Thahaan FF : love and lost (Epi 1)


First time I try to do somethng wroteplz cooperate with me…plz forgive ma grammer mistake This story is start from Thahaan separation..

Pandey Nivas

chutki and badki busy to making breakfast dadi doing Pooja Vasu infront of mirror do makeup for going to shopping druv is bathing in toilet.. They are in asusual and they forget wt happend few days before but bauji and dadis face is bad …

at bihaans room

he is still in awaken mood to dull face as cute babies. Again he goes to sleep dadis Pooja bells rings Pandey nivas become temple…the bells rings deeply fought on bihaans ear suddenly he was feels something to wakeup and run he shut at mind “what I thought her we are never be a mde for each other but wy” Bihaans each heart beat talk as her Name…Each incident shown as like movie begining to end ..
Bihaan: I am really mad .Why I think her again and again?(he is in night dress .stand behind the Pooja room)
Dadi:Bihaan!…(He is still out of mind not respond to dadi ,dadi again called bihaan)
Bihaan: haan dadi..
Dadi: R u still not wake up ,go and bath then come to Pooja room! Bihaan: ok dadi.. in bihaans mind(each place i will be seen her face even through the Pooja room too)he said I lost something!chutki coming..
chutki: Bihaan devarji wht u talking alone?
Bihaan:Nothing bhavi..bihaan goes to bathing he open shower close his eyes…( each drop of water will assure pure for as her heart)..
He thinks the mirchi incident … suddenly the flew of water frm shower stop bihaan call her Name..”THAPKI”

Credit to: deepu

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  1. Nice one..keep request try to post everyday.

  2. Nice start…plz continue soon ?

  3. Nice episode?.Waiting 4 nxt pt?.

  4. Very nice

  5. nice start.

  6. ” dhruv was bathing in TOILET , haha, i mean what was the source of water there ( lol, if you know what i mean) “…dont offend just a thought
    nice start , missing thapki , please be regular, waiting for next part

  7. Superb continue n update soon

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