ThaHaan And AsYa – Pyar Ki Daastan Suno (episode 2)


Hey guys!Rafaya here,I am so sorry for updating a short one yesterday but I was not well and secondly I am not that experienced on writing FFs.So,Thank you so much for correcting my mistakes as it’s for my betterment and i’ll try to post a longer one!
And please do comment and read Sunehri,Nusz and Zuha’s FF too.FINALLY,LETS BEGIN:
SCENE 1:Pandey Niwas’ Lounge
As Suman arrives,Asad and Zoya compose.
Zoya:Excuse me!Who are you?and why are you here?
Asad(gives angry looks):Excuse me!Who are you?I am Asad Ahmed Khan,work in Muslim Bank and I am here to recieve the checks from Thapki,Suman & Preeti Maam,Uncle and Aunty and Behaan sir!
Suman:Hey Asad!How are you?Come and sit.Zoya,please go and help Thapki making dinner!
Zoya(while going to the kitchen):nothing else than a giant angry bird!
Asad:Did you said anything?
Zoya(angrily):Nothing!(AsYa Quarrel Tune)

SCENE 2:Kitchen
Thapki is cutting vegetables while Zoya is still angry.
Thapki:Zoya,Did you saw the guy outside?i think he’s perfect for you!
Zoya:Thapki,I am literally gonna kill you and that giant angry bird!You are talking about me getting married,Biggest Joke Of The World!And you know what ther is a thing called humanity which he doesnt have any!Arey,by mistake as i opened the door i fell into his arms and he started scolding me!
Thapki(teasingly):You fell in to his arms?Oye Hoye!
Zoya(angrily):You and your talks are…….Ughh
and walks out while Behaan enters.He sees Thapki struggling as her hair are disturbing her.Behaan notices and comes from the back,holding Thapki’s hair!(ThaHaanLove tune plays)
Thapki:Behaan!What are you doing?
Behaan:Helping you out.
Thapki:UFF…Leave it!You wanna help?Cut these!
Behaan:Thunkoo!(cuts his finger)Ouch!
Thapki:Arey,show me!(aids and bandaits him while their tune plays)

SCENE 3:Pande Niwas’ Lounge
Asad is talking to Suman while he notices an old photo frame and has a look at it.While looking at the frame,he takes a pic out of his pocket and notices its the same one,he panicks and asks,”Where are Uncle and Aunty?”
Suman:They went for a business trip and will be coming soon !

Asad thinks that if i will not stay here how will be the confusion solve,how’s my picture here?This picture was left with me 20 years ago!Then why is it here too ?just then he hits his foot with the cutting blade.
Asad:Maam!(in pain)
Suman:Behaan,Zoya,thapki fast come here!

The scene ends on split faces of THAHAAN & ASYA!

Precap:Truth is going to be revealed!

thankyou for reading and do comment!

Credit to: Rafaya

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    Nice rafaya wait for next episode n BTW i hear some new guyz that surbhi(Zoya) going to work With Barun sobati

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      Hoping in a good show. I love Surbhi her acting as Zoya was jhakaas?

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