’t give me my question answer so my question is same.

Q. Can bihaan remember thapki and then what is his reaction.

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  3. Simrank

    Its amazing plz update soon was wtng for ur update ?? loved it ?

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