Thahaan (Journey from hatred to love) Episode 3

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Everyone felt embarrassed on hearing all these.They all asked Thapki to forgive them.
THAPKI:No need of any sorry.Its not yours mistake .You all saw what I purposely wanted to show u all.Infact I am sorry for hurting u all.Please forgive me.I am going and I willn’t return her again.Thank u all for all your love.I really felt blessed to have a family like this.She takes everyone’s blessings .Everyone blesses her including Vasu with tears in their eyes.
SHRADHA:(in mind) This budhiya Vasu is really a chameleon.Now she is shedding tears for that Thapki.I need to do something to keep her in my clutches forever even if she goes against me.
Thapki finally goes to bihaan.They both look into each others eyes and there is a momentarily silence spread all over.After a minute Thapki breaks the silence.

THAPKI:I am going Bihaan .Please take care of yourself and try to forget me.I am not the one for you.You surely deserve a very good girl.Bihaan nods.

BIHAAN:(in mind)U are the only one for me.U are my first n last love.I will never be able to forget u.When I started loving u I knew this will happen.Thats why I never told u about it.For me ur happiness is more than u urself.As u are happy to stay away from me so I willnot stop u.Bye Bye.His eyes were filled with tears.Thapki leaves.Everyone consoles Bihaan.Bihaan quietly went to his room.

At night ,in Pandey house
Bihaan notices Shradha with a camera.Shradha was looking at the camera n smiling.Then she entered Vasu’s room.

BIHAAN:( in mind) What is this devil planning to do again.Is she going to do something wrong with ma.No, I won’t let her do any wrong to ma.

In Vasu’s room
Shradha went n hid the camera near the flower vase,then she went towards Vasu who was busy arranging the cupboard.
SHRADHA:Congras mumiji.Finally we succeeded.
VASU:Same to u .Now no one will come in between u n Dhruv.
SHRADHA:At last we can sleep peacefully today.We wasted a lot of energy in planning n then executing our plan against that Thapki .
VASU:I can do anything for my Dhruv’s happiness.I even made Bihaan forcefully marry Thapki….She stops.
SHRADHA:What mumiji.
SHRADHA:Don’t u trust me.Shradha smiles evily.
VASU:Yes I forced bihaan to marry Thapki as I hate her.I did not want her to marry Dhruv so I did a drama in front of Bihaan.And that stupid street boy did everything I told for my happiness.Ok its already late night go to room n take rest.Shradha hugs her n says u are the best then she leaves.
SHRADHA: I will take the camera tomorrow morning,when everyone will be busy in puja.Bihaan enters Vasu’s room.No one was there .He searched for the camera everywhere n finally got it .He replaced it with the other camera.Then he went to his room.

In Bihaan’s room
Bihaan sees the recording.He is shocked.He goes out of the house and is walking in the streets.

BIHAAN:(in mind) Ma why did u do this.I trusted u more than myself.I always told Bauji that if I have to select b/w u both I would select u and b/w Bauji n life I will select Bauji.You made me do such a wrong thing.You knew that Thapki n Dhruv loved each other but still u misguided me telling Dhruv doesnot love her n i am doing good to both Thapki n dhruv by marrying Thapki.Earlier I thought I have done correct as for me all ur words were the only truth.I believed u blindly n thought I am doing a good deed.But now I realize I have really done wrong .I have destroyed Thapki’s n Dhruv’s life.Suddenly a car was coming towards him with high speed.Bihaan is completely lost in his thoughts n doesnot notices it.An old woman saw this and shouted,
OLD WOMAN:Get out of the way.Why are u commiting suicide young boy.But before Bihaan could understand the car came n hit him hard.His body flew high in the air.

PRECAP:Thapki faints.

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  1. wow what a twist

  2. OMG the suicide turned out to be an accident maybe now Thapki will realize her love for Bihaan now and payal where did you get the pic of your 2nd episode from I liked it both thahaan especially Thapki looks so different

    1. the pic is from there previous show.

      1. I know they did a show together previously can tell me the name and channel of that show, and were they a pair in that show also?

    2. its name was chorre tera gaon bada pyaara.It was telecasted on Zee madhura.It was a love story b/w jigyasa(aliya) n manish(rajveer).But unfortunately none of its episodes are there on youtube.

  3. i liked it.plz continue

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  4. my dear mineey don’t add stupidity and evilness of vasu as its irritates us. thahaan scene is awesome

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    1. u just open the webpage n copy the url of the page in the ms word.

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