Thahaan (Journey from hatred to love) Episode 4

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In Thapki’s house,
PAPA:What happened Thapki?Why u came all of a sudden and that also with ur luggage?Is everything alright?
THAPKI:Yes,papa.Everything is alright now.I don’t have to stay in Pandey house now.Now I am free.
MUM:Are u happy?
THAPKI:Yes ,I am very happy now.She forcibly tries to smile.I am going to take rest in my room.She leaves.
In Thapki’s room,
Thapki was sitting on the bed n she looked sad.Someone came from behind and kept his hand on her shoulder.Thapki smiled .
THAPKI:Bihaan.Then she looked back to find papa.Oh papa ,what happened?
PAPA:Nothing Thapki,I just came to see are u alright.I mean did u settle down properly in ur room or not?
THAPKI:I am alright papa.Don’t worry.Now I can focus on my career n fulfill my dreams.
PAPA:Ok Thapki gd nt.Papa leaves.
THAPKI:Why did I think it would be Bihaan.Maybe bcoz…. he was always there to help me whenever I was in difficulty.He always tried to make me happy whenever I was sad.OR maybe bcoz …I wanted him to be here.No I don’t want him to be here.I have already told Dhruv sir on his marriage day that “MERE SHADI ME NA TOH PYAR KABHI THA,NA HAI AUR NAHI KABHI HOGA”.She gets up at once and goes to the window.I should be very happy bcoz from tomorrow I can start my new life in which that B for BIHAAN aur B for BAADHA willnot be there. But ….why I am not happy at all?Maybe bcoz ….I am tired so I must go to sleep.She goes to sleep.Mosquitoes bite her.She recalls the moment when Bihaan lit the mosquito coil for her shake and he himself was coughing badly.OOHO…… what has happened to me ?I think I have got addicted to his help.She tries to sleep but is not able to sleep.She recalls all her n Bihaan’s moments.

In morning in Thapki’s house
Thapki eyes were swollen as if she did not sleep the whole night.
MA:You did not sleep well at night.
THAPKI:No,maybe after so many days I am here that’s why I think I need some time to adapt.Ma smiled.I am going to have a bath.She leaves.In the room she recalls how Bihaan scared her saying cockroach and he himself went to bathroom first.She unconsciously smiled.Later in the kitchen while cooking she recalls the time when Bihaan helped her in making the Prasad n she by mistake forgets to add salt in the food.

At night in Thapki’s room,
THAPKI:Why do I keep thinking about Bihaan even today?Maybe…….. because I have hurt him and I am feeling bad for him.Let me msg him n ask if he is alright.She msgs him and patiently waits for reply.There was no reply so she felt sad.Suddenly a msg came n she rushed to see it with a smile.She was disappointed to see it was not Bihaan’s msg.Maybe… he is trying to forget me as I told him so he did not msg.I should be happy as I wanted bihaan to move on.But….. I am not feeling happy. OOHO …………..this Bihaan Pandey has made me P for PURA n P for PAGAL.She goes to sleep.For some days the scenario remained alike,Thapki seemed to be lost in thoughts n did weird things.

After some days,
THAPKI:What has happened to me? From the moment I wake up in the morning to the moment I go to sleep at night, Bihaan occupies at least some part of my mind. How does my brain even know to think of Bihaan first in the morning? Doesn’t I have other more important things to worry about?I feel like my mind is programmed to do so. Even throughout the day, that person stays staunchly in the back of my mind.Some times I even feel that he is beside me.I keep on doing embarrassing things all throughout the day. Have I really gone mad?AGAR TUM SAATH HO plays in the background.

One morning Thapki’s father is unwell.
THAPKI:Papa are u alright?Should be go to the hospital?
PAPA:No ,I am alright.I went to hospital yesterday.My reports will come today.
THAPKI:Ma I will go to the hospital and collect papa’s report.She leaves.

In city hospital
All family members are present .Bihaan is in the ICU after he had a severe accident.Everyone is very sad.They all thought that Bihaan has committed suicide.Thapki arrives the same hospital.She goes to collect her father’s report .Then she goes to the pharmacy to buy medicines. While on her way to home she sees the Pandey family waiting outside the ICU.She immediately rushes there.Everyone is shocked to see her .She looks around n doesnot find Bihaan.Just then the doctor comes out 0f the ICU.
DOCTOR: Even after weeks of treatment the patient’s condition is still critical .He is not responding to medicines as if he doesnot want to live any more.Thapki faints on hearing this.Dhruv holds her .After sometime she regains consciousness n rushes to the ICU.

In the ICU,
Thapki sits beside Bihaan .Tears rolled down her cheeks.
THAPKI:Bihaan I am sorry.Please get up. Now who will bring smile on my face when I am sad?Who will save me from all the difficulties? Who will love me selflessly?Who will fight with me?Who will consoles me ?Who will encourage me? Thapki sobs . I should have expected that we’d drift apart . I should’ve not missed you.I should have expected to be happier without you . I should’ve, I should’ve, but I didn’t.” I thought I can never love u but I was wrong.I don’t know when it happened but now I realize that I love u.I can’t live without u.Plz get up for me.Don’t leave me alone like this.Our marriage was the most beautiful mistake which u did.Don’t u remember the marriage vows that u took.Bihaan plz don’t betray me again.I will not be able to bear.Thapki holds his hands n cries.There’s a movement in Bihaan’s fingers.Gradually he opens his eyes.Thapki hugs him.
THAPKI:I love u Bihaan. I was missing you n I tried to fill your spot with so many other people, but trust me, that spot always remained empty. Plz never leave me alone n make that spot empty.No one can take ur place in my heart.
BIHAAN:I won’t but the condition applies to u too.She patted him lovingly n said I will always be with you and Thapki hugs him mre tightly.He hugs her back.
THAPKI:You are B for BEST aur B for BELOVED husband of mine.
BIHAAN:GAJAB,my R for ROMANTIC aur R for RUK RUK ke bolne wali chuk chuk gadi I LOVE U TOO.
SOCHE NA SAKE song plays in the background.
Pandey family is happy to see it.

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