thahaan (love is blind ) Part 2

Thapki says she will come in 2 mins mean while bihaan thinks why his head is paining and drinks some water. Meanwhile shraddha goes to their tabela and keeps a hidden camera and says that u spoilt my valentine now I will spoil your self respect and give a eveliish smile and goes. Thapki comes back and sees bihaan holding his head and sitting and she gets worried and goes to him and asks Wat happened are u fine he says I am ok she says I don’t know wats happening and tells him to wait As she will get medicine.

She gets the medicine and slips on bihaan and they both fall on the grass bed and share an eye lock. They both remember all time spend together and all the help and support they gave to eschewed other. They smile at each other and share a long kiss, and leave themselves in each others arm and have a bueatifulllll valentine intimate.

Next morning bihaan gets up and sees thapki next to him and shouts and tell thapki get up, you have night walking problem or wat u always come and sleep next to mee,she says nothing like that I don’t remember anything what happened yesterday and asks do you remember?he says no I don’t remember anything after the valentine party.

Thapki gets ready and comes he is sitting on the bike. Meanwhile shraddha comes and congrates them . they ask why ,she says u don’t remember Wat happened last night? They say no. She says that’s ok I will tell u she shows the video of the previous night leaving them shock. ………….They look at each other . thapki says Wat is this?shraddha says why u both are husband and wife this should have happened before itself, and atleast be happy it happened yesterday. Thapki gets tear in her eye and goes into the tabela . Bihaan still remains shock and shraddha goes.

Bihaan enters in the tabela and both are not able to look at each other. Bihaan tries to thapki but she egnores and walks out .Bihaan gets sad and gets tears in his eyes .

Bihaan Realizes his love for thapki and decides to tell her.

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