Thahaan (Journey from hatred to love) Episode 7

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In the morning ,
Vasu comes to Bihaan’s room
VASU:Tomorrow I am keeping a puja.
BIHAAN:Which festival is there tomorrow?
VASU:I am keeping this puja to thank God that everything is now alright.Even Thapki got a job. I came here to give u both some important responsibilities.I want Thapki to look after the arrangements n Bihaan to look after the guests.Thapki n Bihaan assures her that they would do it . Vasu gave a dress to thapki n asked her to wear it .She leaves.
VASU:The trailer is over.They will see the picture tomorrow.
SHRADHA:Mumiji , not only just a picture but a romantic picture.They both smile.
Next morning,
The puja is about to begin.Everyone gathers in the temple.Shradha holds Thapki’s hand and takes her to her room.
THAPKI:Why did u bring me here?The puja is about to begin.
SHRADHA:Your dress seems a bit loose .Shall I help u.Thapki nods yes.Shradha ties her dori every tightly.
SHRADHA:Now it will not open .Ooho I mean it willnot be loose.Let’s go.They both go downstairs.
The puja is done.Thapki gives aarti to everyone.Just then a girl comes near Bihaan ,she slips n is about to fall.She holds Bihaan.

BIHAAN:Are u alright? Everyone goes there .
SHRADHA:Are u alright HARSH?
HARSH:No,I think I got a leg sprain.She is not able to walk.Bihaan n Shradha take her to the sofa.
BAUJI:Shall we call the doctor?
HARSH:No ,I will be alright after taking rest.She asks Bihaan to bring an ointment.Bihaan brings It .She tries to be close to Bihaan n Thapki fumes seeing this.vasu smiles n she takes Thapki from there.She asks Thapki to bring the Prasad which they will distribute in the poor.Thapki was arranging everything.Bihaan comes there.
BIHAAN:Can I help u?Just then Vasu n Shradha comes there and were taking among themselves
SHRADHA:Harsha is not able to walk properly.Someone should drop her home?
VASU:Yes,after all she is our “atithi” .But everyone is busy here.
BIHAAN:I will do it ma.Bihaan leaves.Thapki is enraged.Vasu n shradha smile.
At night in Bihaan’s room,

Bihaan was playing game in mobile.Thapki was in the washroom and is trying to open the dori of her dress.She was taking a long time so Bihaan was worried.
THAPKI:Shradha tied the dori so tight that I am not able to open it.What shall I do now?Bihaan knocks the door.
BIHAAN:Are u alright?Thapki comes out.
BIHAAN:I thought u fainted due to weakness keeping the fast.Thapki doesnot seem to hear it.Bihaan understands that something is not right, he goes n continues to play.Thapki was searching for something.
BIHAAN: What are u looking for .Can I help u?

THAPKI:I don’t need ur help.I can help myself.U better help those who cannot help themselves.
BIHAAN:(in mind)oohoo now I understand J for JALAN n J for JEALOUSY.Thapki again tries to open the knot of the dori but fails.Bihaan notices this .
BIHAAN:Shradha has taken the scissor u are searching for.I can help u if u say as u know I am H for HELPFUL n H for HANDSOME.Thapki looks at him and fumes.
BIHAAN:I am not telling this by my own.Someone told me this today.She also told that she always wanted H for HAMARE jaesha n H for HUSBAND.
THAPKI:O I see she proposed u indirectly.Didn’t u say H for HA.
BIHAAN:No I said H for HUM ,H for HAMESHA tumahari H for HELP karne ke liye ready rahenge.But now I think u are saying correct I should have told “HA”.After all she is a very good girl.She talked very politely.She even told if I need any kind of help then she would always be ready to help.Thapki was very angry her face was turning red.Just then she felt someone touching her.She realized it was Bihaan who untied the knot.Thapki turned around to confront him.
BIHAAN:No need of any thank u.I know u won’t be able to digest this help so I have another option for u.U can help me then this help would be neutralized.Bihaan keeps his hands around her waist and was about to move it all through.But Thapki removes his hand with a jerk.
THAPKI:( in mind)You were teasing me , now its my turn.

THAPKI:I don’t want to help u.
BIHAAN:Ok then let me take H for HELP from H for HARSH.
THAPKI:Do whatever u want .Let me also see who will help u.
BIHAAN:You don’t know I am B for Bihaan n B for BERY(VERY) popular .
THAPKI:O really.I thought u are B for BIHAAN n B for BECHARA.Thapki laughs.
BIHAAN:I will show u tomorrow hum kya cheej hai.Thapki pushes him on bed.
BIHAAN:What are u doing?

THAPKI:Help.She lies down over him and caress his face .
THAPKI:I thought no one will help this bechara Bihaan ,so I should.
BIHAAN:Gajab.He held her n turns her down holding her waist.She too embraced him.He brought his face close to her. She switched off the light.


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