ThaHaan FF *The End of Darkness* (Episode 1)

Hey Guys, this is my first shot at writing. I always thought that writing is not my cup of tea. But the creatives of TPK didn’t leave me with any other option, but to write. My English is not that good and you will find a lot of grammatical errors in my writing. But I have had enough of the torture meted out by creatives of TPK. Their nonsensical storyline with an overdose of negativity is beyond my digestion. So I had to write my own version of this KaNkar (Kabir-Sankar) track. This story includes what I want to watch in the show, how I want these two villains to get out of the show. This is an SS and it will have 3-5 parts.
Thapki’s team sets up 201 runs as target. Thapki knew the reason behind Preeti and Suman’s poor performance in the game. But she was certain that confronting them on her own will be useless because for them Thapki is the one who wants them to vacate Pandey Niwas. So, during the innings break Thapki shares that piece of information with Vasu and requests her to make Preeti and Suman understand.

Thapki sees Kabir walking towards Preeti and Suman. She goes upto him and starts taunting him and telling him the difference right and wrong to distract him. Taking that opportunity Vasu takes Preeti and Suman behind the stage and scolds them for taking the money from Kabir.
Vasu: Sharam nahin aaye tum dono ko. Bihaan ye sab apne ghar aur parivar ko bachane ke liye kar raha hai. Aur tum log jo ussi parivar ka hissa ho, Bihaan ke saath khare ho phir bhi uski haar chahte ho.
Preeti: Bari Saasuma aap bhi toh Kabir ki team mein ho…(Suman holds her hand in order to tell her to shut up)
Vasu: Haan maine Kabir ki team chunni, taake mere peeche tumhare Bauji bhi Kabir ki team mein aa jayen. Aur Bihaan ko tum logon jaise swast (healthy) khiladi milen. Par mujhe kya pata tha ke tum log swast hone ke saath saath namak-haram (disloyal) aur bewakoof (foolish) ho.
Suman: Bari Sasuma namak-haram toh humain samajh mein aata hai, par bewakoof kyun.
Vasu: Bewakoof nahin kahun toh aur kya kahun. 3 crore ke ghar ke badle 50 lakh rupay le liye tum dono ne.
Suman: Bari Sasuma Kabir ne kaha tha ke hum haar gaye toh bheekari banana pare ga. Hamare parivar ko bheek na maangni pare issliye toh hum ne ye paise liye.
Vasu: Jisko Bihaan se jeetne ke liye tum dono ko 50 lakh ki rishwat (bribe) deni pare, kya tum dono ko lagta hai, woh khud ke dum pe Bihaan ko hara sakta hai?
Suman and Preeti wonder a bit and then simultaneously say: Nahin
Vasu: Toh khud soch lo, 3 crore ke har mein rehna hai ya 50 lakh chahiye
Suman: Bari Sasuma humse ghalti ho gaye. Hum abhi ye paise Kabir ko wapas kar dete hain aur Bihaan deverji ko jeetane ke liye ache se khelenge.
Preeti: Haan Bari Sasuma ab hum awesome khelenge.
Vasu: Woh sab toh theek hai par ye paise tum Kabir ko khel khatam hone ke baad lautana. Agar usse abhi pata chal gaya ke tum dono Bihaan ki aurr se khel rahe ho, toh woh koi aur tareeqa dhund le ga.

Suman: Theek hai bari sasuma hum Kabir ko kuch pata nahin chalne denge.
The match resumes. Ashwin and Preeti come as openers. Preeti misses the shot on first ball and Kabir smirks thinking that she is deliberately not hitting the ball. But on the next ball, she hits the sixer. Kabir is dumbfounded, Preeti winks at him. Kabir gets pissed off. After 4 overs and 64 runs, Preeti loses her wicket and Suman comes to bat. The score board keeps on ticking and soon Bihaan’s team completes 125 runs. But in the next over, Ashwin loses his wicket. Then Sankar comes to bat. But as karma would have it, she gets out on the very first ball. Then Bihaan comes to bat. He and Suman take the score forward to 162 and then Suman loses her wicket as Kabir takes a catch by putting in a full-length dive. The last player of Bihaan’s team i.e. Shraddha comes to bat. Bihaan glares at her. Shraddha tells him.
Shraddha: Don’t worry Bihaanji, aaj for a change Shraddha aap ki team mein hai. Aaj toh aapki jeet pakki hai.
Kabir tries his level best to take a wicket and makes appeal on every bowl that touches the pat but to no avail. Bihaan and Shraddha continue scoring runs and take the score upto 194. Now they require 7 runs on 3 balls. Bihaan scores a boundary. Now the equation is 3 runs on 2 balls. Kabir bowls a Yorker and Bihaan only manages a single. Now the equation is 2 runs on 1 ball and Shraddha is on strike. Thapki and Vasu fold their hands and pray to God for Bihaan’s victory. Kabir bowls the last ball and Shraddha hits a lofty shot. Thinking it to be a sixer she stands there to admire her shot but Bihaan shout brings her back to reality and she sets off to take runs. They complete one run and set off for the other one. The ball falls short off boundary and Aditi has no option but to pick it up and throw at the stumps. And as luck would have it, it is a direct hit and Shraddha gets run out. Everybody gets upset as the match has ended in a tie. The organizers suggest to have a toss for deciding the winner. Everyone agrees.

The umpire tosses the coin in air and as fate would have it. The coin lands on its edge. Everybody gets utter shocked. The organizer says:
Organizer: Lagta hai kismet chahti hai ke ye trophy Thapki aur Bihaan dono ko mile.
Vasu: Sahi keh rahe hain aap. Thapki-Bihaan chalo trophy lo phir hum sab ghar chalte hain. Thapki is all smiles while sharing the trophy with her Bihaan but Bihaan is pissed off as he didn’t win the game.
Everyone returns home. Vasu tells Kabir:
Vasu: Kabir tum ne kaha tha ke ghar uska ho ga jo ye match jeete ga. But match na toh tum jeete ho aur na hi Bihaan. Issliye tum humain iss ghar se ab nahin nikal sakte.
Kabir: Kabir Katyal apni baat se peeche hatne walon mein se nahin hai. Match tie hua hai issliye aap sab mere ghar mein reh sakte hain.
Thapki and others glare at him and then everyone leaves for their respective rooms.
Everyone is having breakfast when Surbhi (Thapki’s PA) enters the house.
Thapki: Surbhi tum yahan?
Surbhi: Yes ma’am, aik important issue tha toh maine socha aap ko mil ke hi bata dun.
Thapki: Haan bolo Surbhi kya baat hai.
Surbhi: Ma’am hamara Kolkata project ka tender accept ho gaya hai but uss company ke CEO Mr. Ravi ne condition rakhi hai ke kaam shuru karne se pehle woh aap se meeting karna chahte hain.
Thapki: Toh theek hai, unki availability ke according iss week mein meeting set kar do aur haan unke liye hotel room aur conveyance hamari company provide kare gi.
Surbhi: Ma’am ye hi toh problem hai. Woh chahte hain ke aap Kolkata ja kar unke office mein unse meeting karein.
Thapki: Surbhi ye possible nahin hai. Mein apni personal commitments ki wajah se apne office regularly nahin ja pa rahi toh itni dur kaise ja sakti hoon. Tum please unhain convince karo ya meri Mr. Ravi se baat karwao, agar unhain deal cancel karni hai toh kar dein but mein Kolkata nahin ja sakti.
Vasu interrupts:

Vasu: Thapki beta ye kaam bhi ab tumhari zimmedari (responsibility) hai. Tumhain apne kaam ko bhi waqt dena pare ga.
Aditi: Haan di. Aap itne dinon se apne kaam ko ignore kar rahi ho. I think aap ko jana chahiye, aapka mind bhi fresh ho jaye ga.
Dhruv (without thinking much says): Haan Thapki I think it’s time tum phir se office aana start kar do. Ab mujh se akele sab kuch manage nahin ho raha.
Everyone gets shocked. Dhruv realizes what he just said.
Bauji asks Dhruv: Ye tum kya keh rahe ho Dhruv, tum Thapki bitiya ke office mein kaam karte ho.
Thapki: Kaam nahin karte Bauji, mere office ka aadhe se zyada kaam inhon ne sambhala hua hai. Agar 2 saal pehle Dhruv ji meri help na karte toh pata nahin mein Dadi ka ye business sambhal bhi paati ke nahin.
Aditi: Iska matlab Dhruv ji pehle se aap ke saath they…iska matlab ye jaante they ke aap zinda ho.
Bihaan: Bhai tumhain sach pata tha toh tum ne humain pehle kyun nahin bataya
Thapki: Maine mana kiya tha inhen. Mein nahin chahti thi ke Kosi Devi ka sach saamne aane se pehle kisi ko mera sach pata chalta warna Kosi Devi satark (alert) ho jati aur phir se mujhe ya Bihaan ko maarne ki koshish karti.
Kabir: Aur Thapki ko jo darr tha wohi hua, jab Kosi Devi ko pata chala ke Vaani hi Thapki hai, tab Kosi ne Thapki ko maarne ki koshish ki. Woh toh maine apni biwi ki jaan bacha li.
Thapki remembers the bomb trap in jungle. Kabir places his hand over her hand and Bihaan fumes.
Surbhi asks Thapki:
Surbhi: Toh ma’am mein aapki meeting confirm kar ke tickets book karun?
Vasu: Haan ticket le lo, Thapki jayegi.
Thapki: Theek hai maa, mein jaungi.
Kabir wonders should he propose the idea of going along Thapki for a short honeymoon, in order to upset Bihaan. But he drops the idea when he realizes that he cannot go out of the town because of Neha.

Teaser for Next Part: Destiny brought Thapki in Kolkata to relieve her off the biggest misery of her life and she found the antidote.

Hope you guys liked it!

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