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ThaHaan And AsYa – Pyar Ki Daastan Suno (intro)


Hey Guys,Rafaya here!I am Zuha’s bestest friend and I am gonna start a FF on our Favourite AsYa and ThaHaan!
Today,it’s just the Introduction:

Asad:A son of a noble-man,Pandey,who was kidnapped earlier when was 5,is emotion-less as he was always taught that he had no relatives,always feels uncomfortable when earlier memories of his brother,Behaan,comes in his minds,blurred.He was given his name by a maulvi in Bhopal.
Zoya:Chubby,cute,ambissional NRI who’s the BFF of Thapki and loves her so much.Later,feels herself helpless for the sake of love!loves eating pizza and wearing jeans!
Thapki:a cute,sweet And beautiful girl who’s really obedient but stammers.Mistakenly wedded to Behaan
but loves him secretly!
Behaan:loves Thapki but always teases her on her stammering.misses Asad a lot and reminds him by the name

‘Karan’as he misses him a lot !Hates his future Bhabhi Zoya as she makes fun of Behaan’s English!
Suman/Preeti:Sister s of Behaan
Vasu Maa:Asad and Behaan’s
mother,doesn’t loves asad(Karan) and has a secret that’s later disclosed by Zoya
and Thapki
Shradda:Behaan’s ex girlfriend !hates Thapki and Zoya,later,falls for Asad!
Tanu:Asad’s BFF and want to be double standard with Asad and Behaan!

Thank you for reading and do comment!?

Credit to: Rafaya(Zuha BFF)

  1. Nice and I love how you use my picture and story line . So you liked my story and used my ideas??~Nusz

    1. Now im not confused, love the plot and I’m happy you used my picture~Nusz

    2. Rafaya(Zuha BFF)

      Nusz Thanku
      I would ❤️ To have a sweet friend like u!and sorry for taking your picture but Zuha told me to do it!

      1. No that’s totally fine. I’m super happy you did. I love you too. Hope to see some comments on my ff too~Nusz

  2. Zuha (Asya fan)

    Ohhhhhh, my gosh Rafaya , u rocked , my bestie , go on with ur story , my Rare diamond BFF , loved Asya , Ummmmmmah!!!!
    May God Bless u!

    1. Rafaya(Zuha BFF)

      Thanku I love u so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. It;s ggud….the pictue… looks…like.nusz….she made… and story…line.simliar to hers….but it’s shardda not Tanya aka Nia sharma… but you shuld use pic of your idea….remds me.. of nusz… but gud…start…my.frind….

    1. But I love the story…. but simliar to hers….

      1. Rafaya(Zuha BFF)


    2. Sanam that doesn’t matter. Her story is amazing and it’s nothing close to my story. I am happy she used my picture~Nusz

      1. Rafaya(Zuha BFF)

        Aww Thanku
        I love you nusz❤️

      2. Anytime Hun love you too~Nusz

  4. it look like interestingggggg im waiting…………..then it is bihaan not behaan

    1. zuha (Asya Fan)

      Yeah I tried to made her understand the same thing but she is …….

    2. Rafaya(Zuha BFF)


  5. good start….waiting for epi 1…….

    1. Rafaya(Zuha BFF)

      Thanku I love you too

  6. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Interesting storyline rafaya!! Eager 2 read the episodezz ?

  7. Nice intro……

    1. Rafaya(Zuha BFF)


  8. Nice start)))

    1. Rafaya(Zuha BFF)


  9. i cant digest shradha as bihaan’s ex girlfriend, you coulld have interchange shradha’s character to tanu …

    1. Rafaya(Zuha BFF)

      Just let me know if u are the real bihaan anyways it will be changed later just wait and watch any ways thankya??

  10. All character are changing. …..
    Expecially BIHAAN character. … …no….

    1. Rafaya(Zuha BFF)

      Sorry but I decided it to be like this!?

  11. Nice one continue. ..

    1. Rafaya(Zuha BFF)

      Thanku sunehri
      I was really awaiting for your and nusz reply !thanks?

  12. Nice intro dear.Best of luck???

    1. Rafaya(Zuha BFF)


  13. rafay don kon

    Nice start

    1. Rafaya(Zuha BFF)


  14. priya tripathi

    Nice rafaya wait for episode

    1. Rafaya(Zuha BFF)

      Zuha told me a lot about u???

  15. Was superb intro love thahaan?

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