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In the hospital,
Thapki is going to be discharged today.Bihaan entered Thapki’s room,
THAPKI:Why are u here?

BIHAAN:I came to do romance with u in H for HOSPITAL.He smiled.
THAPKI:What?She frowned.
BIHAAN:Stop ur H for howling ,I have come to take u to H for HOME.He sees her wounds bleeding n applies ointment .They have an eyelock.Bihaan recalls the moment when he applied ointment to Thapki while her lip was bleeding.
THAPKI:How dare u do this ? Bihaan gets up n takes the knife .He pretends to sharpen it .
THAPKI:What are u doing?
BIHAAN:Don’t u remember what I did with this?He recalls how he opened Thapki’s stuck lips with the knife.He moves towards her.Thapki shouts for help.Bauji enters.
BAUJI:What are u doing with the knife Bihaan?Are u making Thapki scared?
BIHAAN:No Bauji,I was just going to cut the apples.He looked into Thapki’s eyes hoping she could see the pain he was undergoing .But ………….. there was no response.He left as he couldnot control his eyes.
At night in Pandey house,
Thapki is staying in Bihaan’s room n Bihaan is staying in guest room.Bihaan wants Thapki to recall the past so he makes her stay in his room.Thapki was taking rest just then Bihaan enters.
BIHAAN:Come with me quickly.

BIHAAN:Actually Dhruv has send me n told me to take u.
THAPKI:But where?
BIHAAN:It’s a surprise,come quickly.He ties a cloth over her eyes .
THAPKI:What is this now?
BIHAAN:Please stop ur B for BAKBAK n B for BAKWASS and come quietly.
They reach the place .Its was decorated exactly in the same way as Bihaan decorated it earlier for her n gifted her the “THAPKI STAR”.He removes the cloth.Thapki is happy to see the decorations
THAPKI:Dhruv has done this all?Bihaan unwillingly nods yes.
THAPKI:Will he not come?

BIHAAN:No he will not ,he is a bit busy.By the way see up in the sky n notice that cute twinkling star there do u know what is its name?Thapki looks up in the sky
THAPKI:Yes I know .Bihaan is overjoyed to hear it
THAPKI:Its called the polestar(DHRUV TARA).Bihaan momentarily happiness vanished quicker than it had appeared.
THAPKI:Lets go home now.Bihaan nods n they both come back home.Thapki sees Dhruv there she goes n hugs him
THAPKI:Thank you sir for the surprise.Shardha n Bihaan witness this scene.Dhruv removes Thapki
DHRUV:Its ok Thapki .You go to your room and take rest as you are unwell.Thapki nods n leaves.
In Shradha’s room,
SHRADHA:I will not leave u Thapki.I know this is your plan to get Dhruv back in ur life.But I willnot let this happen.Tomorrow will be your last day.
In the guest room,
BIHAAN:I know this is the punishment for my sins.I separated u n Dhruv,your first love that is why God is doing this with me.Eventhough u are near me but your heart is miles away .I can now understand the pain which u underwent when I married u n u were forced to stay in this house close to Dhruv but…………He cries.Hamari adhuri kahani plays in the background.
In the morning,

Thapki was in the kitchen .She accidently drops the flour upon her in the process of taking it out from the shelf.Bihaan sees this ,he holds her hand n takes her beneath the shower.He recalls the moment when he had earlier put Thapki beneath the shower to remove the chilli powder.
BIHAAN:Are u alright now.He unknowingly holds her waist n caresses her face while saying so.Thapki pushes him n gives him a tight slap.
THAPKI:How dare u touched me?Don’t u know I am ur BHABHI.I had noticed since last few days that u search for reasons to come close to me.But I thought it might be a misunderstanding.But today u crossed ur limits.I will tell this to Dhruv now.She angrily leaves the bathroom.
BIHAAN:It was my mistake .How did I forget that she doesnot remember me.How did I lose my control? I must talk to her n say her sorry.
Shradha sees Thapki coming out,
SHRADHA:Thapki ,Dhruv is waiting for u in the backyard.He told me to inform u.
THAPKI:Thanks Shradha ,I really need to talk to him urgently.Thapki leaves.
SHRADHA:(in mind)Bye bye Thapki .Go and fall in the marsh n no one will come to save u as I have sent everyone to the temple.

Bihaan comes searching for Thapki ,a maid tells him that she went to the backyard.He goes towards the backyard.Thapki walks towards the marsh unknowingly .Suddenly she slips due to some strings .She rolls down n falls in the marsh.She shouts for help.Bihaan hears her n comes running. He sees her drowning .He recalls the last time when he had saved her from the marsh.He jumps into the marsh holding the tree branch n brings her out.
BIHAAN:Thapki ..get up.He calls out while holding her with one hand while in his other hand he held the tree .Thapki opens her eyes.She sees Bihaan n hugs him tightly.
THAPKI:U again saved my life from the marsh.Bihaan is startled to hear this
BIHAAN:(in mind)So your M for MEMORY has come back M for MAHANATMA.He brings her out fom the marsh to the ground.Just then Bihaan faints.
THAPKI:Bihaan ..get up .What happened.But Bihaan doesnot respond.She starts weeping.
THAPKI:Maybe he might be choked .She goes near him n gives CPR.Just then Bihaan holds her tightly.Thapki is shocked.She gets back
THAPKI:What is this Bihaan?How could you u play such a prank?Do u know how scared I was?
BIHAAN:B for BHABHIJI ,B for BURA mat maneye.Don’t u remember what u were doing since past few days.
THAPKI:I am sorry.Thapki is bit annoyed.

BIHAAN:After S for SLAP ,u are telling S for SORRY.I won’t accept ur sorry so easily.First u have to do S for SMILE,then EKKISS n after EKKISS .Do u know what comes after EKKISS?Thapki looks at him angryily
BIHAAN:Don’t look at me like that I was just telling that after EKKISS (21) ,there comes BAEES(21).Thapki smiles hearing his innocent explanation.
BIHAAN:Finally u smiled.Thapki hugs Bihaan
THAPKI:U are the reason for my smile n happiness.U are my world .Plz don’t leave me alone anytime nor play such pranks.I cannot imagine my life without u.I love u. Bihaan holds her
BIHAAN:The condition applies for u too.Never u dare think of living me alone.I also cannot live without u.I love u too.
THAPKI:And don’t call me B for BHABHIJI ,I am your B for BIWI.She smiles n pats him gently on the chest.
BIHAAN:Okk.I won’t .But now as u have already smiled ,don’t u think we should stop this arithmetic n dialogues n start some ROM….Just then he felt Thapki’s lips brushed against his
BIHAAN:GAJAB.He tightened his hold n quickly responded by capturing her lips with his.Soon they both were lost in their world.


Credit to: Payal

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    1. ya i have accepted it.

      1. Hey payal and anu I also got fb 🙂 can add me?

      2. yes dear fatarajo,plz mention ur profile name with profile pic detail.By the way i am payal sen n have a profile pic of katrina .

      3. hey fatarajo whats ur fb ID

      4. U can find mine at [email protected] and my pro pic is me with a Christmas hat

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