Thaaruv (Episode 4)

The episode starts with aditi being surprised by listening about thapki marriage. Yes she is hiding yo this truth Krishnakanth say to aditi. Aditi say but why di? Why are you hiding ? it’s a good thing. You should be happy, why are you upset ? Thapki say I don’t want to marry now. First I will join a good job which I want then only I will decide. Aditi say no di you can join job even after marriage. We will support you di. Thapki say but…. Please di agree for the marriage. I will find the job for you. Thapki thinks for a while and finally agrees. Aditi, Krishnakanth and poonam are happy by knowing that Thapki agree for marriage. Then I will call the boys family here. Thapki nods feeling shy. Next day Shankar at office tells Krishnakanth that the boy’s side are excited to see the girl. Krishnakanth says ok then invite them to our home. Here thapki’s residence is being decorated for marriage. All the family’s members are busy.

Krishnakanth came to home and tells Poonam that boy’s side parents are coming tomorrow to see Thapki. Poonam smiles. Aditi comes to Thapki. Di what will you say when you see my jiju ? thapki say I don’t know, I will tell you when I meet him. But di don’t lose in front of jiju. If he taunts you then you also give a good reply to him. Thapki say first let me see how your jiju is. Then I will decide what to do and not to do. They smiles. Subh comes to Thapki and says now I will feel lonely after your marriage. Thapki say why to feel lonely? Isn’t there Aditi, maa, papa ? And I will also come here to meet you. Don’t be sad. Subh smiles. Thapki and Aditi smiles too.

Precap: Boy’s side family comes to Thapki’s home. Krishnakanth calls Thapki to come out as she is being ready in her room.

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  1. Hi Ujwal! How are you? I hope you are fine. Hey, when are you introducing Dhruv’s family? Are u planning to add any new characters? ?

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