thahaan (love is blind ) Part 1

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It’s continues with the current track
Bihaan sees thapki wearing the teddy bear suit and gets sad and also sidely hears shraddha talking to vasundhra about their forcing for thapki wearing the costume. He gets angry on shraddha and goes to shop to get one for himself.

A delivery man come to pandey nivaas and calls out shraddhas name loud everyone becomes silent. She gets scared. Bauji step forward to while shraddha stops him and tell I will receive it and takes it and goes upstairs. She enters the room and smiles and says today druv will be mine and stares at a chocolate. She comes down to give chocolate to druv .

Suddenly bihaan enters and everyone get happy to see another blue teddy. Thapki too gets shock. !!!!He comes and romances with her. People enjoy a lot. Shraddha is still puzzled. Thapki goes and he goes behind her.druv calls shraddha and she keeps the chocolate on the table and goes. Suman fells bad for thapki and sees the chocolate and go and give it to her and goes.

Thapki is about to eat that chocolate and then bihaan shouts no, she wonders from where bihaan voice is coming and as she was again going to eat again he shouts, she gets dought on the blue bear and tries to remove his head but they start fighting and both end up in seeing each others face. Thapki gets shock. And says bihaan!!!!!!u in this costume ?he says ya even u right but she says maaa……….and stops and thinks the promise and starts diverting him

Meanwhile shraddha searches for the chocolate and doesn’t find it. She asks everyone about it and finally asks Suman, she says she gave it to the pink teddy. Shraddha gets shock and searches for her. She finds her and sees the chocolate in her hand and sees the blue teddy is bihaan. They fight for the chocolate and end up dividing it. They eat it up and shraddha could not do anything and fumes.

After the party finished they change and go to the tabela. Both of them get head ache ,they look at each other

Thapki gets headache and falls on bihaan they have a eye lock. Shraddha places a camera there

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  1. Interesting….keep it up…

  2. Woww…. its so gud..pls continue and update regularly..

  3. nice one
    but placing a camera by shraddha
    hate u shraddha

  4. Nice episode.

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