Thahaan (Journey from hatred to love) Episode 6


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In the morning ,
Bihaan is awake .He sees Thapki still sleeping by his side.He smiles seeing her cute face.
BIHAAN:(in mind)Today I have planned something special for u.He gets up n gets ready quickly.He hurriedly leaves.Thapki gets up n doesnot find Bihaan.She wonders where did he go early in the morning.

At night in Bihaan’s room,
BIHAAN:Thapki this is for u.He hands over an envelope to her.
THAPKI:What is this ?She opens it and reads .She gets teary eyed.Its an interview call letter.
BIHAAN: Yes,tomorrow u have to go for the interview.
THAPKI:But I did not apply.Have u done it for me?
BIHAAN:I definitely didn’t do it alone as u know ur husband is illiterate.I took Bhabhi’s help.
THAPKI:How dare u call my husband illiterate?My husband was illiterate but now he won’t be.He will not need anybody’s help not even of his family members.She shows her some English books n CD’s which she has brought for him.
BIHAAN:This is S for SHOCK n S for SURPRISE.Both of them hug each other . SOCHE NA SAKE plays in the background.
Next day,
Thapki has cleared the interview.She happily returns and informs everyone.
At Pandey house,
Everyone is happy to know it .Thapki takes everyone’s blessings .
In Bihaan’s room,
Thapki enters n sees Bihaan studying.
BIHAAN:Congratulations.I learned the word just now.He gifts her a dress.
THAPKI:Thank u very much.But ………

BIHAAN:But what ?Is the dress color not good?
THAPKI: No its very nice.
BIHAAN:Then plz go n change ,I want to see how u look.
BIHAAN:But what?
THAPKI: You did not pronounce the word properly.She pronounces “congratulations” and asks him to repeat.Bihaan is not able to pronounce correctly.
THAPKI:Leave it we will start from the basics.She teaches him and he listens very carefully.
BIHAAN:Ooho,It seems quite tough .Will I be able to succeed?

THAPKI:Its not so hard.I will tell u the 5 secrets with which u can succeed.
1)Have faith in God and in yourself 2)Strong willpower 3)Positive outlook 4)Courage to press on
And the fifth one,which is the most important n very difficult one.
BIHAAN:What’s that?
THAPKI:Ability to lay a foundation with the bricks that others throw at you. Ok..I am going to change u practice what I told till I come.She goes to washroom n Bihaan practices.When Thapki comes out of the washroom ,Bihaan is mesmerized to her in the red sari . He wasn’t able to take his eyes away from her. Thapki goes near him .
THAPKI: How I am looking?
BIHAAN:” beautifool”.They both smile seeing each other.
THAPKI: U did not practice well.Its “beautiful”.

BIHAAN: Its ok I have been studying since morning.Do u want me to learn everything today itself?Bihaan holds her, U are looking very pretty.He comes closer to her.
THAPKI:What are u doing.I told u to practice.You need much practice now.
BIHAAN:This is also a kind of practice.He is about to kiss her.Just then Kiran comes.She turns back on seeing them n knocks the door.Bihaan leaves Thapki.Both of them feel embarrassed.
KIRAN:I came here to congratulate u Bhabhi.She leaves.Thapki is annoyed and she taunts Bihaan.
THAPKI:I told u to practice English but u did not.Atleast if you would have done that we would not have felt embarrassed.But nothing gets in ur “MOTI BHUDHI”.Now plz practice how to close the door.Bihaan gets sad , he closes the door and prepares to sleep.
THAPKI:Didn’t I tell u to practice.

BIHAAN:I don’t want to practice anything.I am feeling tired so I am going to sleep.Thapki realizes that she was too rude .Bihaan takes the blanket and lies on the bed.
THAPKI:(in mind)I think I was too rude.I must not have said it .He felt very bad .I must ask him sorry.
THAPKI:Bihaan.Bihaan doesnot answer.
THAPKI:Bihaan.Bihaan gets up and replies angrily,
BIHAAN :Stop practicing my name n go to sleep from tomorrow u have to go to office.Thapki hugs him n cries
THAPKI:I m sorry Bihaan.I overreacted.I am really very sorry.Bihaan’s anger vanished n his heart melted by the warmth of her hug.
BIHAAN:Its ok it was my mistake.Plz don’t cry.I cann’t see u crying.Now like a good girl go to sleep u have to get up early tomorrow.

THAPKI:U did not forgive me?
BIHAAN:I did .Now quietly go to sleep.Thapki glazed at him.
BIHAAN:Any problem?She nods no and continued to glaze.
BIHAAN:(in mind)GAJAB,now I understood my C for CUTE n C for CHOCOLATLY chuk chuk gadi what u meant.

BIHAAN:If u don’t have any problem then I also don’t have any problem …….in…… practicising.
He held her very close to him.They could feel each other’s breath.He bought his lips close to her and kissed .Thapki reciprocated without delay.


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