ThaHaan FF *The End of Darkness* Episode 2

A/N: Thanks for the response guys  Some of you requested me to write the dialogues in English, so I have done that. And for those who couldn’t understand the story as the dialogues were in Hindi. Here’s a short summary for what happened in Episode 1:
Thapki’s team set up a target of 201 runs. Thapki got to know why Suman and Preeti were not playing well. During the innings break, she shared that information with Vasu. Then Vasu took Preeti and Suman’s class and she made them understand that supporting Bihaan is way more beneficial for them. She made them understand that Kabir bribed them because he is not capable of winning against Bihaan on his own.
Preeti and Suman realized their mistake and decided to return the money to Kabir but Vasu told them to return the money after the match otherwise Kabir will get to know that they have changed their mind and then he will come up with some other plan to ensure his win.
Preeti and Suman did as they were instructed. The match resumed and Bihaan’s team started batting. Except Sankar who got out on a duck (zero) because of karma, all the other players of Bihaan’s team played well. But the caption Bihaan contributed the most. And they were about to win but Shraddha’s over-confidence cost them one vital run and the match ended in a tie.
Next day morning Thapki’s PA Surbhi comes home and informs her that their tender has been accepted but the owner of that company has put a condition that Vaani Oberoi should come to Kolkatta to have a meeting in his office. Thapki declines it owing to personal commitments but Vasu and Aditi try to convince her. Dhruv also tells Thapki that she should start coming to office regularly as he cannot handle all the work alone and because of this statement, the entire family gets to know that Dhruv was helping Vaani aka Thapki from past two years but he didn’t tell anyone on Vaani’s insistence. She was afraid that if anyone get’s to know that Vaani is actually Thapki then Kosi Devi will not let Thapki expose her in front of the family members. Kabir tells them that Thapki’s fear came true and Kosi Devi indeed tried to murder Thapki after knowing her truth but I saved my wife.
On Vasu, Aditi and Dhruv’s insistence Thapki agrees to go to Kolkatta for the meeting. Kabir drops the plan of going along her as he has to stay in Noida to take care of Neha.

Here’s the next part:
Next Day Afternoon
The family members are sitting in the hall. The House Help comes down the stairs holding a small suitcase in his hands followed by Thapki.
Thapki: Sevak bhaiya please put my suitcase in the car.
Sevak: Ok madam.
Everyone stands up and comes near Thapki. Vasu says:
Vasu: Thapki beta all-set? Have you packed everything you need?
Thapki: Yes maa, don’t worry I have taken everything that is required.
Vasu: Will you come back by tomorrow evening?
Thapki: Maa I wanted to come back tonight itself but my travel agent couldn’t find a ticket in any late-night flight so I will come back via the early morning flight.
Kabir who is standing beside Thapki says : Ahan wifey I didn’t knew that you will miss me so much that you wanted to come back tonight. And he winks at her.
Bihaan tightens his fist after hearing that remark while Sankar smirks.
Kabir enjoys Bihaan’s reaction and thinks that he should tease him further. He moves towards Thapki to hug him. As Thapki was eyeing him, she understands his intention and quickly bends down to touch Vasu and Bauji’s feet. Kabir feels embarrassed.
Thapki then shares a quick hug with Aditi and looks over to Bihaan who is standing a little far. Then she bids goodbye to everyone and leaves for the airport.
After three and a half hours Thapki lands in Kolkatta. She directly goes to meet Mr. Ravi
[Note: In the business world, people still address her as Vaani Oberoi because they are obviously unaware of her past and her personal life]
At first Mr. Ravi fails to recognize her as the last time he met her, she was in Vaani’s plain jane avatar. Only after she shows him Vaani’s razor-sharp attitude that he welcomes her in his office and they start the meeting. After two hours of vigorous discussion, they finalize all the terms and conditions and end the meeting successfully.
Ravi: Vaani ji I heard you are going back tomorrow. Why don’t you join me and my family for dinner tonight?
Vaani: Sorry to decline your offer Mr. Ravi but I have some other commitments.
Ravi: Ok Vaani ji no problem, some other time. Bye and take care.
Vaani: Bye

Thapki (in mind): That was just an excuse. I have got some time for myself after so long. Here I do not have any distraction or privacy issues. How can I waste this opportunity. I will go to the hotel and then I will do what I have in my mind from so many days.
Thapki checks-in the hotel room. She takes a long shower to freshen-up her mind. Afterwards, she eats her dinner and then settles on the study table along with her laptop and notepad.
She lists down all the events that took place since Kabir entered their life. And in the square brackets, she lists what can be done:
*How she convinced him to stay in Pandey Niwas for a few days as her would-be husband.
*How he proposed her in front of the family members.
*How he suggested her to have a fake marriage with him in order to convince Bihaan to accept Sankar.
*How he saved her life and helped her in exposing Kosi.
And then how he took a 360 degree turn. She jotted down
*How he bribed the pandit to falsely testify their marriage. [I should try to find that pandit and offer him more money so that he can tell the truth to Bihaan and family]
*How he got Bihaan and her signature on divorce papers without their knowledge.
*How he gets overly romantic with her when Bihaan is around. [I think he derives pleasure from hurting Bihaan, I should try to confirm my doubt and then find the reason behind it]
*How he got her kidnapped, pretended to save and then console her and got their pictures clicked in that condition. (Yes Thapki thinks that way because she is unaware of Sankar’s involvement) [I clearly remember those kidnapper’s evil faces, I should get their sketches made and hire a detective to find them]
*How Bihaan got those pictures through courier and misunderstood her. [I should check the CCTV footage to know who delivered that courier to our house]
*How she begged him to say the truth but he kept quiet.
*How he changed the letter and her pregnancy report and because of that Bihaan married Sankar. [I should try to find my letter and pregnancy report, and I should also check with the hospital to know if they have another copy in their records or not]
*How he admitted that he has a secret and he will not let her know about it. [I should hire a more efficient detective to get information about him]
*How she found chain, medicine and chocolate wrapper in that old house which he visited. [I saved the name of that medicine in my mobile, I should research what kind of medicine is it]
*How he got the house on his name and wants Pandey family to vacate the house. [I should consult my lawyer if I can file a case against Kabir for getting legal papers signed by me without my knowledge]
*How he is using unfair means to win the match so that he can further insult the Pandey family and kick them out of the house. [Who is his real target Bihaan or the Pandey family?]
Thapki: I know my to-do list is too big but I cannot afford another flop plan now. I have to tap every possibility as I want to end Kabir Katyal’s game as soon as possible.
After pondering over the list for some time. Thapki picks up her mobile and opens the note in which she saved the name of the medicine she found in that old house. She enters the name of the medicine in the search engine.
After going through three search results, Thapki has a shocked expression on her face. As per the information available on the internet, that particular medicine is given to mentally instable people in order to calm them down.
Thapki: That means Kabir had kept a mentally instable person in that old house and that chain was used to tie him or her up.
Thapki wondered who could that person be. Kabir had said that he has no one in this world and his whole family including his sister Neha died a year back in an accident. But I don’t have an iota of trust on him now. Who knows he could be lying. I need to somehow find out who that person is and where Kabir has kept him or her now.
The clock stuck 11pm. Thapki decided to call it a day as she had to catch an early money flight. Thapki lied down on the bed, exhausted from all the brain-storming she had done in the past two hours, she dozed off soon.

Morning 7AM:
Thapki was on her way to the airport in her rented car. The car stopped at a traffic signal. Thapki was immersed in her file but the cheerful voices of a bunch of kids waiting for their school-bus at a nearby bus-stop gained her attention. Looking at the kids talking to each other animatedly brought a smile on Thapki’s face but soon her eyes started to moisten as she got remembered of her own lost child.
Thapki realized her surrounding and controlled her emotions. Soon the school bus arrived. The conductor got out of the bus and started helping the kids get in the bus one by one. Thapki realized that the conductor was only using his right arm as he is holding a burning cigarette in the left one. Thapki frowned and she decided to go over to him to give him a piece of her mind and tell him that what he is doing is not only unethical but illegal as well. Smoking in a public place and that too in front of little kids can land him in a jail. She was about to open the car’s door but the signal turned green and the driver sped off. There was no u-turn in sight so she didn’t ask the driver to go back to the bus-stop. But Thapki was disappointed and pissed off that she couldn’t do anything. The image of the conductor smoking near the children kept flashing in her mind. Soon confusion engulfed her. Her sixth sense was repeatedly telling her that she has seen that conductor somewhere before. Thapki kept wondering but her mind didn’t give her an answer.
Soon the airport arrived. Thapki took her luggage and went inside. After check-in she was sitting in the waiting lounge when finally her brain lighted up. She remembered where she had seen that conductor before. She had seen him in her own house i.e. Pandey Niwas. But still the confusion didn’t go away completely.

Teaser for Next Part: As they say ‘Good things come to those who work hard and never give up’. The same happened with Thapki.

I know the update is too long. Actually, the creatives of TPK don’t let Bihaan or Thapki use their brain. So, I will make both of them act sensibly in my story and because of that you guys will get lengthy updates. I hope you guys don’t get bored.

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