Thaaruv (Episode 3)

Episode 2 –

The Episode starts with Krishnakanth coming to home. He comes to his room. Poonam comes in the room and ask to Krishnakanth that what happened about the marriage. Thapki hears them talking from outside the room. She stands outside and try to listen them. Krishnakanth says that Shankar will tell his relative about the marriage. Poonam ask what is bride’s name? Krishnakanth was about to say as he see Thapki. He calls thapki. What are you doing here? Thapki ask to Krishnakanth are they planning for her marriage? Poonam says yes. You are growing old now. Its time to marry you Thapki. Thapki says no. I will not marry now. I will join the job first then only I will decide about the marriage. Krishnakanth say beti you can join job after marriage also. You cannot find this type of boy. He is very intelligent. He will also supports you for your job. Once talk to him. Please don’t tell us that you are not marrying. What will society say about us. Think well before taking the decision. Thapki goes. Krishnakanth and Poonam see each other. Aditi comes to Thapki and ask seeing Thapki upset. Di what happened? Why are you upset? Thapki says nothing. No di you are hiding something. Thapki says no Im not hiding anything to you. Why would I hide anything to You? Krishnakanth comes there and say yes Aditi she is hiding Something from you. Papa what is that tell me aditi ask to Krishnakanth. Its about her marriage he replied.

Precap: Aditi tells Thapki to agree for marriage as she can join her job after marriage also.

Who do you think the bride will be?? Give me your suggestion. As I am just practising to write some Episode will be shorter. I will try to make it longer. So forgive me for not making Episode longer.

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  1. U can show it like Thapki agrees for marriage and at the last moment of the marriage it’s revealed that the boy loves somebody else, he makes Thapki understand and Thapki agrees or you can do it like Thapki and the boy agreeing for the marriage and you can make that boy’s girlfriend or wife enter right at the moment of pheras.
    I know it’s not a new idea, but I am not a writer so….
    Anyways, keep going! Don’t worry about the length. I can understand, it’s not that easy to write a story. So, just try to make it as long as you can. ??

  2. yes friend story writing is not so easy so keep going

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