Thahaan (Journey from hatred to love) Episode 1


In Pandey house,
VASU:Shradha I am going to the temple,u manage the household chores until I return.
SHRADHA: ok mumiji
In the stable ,
THAPKI:Bihaan,I am going to the temple.
BIHAAN:Why today?Is there anything special ? Today is not my birthday .Is it ur birthday?
THAPKI:No its not.
BIHAAN:Then are u planning to run away?
THAPKI:No,I m feeling very lonely.Maybe after visiting the temple I may feel better.Any more queries left or shall I leave?
BIHAAN:When will you come back? Thapki got irritated

THAPKI:ooho Bihaan ab bas bhi karo,main puja karke jaldi ajaonge.Ab agar tumhara P for puctach aur P for pura ho gaya ho toh kya main jao?
BIHAAN :Thik hai tum J for jao aur J for jaldi aa jana.Thapki leaves.
In the temple

VASU:O God,please have mercy upon me.I had been desperately trying to kick that girl out of Dhruv’s life foreover but my efforts never succeeded.First i manipulated bihaan and made him marry her forcefully on the pretext that I would commit suicide if he doesnot do so.i thought I have succeded ,but I was wrong.Even after Dhruv’s marriage ,the situation remained same. So I supported Shradha in all her evil doings to kick her out of the house.I allowed Bihaan to go with Thapki so that there would not be any further drama created by him,as I have seen he has developed a soft corner for Thapki.Nevertheless I have Dhruv with me so I do not need that street boy.But all my efforts are futile ,she is still there n too adamant to leave even after all the tortures.Now I think I have to do something very big,to kill that termite .She left .
Thapki who hid herself in the corner of the temple on seeing Vasu was shocked, tears rolled down her cheeks.

THAPKI:I cannot believe this God,how can it happen?Ma hates me to such a terrible extent.She broke my and Dhruv sir’s marriage by forcing Bihaan.She sat there and cried desperately.Later she strolled down the way to the stable with tears in her eyes and was completely lost in thoughts.While she was about to reach ,she wiped her tears.
THAPKI:(in mind) I cannot reveal Ma’s truth to Bihaan.He will be very disappointed.
At night ,In the stable,

BIHAAN:(in mind)Thapki looks very sad and lost from the time she returned from the temple.Shall I ask her?No what will I ask her I know why she is sad but I am helpless.I am not able to do anything .O God,please show me the way so that I can expose Shardha n return all the respect and happiness of Thapki. Gradually ,Bihaan slept while pondering over the matter.Thapki was still awake under her shawl.She recalled her and Bihaan’s moments.

THAPKI:(in mind)How could u do this Bihaan?Then she recalls the moments when she had misbehaved with Bihaan.I did so much wrong to you but you never said a word .You accepted all the punishments of the crime which was not done by you.You were forced to marry me.I thought you ruined my life but we were on the same boat.Wrong was done to both of us.Your life was equally ruined.Your family started to hate you and I always ill behaved with you.But you never said anything.Infact you are the savior of my life.You saved me from all the evil tricks.You supported me when no one was with me.You always tried to make me happy whenever I was sad.I always thought our marriage was a curse.I am very unlucky.But in reality my marriage is a blessing in disguise.I am very lucky to have you with me.I am really very sorry Bihaan.She cries.

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