Thaaruv (Episode 2)

Episode 1-
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The Episode starts with all the chaturvedi family having tea. In night Krisnakanth and Poonam are talking about Thapki. Poonam says Thapki is growing old now. We should think about her marriage. Yes you are saying right poonam ji Krishnakanth Reply. One of my friend (Shankar) in my office was saying that his relative’s son is also going to marry. Shall I go tomorrow and talk to him ? Poonam gives permission to him. Next day Krishnakanth went to the office. He calls the Shankar and talk about marriage. Shankar says its good. He (His relative) will also be happy. I will talk to him. Krishnakanth say what is their son’s name?

Episode Ends. What do you think who will he be? Keep going commenting.

Precap: Thapki refuses for marriage after she knew Krishnakanth and Poonam are planning for Thapki marriage.

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  1. it gud but try to make it long

  2. make it long and my suggestion start from the story after thapki and bihaans marriage

  3. Hey Ujwal! How are you? I hope you are fine. Sorry for commenting so late. Actually, I was quite busy in my school homework and all that stuff. Anyways, I just read you episode 2 about a min ago and I must say you are going really good. Keep going and please make it longer. (I know it’s not easy to write a fanfiction and I am asking you to make it longer, just take it as a request from one of your fans!)
    Waiting for the next episode! ??

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