Thahaan (Journey from hatred to love) Episode 8

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Its 6 months after Thahaan’s marriage,in the morning in Bihaan’s room
Thapki was drying her hairs after a shower.She looked at Bihaan who was sleeping.
THAPKI:(in mind)Today is our half anniversary and I will make it very special for u.
After breakfast in Bihaan’s room,
Bihaan comes with a bouquet of flowers.On seeing Thapki he hides it behind.
BIHAAN:Do u remember what is today?
THAPKI:Yes ,of course how can I forget such an important day.Today my article will be submitted for nomination at the national level so I have to go office early.
BIHAAN:Yes ,that is but don’t u remember something else.
THAPKI:What else I am supposed to remember ,I am not getting it .Ooho…… now I remembered.Thank u Bihaan for reminding me .Dadi had called me for some important work today.Bihaan looked a bit sad.
BIHAAN:(in mind)You are B for BIHAAN’S BHULAKKAD BIWI.But I can understand u are not just a housewife.You have other responsibilities too.Nevertheless,I will manage it n give u surprise today my B for BUSY n B for BEAUTIFUL wife.
THAPKI:What are u thinking?

BIHAAN:Nothing.Thapki notices him hiding something.
THAPKI:What are u hiding?Bihaan gives her the bouquet.
THAPKI:Is there something more which I am forgetting?
BIHAAN:No ,there’s nothing.You concentrate on ur work.i just bought it as I saw a vendor passing outside the house.
THAPKI:Is that the only reason?
BIHAAN:Yes and also because girls like getting flowers ,so I thought u may also.
BIHAAN:(in mind)B for BIHAAN BETA u must leave now otherwise ur I for INTELLIGENT wife will start her I for INVESTIGATION.He leaves.
In the evening,Bihaan calls Thapki,

BIHAAN:Where are u ?
THAPKI:At home.
BIHAAN:Ok get ready fast n come down .I am waiting outside.
THAPKI:But why?
BIHAAN:We have to go to my friend’s party.
THAPKI:Which friend?
BIHAAH:You don’t know him.
THAPKI:But I am little busy.
BIHAAN:Will u stop ur B for BAKBAK n B for BAHANE n come quickly or shall I come upstairs.
THAPKI:No you cannot come to the room .
BIHAAN:But why?
THAPKI:I mean I am coming .u will simply waste time in coming.She disconnects the call.
Thapki n Bihaan were going to leave but Bauji saw them.
BAUJI:Where are u both going?

BIHAAN:We are going to thapki’s house as she is missing her parents.
BAUJI:Okk..Bauji leaves.
THAPKI:Why u told lie?
BIHAAN:Ooho M for MAHAN ATMA will u have M for MERCY on me and plz keep quite.
Bihaan n Thapki reaches a restaurant.They go up to the terrace.The scenery was wonderful.The sea could be seen from there.Cool breeze was blowing.The decorations were awesome.Thapki is very happy to see this.Bihaan smiles on seeing her happy.
BIHAAN:Did u like it?
THAPKI:Yes ,definitely. I wonder its such a beautiful place but no one is here to admire its beauty.
BIHAAN:I booked the entire place for today that’s why.
THAPKI:But why Bihaan?Bihaan comes and hugs her from behind
BIHAAN:Becoz I want to celebrate my half anniversary all alone only with you.Just then the waiter comes.Bihaan n thapki get apart.
WAITER:Sorry sir,but I have brought the food.Plz enjoy ur food.He leaves.Thapki taunts Bihaan,
THAPKI: What were u saying “All alone only with me” right?Bihaan gets annoyed.
BIHAAN:You know I cannot cook.Thapki hugs him this time
THAPKI:How cute u look when u are annoyed.So I cannot restrain myself from teasing u.They both smile.
Thahaan have a candle light dinner followed by a romantic dance .
On the way to home,

BIHAAN:This is not fair.U did not give me any return gift.Atleast I deserved a kiss ,afterall it is our half anniversary.Thapki hears this and smiles.
THAPKI:U are very greedy.Can’t u do anything selflessly.
BIHAAN:U called me S for SELFISH n S for SVAARTHEE.
THAPKI:O my goodness , ur MOTI BUDHI got it.Bihaan is annoyed.
BIHAAN:I won’t talk to u tonight.
THAPKI:I also don’t want to waste time in talking to u tonight.They reach home n go to their room.Bihaan is shocked to see it decorated for their suhagraat.
BIHAAN:GAJAB.He is about to say something but Thapki stops him.He recalls that Thapki has told that she doesnot want to waste ……..He lifts her in his arms and takes her to the bed.They consummate.


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