Thahaan (Journey from hatred to love) Episode 10

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At night in the hall,
Everyone is present in the hall.Bauji makes an announcement.
BAUJI:Tomorrow we have a puja in the house for Bihaan n Dhruv.This puja is done by a mother for the welfare of their son.
In Dhruv’s room,
VASU:I have bought this kurta for u ,tomorrow u wear this for the puja.
DHRUV:Ok mom.Vasu leaves.Thapki sees this and is sad as vasu did not bring anything for Bihaan.

In the morning in Bihaan’s room,
He gets ready for the puja .Bihaan was worried as he did not see Thapki since he woke up.He continuously tried calling Thapki but her phone was out of coverage.Just then Thapki enters the room.
BIHAAN:Where were u since morning?Your phone was also not reachable.Oooh leave it ,now as u have come go n get ready soon.I am already ready for the puja.
THAPKI:Bihaan ,u change these clothes n wear this dress.She hands over a packet to him.Bihaan opens it.
BIHAAN:Kurta pyjama….But whats the need?Don’t I look good in this shirt n jacket?
THAPKI:Don’t argue ,just wear it.
BIHAAN:No I will not wear.
THAPKI:But why?
BIHAAN:I wore this dress after so much hardwork so I willnot remove it.
THAPKI:What kind of hardwork?I don’t understand.
BIHAAN:First I selected a dress after so much confusion.But one of the buttons of the jacket was broken.
So I had to select another.I selected this dress afterwards.I even had to iron my dress as u were not here.Thats why I won’t change n won’t waste my energy.
THAPKI:Now I understood .K for KAMCHOR ,K for KODIYA.Thapki fumes.
BIHAAN:Did u say something?
THAPKI:No. She goes to Bihaan n tries to remove his jacket.
BIHAAN:What are u doing ?I willnot do anything……I mean change.
THPAKI:I am not telling u to do anything.I will change ur dress.Afterall u have already done so much hardwork since morning n I did not do such hardwork.I just made the tea for everyone,then breakfast for everyone except ma,as she will be having fast till puja finishes. For breakfast I only made aloo parath, n 2 vegetables,along with raita.Then I made some arrangements for the puja.I only made the rangoli n the Prasad.Then I just went to the market to buy this dress for u.Although i could not have breakfast ,but i have enough energy.She makes Bihaan wear the kurta while saying all these.Thapki was about to take the pyjama but Bihaan takes it.
BIHAAN:Its enough go n change,otherwise we will be late.Thapki gives him an arrogant look n goes to washroom for changing.Thapki wears a beautiful red color saree n looks in the mirror.
BIHAAN:I am sorry.
THAPKI:Don’t speak anything ,energy is wasted during speaking too.Thapki taunts n takes out her jewelleries.Bihaan hugs her from back ,
BIHAAN:I am really sorry.Thapki looks at his innocent face in the mirror n smiles.She removes his hands
THAPKI:I don’t want ur sorry…..Bihaan becomes sad.
THAPKI:I want u to make me wear the jewelleries.Both of them smiles.Bihaan makes her wear the bangles,necklace,earings n finally the mang tika.

In the hall ,
The puja is going on.Bihaan n Dhruv were sitting for the puja.Puja is almost complete n Panditji tells to bring the raksha sutras.
PANDITJI: After keeping it aside for all the family members there is only I thread left .But we need two as Vasundhraji has 2 sons n she has to tie the sutras on the wrist of both of her sons before the mahurat gets over,then only the puja will be complete. BAUJI:I shall bring other one.
PANDITJI:But we don’t have much mahurat left. Bihaan gets up from the puja.
BIHAAN:No problem panditji ,let ma tie it to Dhruv.
BAUJI:But Bihaan…
BIHAAN:I don’t have any problem.Bihaan is teary eyed. Thapki gives her thead to vasu
THAPKI:Ma u tie this to Bihaan.
PANDITJI:But what about u?
THAPKI:Until my husband is with me nothing bad can happen to me.
PANDITJI:Vasundraji tie it fast we have only 1 min left.Vasu is about to tie the thread to Dhruv,but she intentionally drops the thread .
VASU:I m sorry. She picks up the thread slowly n pretends to cough.Panditji notices this
PANDITJI:Thapki ,u tie the thread in Bihaan’s wrist quickly.Thapki does it.
PANDITJI:Now the puja is over with all its rituals within the mahurat.
BAUJI:But how?Vasu couldnot tie the thread to Bihaan n u told a mother needs to tie it to her son.
PANDITJI:It is written in the sastras that well wisher of the son should tie this n by default a mother is the first n foremost well wisher of her son.But in Bihaan’s case I did not see that.

At night in Bihaan’s room,
Bauji comes there.He makes Thapki hold Bihaan’s hand
BAUJI:Promise me beta that u will never leave my Bihaan alone n take care of him when I am not ….Thapki n Bihaan simultaneously closes his mouth with their other hand.
THAPKI n BIHAAN:Don’t speak such things.Nothing will happen to u.They both hug bauji.
THAPKI:I promise I will always be with Bihaan,bauji.Bauji blesses them both.

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