ThaHaan And AsYa – Pyar Ki Daastan Suno (episode 1)

Rafaya Here!Thankyou So Much For Your Support And Comments On The Intro!
So let’s Begin The Journey:
A handsome guy is shown in an orphanage,who hugs a young girl.Yes,You’re right!Its our Favourite Asad Ahmed Khan!
Asad:Fatima!Take Care of yourself!you are my only one in thisgrand world!I don’t know who left me here alone seperated from my family,and since I saw you,I felt you are someone close and I think I
made a right choice!Acha!i have to go to Pandey niwas to receive the check from Mr.Pandey.Bye
Fatima:Bye!Asad bhaiya!Love Ya!
Scene 2:Pandey Niwas’ Lounge

Bell rings and a chubby girl’s lips are shown saying “Kon?”it’s our cute Zoya Faruqi!a guy enters which is revealed as Behaan!
Behaan:H Se Hum,H Se Humare Ghar me aye hain,Waisay ap yahan kaisay?
Zoya:Allah Miya,What’s wrong with you,Mr.Pandey?Hellooo?This is my BFF’s home and I legally have the right to come here whenever I want,you Angrezi(English)Master!
Behaan:Oo Hello!You……
He was going to continue while Thapki arrives..
Thapki:Arey!You Both Stop fighting and Behaan can you please go and fetch some water from the kitchen!My throat’s itching alot!
Behaan:(worriedly)Are you fine?shall I call the doctor?
Behaan:what?i was trying to help her!

They both leave,while the door bell rings.
Zoya:Now who’s there?
She opens and suddenly slips falling into Asad’s arm(Mitwa plays)
They compose as Suman asks:who’s there!
Scene ends on Split Faces of AsYa and ThaHaan
Precap:A truth is going to be revealed!

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  1. Zuha (Asya fan)

    Rafaya I wanna slap u tight , allah miya! U a a cheater! Well , chalta hai boss! Good going man! Love u!

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Yeah agree with u , too short dear!

    2. Hii anubhuti how are u???

  2. Nice ep Rafaya..good going.Waiting eagerly for nxt ep.

  3. Hey rafaya its so good.. But too short.
    try to make it long. Eagerly waiting for the nxt part

    1. Hi mineey my frd how r u dear??

      1. Good.. … Just a little bit busy.
        actually we are leaving for kolkata today. So, umm. … What to say!! This isn’t feeling good u know. I mean leaving a place where u are bought up, ur school, ur friends. I am really feeling sad.

      2. What about u?? Why don’t u write a fanfiction Dear.
        just give it a try.

    2. I’m fine n thx for the idea dear I’ll try to write a ff.Mineey wts ur real name..if u hve fb profile plzz tell me.I’ll send u frd request

    3. thank you so much

  4. Nice one make it long …… While writing get some creative ideas … Then ur friends will really going to be a hit ….. Plz do read and comment in my ff sanam aur aahil- eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki…. Can we be friends???

    1. Yeah sure?and I’ll comment !

  5. Nice Hun, I loved it~Nusz

    1. thankyo

  6. Oh god! Why thapki added? I wanted asad zoya fanfic as i haven’t seen any ff on them but..its ok. Anyways keep writing and rafaya.. The story is interesting.

    1. Zuha (Asya fan)

      Hey , I , Nusz , Patakha princess write FF on Asya , do read it dear!

      1. patakha princess

        thnx Zuha fr the publicity……loved it alot…i hav posted the first epi plz read and plz give me sum ideas as my brain is emtied….and yeah Roshni……i am writing ff on ASYA….Its name is “pyaar mein sab QUBOOL HAI”

      2. zuha (Asya Fan)

        From my POV , as I said to Rafaya , don’t let the leads meet or fall for eachother soon until lotsssss of twist and turns. Maybe it is my “Funda”?

    2. thanyou

  7. priya tripathi

    Nice start but its too short

  8. nice start n eagerly waiting for next part…..

  9. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Nice start dear…yeah little short.. but no prob…?can v b frndz??☺☺

  10. nice start , but was quite short

  11. very nice

  12. patakha princess

    Rafaya….the ff is amazing… start plz read my ff……Pyaar mein sab QUBOOL HAI…2dayz epi waz short…plz try to write a longer one….

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