Thahaan (Journey from hatred to love) Episode 5


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Bihaan is discharged from the hospital and is taken home.Thapki too comes with all her luggage at the Pandey house.Everyone is happy only Dhruv is a bit sad as he needs some more time to accept Bihaan’s n Thapki’s relation.
In the Pandey house,
VASU:O God, I am very happy.Finally Thapki can never come in Dhruv’s life.
SHRADHA:Me too mumiji.
In Bihaan’s room,
Bihaan is resting in his room.Thapki is about to enter the room.They both have an eyelock. NA RE NA plays in background.Bauji comes there and smiles seeing them.
BAUJI:Thapki are u planning to go inside or spend the night at the doorstep?Thapki n Bihaan feel embarrassed .
THAPKI:Yes ,Bauji I was just going.She felt shy.She enters the room,closes the door and shouts at Bihaan

THAPKI:It all happened because of u. I felt so embarrassed.What Bauji might be thinking?
BIHAAN:Gajab,You were looking at me that was my mistake?
THAPKI:Oooho,you mean it was all my mistake .Couldn’t u signal me that Bauji was standing there?
BIHAAN:I did not see when Bauji came.
THAPKI:Then what were u looking at with all your attentions?Thapki asks teasingly.
BIHAAN:You.A momentary silence spreads all over.They again have an eyelock.
BIHAAN:Ok.. I agree it was OUR mistake n not solely yours.Thapki unpacks her luggage .She makes bed for her on the floor.
THAPKI:Bihaan u sleep on the bed as u are unwell .I will sleep on the floor.
BIHAAN:(in mind)Gajab chuk chuk gadi.As soon as u entered the house you became MAHAN ATMA.In the hospital u were showering love n now showing attitude.I am also not going to bend first.Thapki goes to washroom.

Outside Bihaan’s room,
SHRADHA:I don’t believe their love was so short termed.Now again they will fight n get divorced.
VASU:Don’t worry Shradha love is already there in their relation and the missing TADHKA of romance we will add.Vasu knocks n enters Bihaan’s room.Both bihaan n thapki doesnot reveal to vasu that they know everything about her conspiracy as they love her a lot.(MAHAN ATMAS)
BIHAAN:Ma,why u came now,u would have called me.
VASU:No,I just came to see that everything is alright.She goes and puts a cockroach on Thapki’s bed.Then she leaves.When Thapki comes from washroom she screams seeing the cockroach.
THAPKI:Bihaan there’s a cockroach on the floor.Plz do something otherwise where will I sleep.
BIHAAN:(in mind)You were doing N for NAKHARE n N for NAUTANKI.Now u will see mine.I am not going to surrender first.
BIHAAN:I know I am B for BIHAAN n B for BRAVE but I am not going to help u as I am not a MAHAN ATMA like u .I am feeling tired n I am going to sleep u manage it urself.
THAPKI:Then where will I sleep?
BIHAAN:You have problem to sleep on bed with me ,I don’t .So u can sleep on bed if u wish MAHAN ATMA.Anyways I am going to sleep so gd nt n sweet dreams if at all u sleep.Thapki goes to sleep on the other side of the bed.

THAPKI:Where is my blanket?
BIHAAN:Ma took one as she had to give it to the maid.Thapki shares the blanket hesistatinly.After some time Bihaan pulls the blanket towards him.Thapki moves a bit closer for the blanket .Bihaan again pulls the blanket.
THAPKI:(in mind)You want to defeat me first but.. I won’t.I know u have planned all this so that I surrender first.She pulls the entire blanket towards her.
BIHAAN:Hey what are u doing.If u don’t know to share then go from here and let me sleep peacefully.
THAPKI:What did u say?
BIHAAN:I said go from here.Thapki comes closer to him places her hand around his shoulders and looks into his eyes.Bihaan is awestruck .He looks in her eyes and is drowned into its beauty. Then she caress his face .Bihaaan’s heart started to throb .The color of his face started to change due to sudden rush of adrenaline.

THAPKI:What did u say?Should I go from here?
BIHAAN:No,I won’t let u go.He stammers as he felt tongue tied .
THAPKI:Ok then go to sleep n also allow me to sleep.You have done enough drama.She removes her hands and is about to go. Just then Bihaan pulls her close .
BIHAAN:(in mind)You made me fluster ,but I won’t accept defeat so easily.U will have to give in first.You can’t resist me.
THAPKI:What are u doing?

BIHAAN:I think u did not understand when I said I won’t let u go. Thapki’s cheeks first turned rosy then her whole face.He pulls her more closer.This time the rosy color changed to deep red.He pulls her more closer. Thapki’s fair skin blushed to even a greater degree n she hides her face in his arms.
THAPKI:Ok,I give in u are irresistibly irresistible.
BIHAAN:GAJAB, my S for SWEET n S for sharmilee chuk chuk gadi.
Then they both go to sleep while embracing each other.


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