Thahaan happy ending – marriage


The epi starts wid Thapki find in dhruvs truth she says it was u all DAT time foolin me , I can’t believe Dis , she says ur even brakin ur own bros marriage. Dhruv says I luv u I can do anything 4 u. Thapki says I always trusted u n now I had enough ,2day me n bihaan r gonna get married n I will tell every1 d truth she walks off. Dhruv starts 2 cry.

Thapki goes 2 bihaan n says I luv u n I wont let anything break our marriage dey hug, bihaan hugs hr 2 n say I luv u 2. Its d day of Thapkis marriage , poonam n vasu get hr ready (she wrs a nice read lenga ) vasu says a evil eye should NVR curse u. Bihaaan gets ready downstairs waiting 4 Thapki , ashwin says ur beautiful wife came , boys an smiles see in hr .The wedding starts ,Thapki n bihaan do d 7 rounds n get married .

Thapki n bihaaan smile n d whole family celebrate . Its d next day n Thapki tells every1 abt dhruv .bauji starts shouting at him , dhruv says plz 4giv me I made a big mistake d family 4giv him. He gets Thapki n takes hr 2 boys an, he makes dem hold hands n says ur made 4 each oders . Thapki n bihaan hug. Thapki n bihaan r in der room dey have nice moments n say I luv u den day kiss. Days d end

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  1. Awesome I would love to watch this epi. Finally , I thought it will drag more n make this bored. Thahaan r the cutest n best.

  2. Vinlora

    Short and sweet…like episode no dragging no drama….loved it….?

  3. I love it .

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