ThaHaan And AsYa – Pyar Ki Daastan Suno (episode 3)

Hey Rafaya here! Firstly I should apologize to you all for the long delay, and yeah I missed you all? and tons of sorry?? and I will try to be regular?

So as per the promo given recently which indicated of Mahasangam with Kasam, which is my favorite show nowadays, apart from TPK will be a part of my FF for 2 to 3 episodes and later I will continue with Asya and Thahaan?The mahasangam will start from next ep.
The episode begins at Pandey Niwas where Asad and Behaan are seen walking in the garden whereas Thapki and Zoya are working in the kitchen.


Zoya is seen cutting vegetables while Thapki is working on stove.

Zoya:Seriously, how you tolerate that angrybird?
Thapki:Who, Asad?
Zoya:So you think I am talking about your stupid husband!
Thapki:Look, don’t call him stupid!
Zoya:Okay Mrs.Behaan Pandey!

Thapki blushes a little!

Zoya:So someone is blushing??
Thapki:Shut up, I have a lot of work to do!
Zoya:Yeah, whenever I talk about that Angrezi Master, you only remeber work?
Thapki:Shut up or else I will ask Asad to marry you!
Zoya:Well issi baat pe aik sher arz hai, Irshaad!
Thapki silently:Not again!
Zoya:Did you say something?

Thapki:No, nothing! Irshaad!
Zoya:Toh arz kia hai,
Uss angrybird se shaadi karna hai jaisay azaab,
Meri dost toh pee kay bethi hai jaisay sharaab!
Thapki:Wah Zoya! Sharaab, seriously?
Zoya:When you will talk rubbish then what can I say?
Thapki:Non sense!


Asad and Behaan are walking in garden talking with each other,

Behaan:And how is life?
Asad:As usual, Office, then back to Orphanage!
Behaan:Seriously yaar, how boring you are!
Asad:I am happy being boring despite you?
Behaan:B for Behaan Pandey, B for boriyat but here no canecthun.
Asad:Canecthun? Ohhh… you mean to say, connection!

Behaan:Hah wohi!
Asad: By the way, I like your family a lot. It looks like it is my own family.
Behaan:So when you can be my bro, then you can share my every thing also!
Asad:Thapki bhabhi bhi!??
Behaan:Chaper mara kheench ke!(I will slap you hard)

They also laugh..

The screen freezes on the smiling faces of Asya+Thahaan.

Precap:- The 4 reach at a wedding….A bullet sound is heard!!

So I hope you all enjoyed do tell me via comments, and once again sorry.

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