ThaHaan And AsYa – Pyar Ki Daastan Suno (episode 4)

Hey, I am back and Mahasangam will start from episode. 5 ? This update will be a short one due to Ramadan and I hope u guys will enjoy.

The episode begins at Pandey Niwas, where Thapki and Zoya are sitting in hall having tea,

Zoya:Thapki, Tanu (From Kasam) called me today and invited me for her wedding.
Thapki:Yeah, she also, c..c..called me.
Zoya:So are u and that Angrezi master coming?
Zoya:Okay, then I will also accompany you guys!
Thapki:Why don’t u accompany Asad, I guess he will also be coming as Behaan will definitely ask him.
Zoya:Thapki, do u have anything else to talk insted of that angrybird.
Thapki:I was j..j..just saying so!

Scene shifts to the stairs where Behaan and Asad are seen decending.

Behaan:Oh shoot!
Asad:What happened?
Behaan:I totally forgot to inform u that I got Rishi’s (From Kasam) call telling about his wedding, he didn’t had ur contact no. so he asked me to inform u.
Asad:So that Bandar (monkey) is getting married?! Wow!
Behaan:I was also shocked, but kya kare Kismat!(destiny)

They reach the hall.

Behaan:Th…Th…Thapki! P..please iron my c..clothes for evening. (mimicing her)
Zoya:How dare you to make a fun out of my friend????
Behaan:Kyoun, I have to ask u now, how to talk to my wife, Ms.Zoya Farukhi?
Zoya:First, learn to respect woman then talk to your wife!
Asad:U are talking about respect, who don’t have a sense of clothing!
Zoya:Jeans pehene, apni soch ka izhaar karne se aur na-insafi ke khilaf awaaz uthane se agar koi badtameez ban jaata hai toh ha, hun mai badtameez!(By wearing jeans, sharing ur POV, and by raising ur voice against injustice, if makes a person ill-mannered, then yes I am ill-mannered!)
Thapki:Stop it! (almost crying) Stop fighting Zoya, it is between Behaan and me, so don’t waste your time! U will get ur clothes B for Behaan Pandey.

Asad:So u heard it Ms. Farooqui, fuzool mein poking ur toungue in husband’s wife’s matter.

Thapki who was about to leave says:Asad, if she was fighting then it was her love, her friendship, and sometimes, we don’t cry, but it hurts, sometimes we don’t say, but we feel, sometimes we don’t show but we care.

She leaves teary-eyed, but shakes up Behaan’s inner-self. Screen freezes on Behaan.

Precap: The 4 reaching the wedding venue. Bullet sound is heard, all are shocked! Asya and Thahaan romantic dance in Sangeet function?

Sorry 4r the short update, next one will be a long 1 as Mahasangam awaits??

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  1. Awwsm..precap interesting..

  2. Nice story dear I am in love with it plzzzzzz update as soon as u can can’t wait anymore ?? and Ramadan mubarak

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  4. Nice episode♥

  5. Ramadan mubarak

  6. Wow Rafaya baji, u rocked once again! And u know who it is babes??By the way it was really nice but yeah I felt bad for Thapki, and that B for Behaan Pandey?? Anyways, Love ya??

  7. Hey Rafaya, I am a silent reader here, but really love reading this FF! But today you made me comment, because of that Bihaan, how can he behave with Thapki like that but as u said there is no love-relation between them so I hope this act makes him understand his mistake and he apologises! And plz you are Zuha’s bestie I guess, plz ask her to post her FF, eagerly waiting for it! U are an awesome writer Rafaya?

  8. Hey dear welcome back it was awesome

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