Thahaan (Journey from hatred to love) Episode 2


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Thapki is continuously weeping.Suddenly she hears Bihaan muttering something.
BIHAAN:Thapki hum tumhe kuch nahi hone denge .I love you .Thapki is shocked.As Bihaan was pondering over a lot so he had a dream in which [ Thapki was about to fall from a cliff.She is holding the edge .Bihaan shouts and runs to save his lady love.] Bihaan wakes up at once . was a dream.Such a horrible dream.He looks at Thapki and finds she has covered herself with the shawl.He presumes that she is sleeping.He goes back to sleep.Thapki cries.

Thapki was making tea.Bihaan had gone for a bath.
THAPKI:(in mind) I have to make everything right.I will not let Bihaan suffer anymore.I know that I don’t love him so I will go away from his life.(THAPKI WILL SOON REALIZE HER LOVE FOR BIHAAN IN THE COMING EPISODES ).Bihaan comes after bathing.He sees Thapki making the tea.Suddenly she drops the kettle and the fire in the chulha is extinguished.Smoke rises from there and she starts coughing.Bihaan rushes to disperse the spread smoke and tells her to go out in fresh air.He too starts coughing.Thapki goes out of the stable.After the smoke disappears Bihaan comes out.
BIHAAN:Are you ok Thapki.
THAPKI:No Bihaan I am not ok.I can’t stay here anymore.

BIHAAN:But if you will go then how we will show everyone that you are innocent?
THAPKI:So you want to prove that I am innocent.Ok .I will tell everyone that whatever I did was done intentionally and I will also tell the reason of doing.She holds his hand and takes him inside the Pandey house.
Everyone is having breakfast.They are shocked to see Bihaan and Thapki entering.Vasu gets up at once.
VASU:Why are u both entering the house can’t u see the board outside.
THAPKI:We have seen but I have come here to speak the truth.Vasu starts sweating.
VASU:Which truth? (She stammers)

THAPKI:The truth which no one knows.
BAUJI:What are u saying I can’t understand.
THAPKI:I did everything intentionaly.I knew ma hadnot stolen the mukut .I had kept the mukut in my room so I was 100% sure that it will not be found in ma’s room and that’s why I had asked everyone to check ma’s room with full confidence.Everyone was shocked.
BAUJI:Why did u do this?Why did u intentionaly hurt us?
THAPKI:I wanted everyone here to hate me ,so that I can leave the house easily.
BAUJI:Why did u want to leave the house?

Thapki was silent .Vasu n Shradha were panting.Dhruv n Bihaan simultaneously asked the same question.Everyone tells Thapki to tell the reason behind such an intentional move.
THAPKI:Its all because of Bihaan.Everyone is shocked.Vasu n Shradha sign a relief.
BAUJI:What has he done Thapki? I will surely kill him this time if he has done any wrong.
DADI:My heart knew Thapki can’t do such things . Bihaan was standing still . Everyone questions Bihaan now that again what wrong has he done to Thapki .He looks at Thapki .
THAPKI : I will tell what wrong he has done.He loves me.Everyone is shocked to hear including Bihaan.

BIHAAN:(in mind)How she came to know about it.
THAPKI:Yes Bihaan loves me but I don’t .I cannot play with his feelings .For me staying here after the marriage was just for the happiness of both my families.Initially I hated Bihaan but gradually we became good friends.But I don’t have any other feelings for him.She cries and says Sorry Bihaan.

THAPKI:That’s why I wanted to go from here.If I would have told u all about this then all of u would have felt bad n tried to convince me.You all were already feeling guilty bcoz of my marriage so neither I wanted to add more nor it was possible for me to give a chance to this marriage.That’s why I had done all this so that no one would have felt bad about me and I can easily go.
PRECAP:Bihaan commits suicide.

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  21. I don’t know Hindi. So plz anyone tell me the meaning of this sentence “Thapki hum tumhe much nahi hone denge”

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