Thahaan (Journey from hatred to love) last part


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H for HAPPY, H for HOLI to all.

In the evening,
SUMAN:Bauji,why did u call all of us here in the hall?
BAUJI:Today,Piya is coming n she will be celebrating holi with us.
THAPKI:Who is she?
BAUJI:She is the daughter of my friend.She always used to come in this house until her father got transferred to Canada.Just then Piya arrives.Everyone is happy to see her.She comes n takes everyone’s blessings.She goes n hugs Bihaan tightly .Everyone is a bit surprised.
PREETI:Nowdays,everyone has become so modern. Later everyone had their dinner together.
At night in Bihaan’s room,
Bihaan n Piya are sitting on the bed.Piya is showing him some videos n photos.Just then Thapki enters
BIHAAN:Come Thapki,Piya is showing her photos n videos.Thapki sits on the side.Piya shows a funny pic n starts laughing.She comes closer to Bihaan n pats him on the shoulder while laughing.Later she keeps her hand on his lap n pulls his cheeks too.Thapki notices this.Thapki yawns
BIHAAN: Piya this much is enough for today. I think Thapki is feeling sleeping n has to get up early tomorrow for doing preparations for holi.
PIYA:Ok,let her sleep.U come with me to my room.
BIHAAN:But….Piya holds Bihaan closely n drags him from there.Later after sometime Bihaan returns n sees Thapki awake.
BIHAAN:You did not sleep till now?
THAPKI:No .She seemed lost.
BIHAAN:What are u thinking?
BIHAAN:Tell me,I know u are thinking something.
THAPKI:I was thinking Piya is very close to u as I see from her behavior.
BIHAAN:Yes,she is like my younger sister.I used to play with her.By the way are u thinking something else?He winks.Okk.You sleep , u have to get up early tomorrow.

In the morning,
Everyone is busy in holi preparations.Thapki sees Piya with a plate in hand,she moves towards her
THAPKI(in mind):I must tell piya not to do any work as she is a guest here.Bihaan is about to pass.Piya drops the oil on the ground .She slips n bihaan holds her.Thapki sees all this n comes there n scolds piya
THAPKI:What are u doing Piya?
BIHAAN:Why are u scolding her.She was going to slip that’s why I held her.
THAPKI:But bihaan…
BIHAAN:Come with me.

In bihaan’s room,
BIHAAN:Why did u scold her ?
THAPKI:Piya , dropped the oil intentionally so that she can come close to u .
BIHAAN:Why will she do like that?She is like my sister.I don’t know what u are thinking?He leaves the room.
THAPKI:Yesterday I also thought that I am misunderstanding piya.But today I can clearly see her intentions.

In the ground at afternoon,
Everyone is playing holi.Thahaan too apply color to each other.Later Piya mixes something in a glass n gives it to bihaan for drinking.Thapki sees it as she was keeping an eye on her.
THAPKI:Bihaan, don’t drink it.
BIHAAN:(bit angry)But why?Are u again going to start the same topic.I told u so many times ,but u are not understanding.Ashwin comes there n takes Bihaan from there.

In the evening,
Bihaan goes to Piya n is not in his senses,Piya holds him n takes him to the room.
PIYA:Finally u will be mine.She starts removing his buttons.Bihaan gets up at once.Piya is shocked.
FLASHBACK: .Ashwin takes the glass from bihaan n drinks it.After sometime he starts feeling dizzy.Everyone think that he might have consumed Bhang.Bihaan sees this n goes to Piya.He acts as if he is not in his senses.
BIHAAN:Why are u doing this?
PIYA:Because I like u n that Thapki is not compatible for u.Bihaan looks at her angrily.
PIYA: Why are u wasting ur life for that girl.What is there in her which is not in her? . I am much more educated,smart n beautiful n I don’t stammer like her.She holds his hand. Bihaan jerks it away.
BIHAAN:Don’t u dare try to compare urself with thapki.She has a heart which is as pure as a temple.By the way u won’t understand.He leaves n searches for Thapki.
In Bihaan’s room ,
Thapki was crying .Bihaan comes there .Its late evening.
BIHAAN:Thapki ,why did u come her ?Don’t u want to play more holi with me,afterall it is our first holi.Thapki doesnot face him n is about to leave ,but she slips n bihaan holds her.She tries to avoid eye contact n bihaan notices her red teary eyes.Bihaan feels sorry. She gets up.
THAPKI:Actually ,color went into my eyes so I came her to wash.U go n play with others.I am very sorry.She couldnot control her emotions n rushes to washroom.Bihaan goes behind her.
BIHAAN:Thapki ,listen to me once.I am sorry , I was wrong.I will not repeat it again.She doesnot respond n keeps washing her face in the basin.Bihaan holds her n brings her under the shower.
BIHAAN:I am really very sorry.But u know i make M for MISTAKE as I am M for MOTABUDHI.Plz stop crying n he wipes her tears.Then he tickles her n she starts laughing.Bihaan turns the shower off while Thapki turns the other side.He goes n hugs her from behind .He opens the doori of her blouse n kisses her.Thapki turns to face him n closes her eyes while clutching his collar.He then kisses her cheeks.
THAPKI:Your one touch is enough to alleviate all my pains.
BIHAAN:Then shall I leave now?Thapki places her hands around his neck n pulls him closer.
BIHAAN:Okk, I understood .But open ur eyes ,I want to look into ur eyes while kissing.Thapki opens her eyes but seeing his intense glare on her she again closes it .Bihaan smiles
BIHAAN:This is not our first time but still ur S for SHYNESS is S for SAME .And I think it will always be same . But I like it.After a passionate kiss he takes her to the bed n himself rests on the other side.
THAPKI:What are u doing?I mean while are u sleeping now?
BIHAAN:I am just R for RELAXING before R for ROMANCE.He goes near her and lifts n places her above him.While tucking her hairs behind her ear
BIHAAN:Have some P for PATIENCE , my P for PATNI.The entire night is left.He unzips her blouse n while moving his hand over her bare back turns her down.Thapki tightens her clutch over her shirt.
BIHAAN:Are u again going to pull my buttons out?
THAPKI:What’s ur problem if I don’t have any problem in stiching it again.They both smile looking at each other.Bihaan bends his head n moves it closer but suddenly he sneezes.Thapki pulls his shirt button
THAPKI:That’s why I was hurrying as we are still in wet clothes.But B for Bihaan pandey’s B for BRAIN is that of a kid.Now u better spend ur R for ROMANTIC night with R for ROOMAAL.Bihaan makes his cute angry face.
THAPKI:Ooho,my kid became angry.She pulls his cheek.
BIHAAN:I am not a kid.
THAPKI:Really?Thapki pulls him closer n speaks in his ears
THAPKI:Then show it tonight.Bihaan comes near n bends his head for kiss.Thapki gently pats him on his shoulder
THAPKI:Cute drama of my innocent child…..But I like it.She tightens her grip over him n closes her eyes as bihaan starts kissing her.

After 5 years,
In Bihaan’s room,
Thapki is running after a girl.
THAPKI:Pari,stop running n come n sleep.
PARI:I won’t sleep until Papa comes.Bihaan enters the room,Pari goes n hugs him.Bihaan kisses her on her cheek.
BIHAAN:So what is my P for PRINCESS,P for PARI doing?
PARI:I was waiting for u .Thapki folds her arms n makes an angry face.
BIHAAN: I am really sorry Thapki for being late.Thapki doesnot change her expression.
BIHAAN:Princess I think mamma is angry with u too,so say sorry to mamma.
PARI:Sorry mamma.
THAPKI:It has became a habit for u both to say sorry n mine to listen.
Bihaan n Pari hold their ears
BIHAAN n PARI :We won’t do it from TOMORROW.
THAPKI:Yes I know u won’t do it from TOMORROW.But I don’t know when T for THAT ,T for TOMORROW will come?Its already late lets go to sleep.They go to the bed .Bihaan n Thapki are on the side while Pari is in between them.Pari holds both of their hands together n kisses them on their cheeks saying goodnt.They too kiss her.Bihaan signals Thapki for a kiss.Thapki responds negatively.
PARI:I am not seeing anything .So my sweet M for Mamma,ab M for Man bhi jayo na.Thapki n Bihaan feels shy
BIHAAN:GAJAB.Thahaan have a kiss while pari covers her eyes with her hands.


Credit to: Payal

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