Thahaan- We are in love (by garima) episode -1

♡♥♡Thaahan meeting and one old memorie♡♥♡

Bihaan goes in airport and sit in his aeroplane and arrive in other hand thapki also arive.

(I want to no drag so thaahan reunite will be fast updated I don’t make it look)

They reached in some place with jeep it is really a big building.

And then one jeep came thapki and other agents came with style there are glow on thapki face.

Thapki – today I know that you are all are tired so go and rest today.

All goes in their room .
Thapki sitting in her room and thinking something.
Flash back shown.
A small girl going on in a jungle crying.
Girl- mom dad where are you?
And then she see that she gone deep in a jungle.
She start crying more louder.
And then she hear an voice of grrrrr grrrrr
She get scared
FB ends.
Thapki – (in his mind voice ) stop thinking thapki go and sleep.
She go and sleep.

In next day.
Thapki come from washroom and Take his high tech watch and read it there is an detail of her new mission.

She gave message to worker that send a group of quality doctor.

He goes to room and knock.

Bihaan – come in.

Worker- sir thapki mam says….

Cut it Bihaan say what whom thapki.

Worker – Leader of agent team.

Bihaan – ok so say what she say.

Worker – she say that to send a group of best doctor to her.

Bihaan – ok I will do it .

In this time chalsea come to room.

Bihaan – chalsea please I will send you list tell this doctor to get ready .

Chelsea – ok Bihaan.

Bihaan – thanks you always help me

Chalsea – stop bihaan I am your friend.

And then after some time.

Bihaan come out with some doctors and then more than twice thrise jeep came.

Thapki – who is your leader?

Bihaan – I .

Thapki – so came with me.

Bihaan get in jeep and sit.

Thapki – all other doctor sit in other jeep.

Thapki start the jeep.

Thapki – hello I am thapki .

Bihaan – I know.

Thapki – I know because I am so popular whom know more than me.

Bihaan – it’s ok so thapki I am Bihaan pandey ok.

Thapki in his mind voice- Bihaan

Bihaan – what happened.

Thapki – nothing.

They reached .

They saw a big old buildings.

Thapki take gun
Bihaan stare on her.
She goes in hiding.

She saw two men thapki take his phone for check something and then say Bihaan to move his face on other side and then shoot them.

Bihaan feel weird because it is new for him.

While going Bihaan saw two men blood are flowing on her head.

Bihaan – oh no.

He run .

Thapki – what are you doing.
Bihaan gave first aid to him.

Thapki – he is so sweet maybe he is

She stop thinking and don’t complete his line.

Thapki goes near to bihaan.

Thapki – bihaan can I talk to you.

Bihaan – yes.

And they hear a voice two men coming with gun thapki shoot them they start going from there.

Thapki take in his bag one hakerchief .

Thapki show it to bihaan and say bihaan you remember it.

Bihaan – yes it is mine.
Episode end

Preacap- thaahan friendship.

I hope you like it.

Thanks so much again guys for you support on previous episode

Thanks for reading .

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  1. Simrank

    Amazing but its short nd intrstng too

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    Once again sorry I know there is no matter of sorry and thanks between friends…but its a cute sorry to you dear…

  3. Juveria.ghalib

    Nice episode Garima.its getting intresting.

  4. Awesome wala episode but short one

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    interesting one ….update next soon

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